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best time to boost on tinder

What is the Best Time to Boost on Tinder?

Best time to boost on Tinder Tinder is among the most famous apps used for dating. Tinder has different premium features, out of which Tinder Boost is the most useful. Now, the question arises what tinder boost is? Tinder boost allows your profile to skip ahead of other profiles in your local area. This feature is only accessible to the premium users of Tinder, and you can boost your profile for thirty minutes only.

The basic idea of the feature is to get you 10x more profile views once you activate the boost. Now you might be thinking that what is the benefit of boosting your profile? When you boost your profile, you get ten times more views as compared to others in your area. And more views lead to more matches, so if you activate the tinder boost, you will ultimately get ten times more views than others in your locality which automatically increases your chance of getting more matches. It’s like higher the views, higher the matches.

My favorite feature of the app is that it gives you periodic reminders about the quantity of juice left in your boost. The app also informs you about the profiles you matched with by using boost. When you match someone through boost, the app will show you a small purple lightning bolt by their name in the message section. And the best part is that only you can see the lightning bolt; it is not visible to the rest of the users. So nobody will ever know you boosted your profile on the app, don’t you think that’s the best thing.

In this article, we will be discussing the best time to boost on Tinder. So let’s move ahead with the discussion.

Method of boosting your profile on Tinder:-

The boost feature of Tinder is quite fascinating. After getting informed about the benefits of the boost feature, the next question comes how to use this feature and the prices of the feature?

Firstly let’s talk about the method of boosting your profile on Tinder. For boosting your profile on Tinder, follow the steps given below:-

As I mentioned above, the boost feature of the app is for premium members. But it doesn’t mean that free Tinder users of the app cannot access the boost feature. For purchasing the boost, you can tap on the purple lightning icon at the bottom right of the menu bar. The other method of buying boost is written below follow the steps given below:-

  • Firstly, tap on your profile icon.
  • Navigate to settings.
  • Click on the purple lightning icon.
  • Choose the amount you want to procure.
  • That’s it, make the payment, and you are done.

What is the price of a tinder boost?

Those who have upgraded their tinder to tinder gold and Tinder plus get one free boost monthly as a premium feature. But if you want to boost your profile more than once or are a free tinder user, you have to purchase the boost. There is no definite cost of the tinder boost; it depends on several factors like your age, locality, etc.

The cost of Tinder boost depends on the competitive nature of your locality, but on average, it will cost you around $1.99 to $6.00. If many people in your area are boosting their tinder profiles, then the cost of a tinder boost will be higher for you. So the price of a tinder boost is directly proportional to the number of people boosting their profile.

Once you purchase the tinder boost, you should use it wisely because it’s all about timing. There are a lot of users, who activate their boost, the moment they purchase it, don’t do that. Tinder allows you to store your boost in your tinder account, and you can use them whenever you want. Remember that it’s all about timing. Correct decisions at the correct time can create wonders. So instead of rushing to use your boost, wait for the right time. You need to look for the best time to boost on Tinder.

What is Tinder Super Boost?

tinder super boost

If you are not aware of Tinder Super Boost, let me inform you that it is a turbocharged version of the Tinder app’s main exposure feature. As the name suggests, this feature boosts your profile 100x and enables you to cut the line by enhancing your chance of seeing 100x more potential matches. Super boost is ten times more powerful than the ordinary boost. Same as the tinder boost, the price of the Tinder super boost is directly proportional to its demand. That’s why the price of tinder super-boost fluctuates a lot.

The Tinder super boosts in-app purchase is only accessible to tinder plus, tinder gold, and tinder platinum users. Unlike tinder boost, you can choose how long tinder super-boost can last, and it will cost you according to the time duration you have selected. So your locality and time duration of your tinder super-boost influences the cost of tinder super boost.

What is the best time to boost on Tinder?

Best time to boost on Tinder – personal experience:

Firstly I will talk about my personal experience of using tinder boost. According to some studies, for using tinder boost, 06 pm to 11 pm is the best time. This is the time when most people are active on Tinder and do active swiping on dating apps. Talking about days, I feel that there is no best day to use tinder boost; you will get the same response every day. However, the Tinder report published in 2018 states that Monday is the best day to use tinder boost. I believe that days do not matter a lot for using tinder boost. All you have to take care of is the best time to boost on Tinder.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that there is a lot of difference between active users and active swiping. And the best time to boost on Tinder is at the time of active swiping, not active users. There are several active people during the morning and afternoon. But at that time, they are at work or in school or college, so they only chat during that part of the day.

Some people believe in the philosophy of lesser the competition, higher the chances of winning. So they prefer to boost their Tinder at Tinder off time, i.e., during the afternoon and morning. Such users believe that though the number of active swipers will be low, but the number of other users will also be comparatively low. It is like less competition means high chances of winning.

Best time to boost on Tinder – according to studies:

The report we discussed above was made by Nielsen in 2016 by analyzing the usage of popular online dating apps. The study done by Nielsen in2016 compared Tinder and other popular online dating sites like OkCupid. The study results were quite shocking; the study found that OkCupid users are more active in the morning while tinder users are active in the evening. The result of the study stated that several active swipes take place on Tinder from 06 pm to 11 pm, so this is the best time to boost on Tinder. However, many things have changed on Tinder since 2016, but the study results are still relevant.

The active swiping on Tinder starts from evening 6 pm and reaches its peak at 9 pm. So you may consider 9 pm as the best time to boost on Tinder. As far as the day is concerned, there is no definite day for it, but still, some studies show that many dating apps like Bumble, Hinge, etc., the active swiping reaches its peak on Sunday. So concluding from the above studies, we can say that Sunday at 9 pm is the best time to boost on Tinder. There are some observations which state that Thursday evening is also the best time to boost on Tinder. This is because many people start looking for someone to make weekend plans.

What is the best time to activate Tinder super boost?

Unlike tinder boost, tinder super-boost can be activated during definite periods of the day. Usually, it is between 6 pm to 10 pm. Tinder super-boost guarantees to give you 100 times more profile views, and tinder super-boost can be activated only between 6 pm to 10 pm; this proves that active swiping on Tinder takes place between 6 to 10 pm. Hence it’s the best time to boost on Tinder.

What time should you pick to use your tinder boost?

If you are a person who believes in safe play and doesn’t want to waste your tinder boost so you should use your tinder boost in the evening from 6 pm to 11 pm. As I said earlier, all days show the same response, but some studies show that Monday is the best day. If you are a safe player and want to be on the safe side, you should use tinder boost on Monday at 9 pm.

And if you are a person who loves experimenting with things, then you use your tinder boost on Tinder off time. It can benefit you if you are a student as they are more active during Tinder off time. If you want to find the best time to boost Tinder, you can compare the matches you found during Tinder off time and Tinder active swipe time.

How to get the best outcome from tinder boost sessions?

You need to understand that the timing of your tinder boost session is essential, but it is not the only thing that will help you find a suitable date. It would be best to put in some extra hard work to increase the number of suitable matches or good dates. So if you want to increase the number of matches, follow the below-given tips.

Improve your profile:

If you want to benefit from a tinder boost, you have to put some effort into your profile. You should work on making your profile attractive and creative to become someone’s priority. Tinder boost will not give you any results if you don’t have an attractive profile.

If you think that only a tinder boost will help you get more matches, you are wrong. Your tinder profile plays a significant role in getting increased results. If you don’t have a good profile, then a tinder boost can harm you. During the tinder boost, plenty of profiles will swipe to your profile, and if you are constantly swiped left, it will indicate to the algorithm that you don’t have an attractive profile. If this happens, Tinder will move you to a non-attractive profile, and your profile will be shown less frequently, or your profile will be shown to the less attractive profiles.

So if you don’t want to be one of them, you should improve your profile because, in the end, your profile will decide whether the other person will swipe left or right on your profile. You should enhance your bio and focus on your profile picture before doing a tinder boost.

Don’t take the chance – message instantly after the match:

As soon as you match with someone, you should send them your opening message. Sending messages immediately after the match is important for two reasons:-

Firstly, if you message the other person as soon as possible after the match, you will start a conversation with them as early as possible. Secondly, Tinder is very particular about active users. Being an active swiper is not the only important thing. If you don’t want to get sideline, then you need to be an active user also. Tinder doesn’t appreciate those profiles using the app to collect the matches only and doesn’t initiate a conversation. So you need to be both an active and active swiper because if the tinder algorithm detects that you are a passive user, it will decrease your matches.

Closing words:-

That was all about “best time to boost on tinder.” I hope you find the answers to all your queries after reading the article. If you are still left with some questions or queries in your head, you can ask them in the comment section. For further improvement, you can drop your feedback in the comment section. Wish you happy reading!


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