November 30, 2023
Blue check mean on Tinder

What does blue check mean on Tinder?

Blue check mean on Tinder: Earlier, Tinder has faced a lot of trouble because of spam and fake profiles. Users were scared of fake profiles, and that developed trust issues on the app. To settle this problem, Tinder has made some updates. The new updates include photo verification, a safety center in the US, UK, Germany, and France, and a blue tick on users’ profiles. Tinder launched these updates to restore the trust and confidence of users. The photo verification system will put a blue check on the user’s profile.

The blue check on the tinder profile means that the profile is verified as a real person, and for verifying the profile, Tinder uses facial recognition technology. The facial recognition technology compares the users’ pictures to determine whether your profile is real or not.

Tinder has launched these safety features through a partnership with noonlight so that daters can easily call on emergency services. The safety features help Tinder to flag offensive messages, recognize fake profiles, etc. In today’s article, I will be telling you ‘what does blue check mean on tinder?’ method of getting a blue tick on your tinder profile and other app features. So let’s get into the discussion without wasting any more time.

What does blue check mean on Tinder?

As I said above, Tinder has faced a lot of trust issues due to fake profiles. And being the most loved app for dating, Tinder faced a lot of criticism from the users. To restore the users’ confidence, Tinder has launched a verification system through which users can verify their profile and other people’s profile. To get back and lead in the top dating app’s race, Tinder introduced a blue check on users’ profiles through a machine learning verification process that enables the daters to verify their tinder profile.

Tinder is getting very strict towards fake profiles. Tinder is using all possible ways to find catfishes in the app. Now you might be wondering what catfishes are? Catfishes are those people who don’t display their pictures in their profile and use the pictures of other people instead. Those who got catfished in the app criticized the app for not having any system of verification.

That’s why Tinder launched a verification system that compares your profile and analyses whether your profile is real. The photo verification system asks the users to upload two selfies in real-time. Once the user uploads the picture, it is forwarded to Tinder’s community team for verifying the profile by matching the user’s selfie pictures with the profile photos.

If the picture matches, the user will get a blue check on their profile. Apart from this photo verification process, Tinder has also launched a system for reporting offensive messages. Through this feature, daters can report the messages that bothered them. It means that users can report the profile sending offensive messages to them. If all this worked, Tinder has announced that it will launch a new undo feature that will enable users to undo a potentially offensive message.

Procedure for verifying profile on Tinder

Below are the steps you need to follow for verifying yourself on Tinder:-

  1. For going through the verification process, firstly, you need to navigate to the settings menu.
  2. You will see a white checkmark next to your name and age section. You may find it hard to find that white checkmark, but it is next to your name.

tinder verification.PNG

  1. Tap on the white checkmark for starting the verification process.
  2. Once you tap on the white checkmark, Tinder will send you the notification for starting the verification process.

tinder verification.2.PNG

  1. Tap on the option of ‘next’ shown in the message.
  2. Now Tinder will ask you to upload two real-time selfies.

photo verification3.PNG

Tinder uses its facial recognition technology for scanning your picture. If the selfies you uploaded match your profile photos, you will get a blue tick. This feature sounds similar to Instagram blue tick feature.

Though verification on Tinder is not mandatory, I will recommend you to complete the verification process because it will get you a blue tick on your profile. And those blue ticks will give a sense of relief to your daters. The selfies you upload during your tinder verification do not get attached to your profile, but Tinder saves them for future re-verification. Once the verification gets complete, the facial geometry details will automatically delete.

Things to ensure while verifying your tinder profile

There are certain points you need to keep in mind while uploading your selfies for profile verification; I have listed them below:-

  • While adding selfies, you need to make sure that they should be your recent selfies.
  • The picture you are uploading should be a single picture of yours thus should not contain any friends or any other person; otherwise, it can puzzle the tinder community.
  • If you have any object, poster, quotation, or meme as your profile picture, Tinder will show you an error as your profile picture differs from the picture you gave for verification. So before verification, make sure that you have your photo as your profile picture.

Once you successfully complete the verification, Tinder will show a blue check on your profile. It will indicate that your profile is a real profile verified by Tinder. The blue check awarded by Tinder will be visible to the other tinder users also. If you have a blue tick on your tinder profile, the other users will feel safe chatting with you as they know that your profile is real.

What type of pictures can be rejected by Tinder?

Tinder rejects certain pictures; I have mentioned them below, so avoid using those pictures that put Tinder in doubt:-

  • Tinder can reject blur pictures or very professional pictures and can consider them as fake.
  • Tinder also rejects pictures with too much makeup and filter.
  • Profile picture of an astonishing girl or boy can also put Tinder in doubt.
  • Model-like pictures are also rejected by Tinder, considering them stolen.

Why should you verify yourself?

There are multiple reasons for getting yourself verified on Tinder; some of them are as follows:-

  • Blue tick in your profile will indicate to other tinder users that your profile is real, and people will stop asking you whether your profile is real or fake.
  • It will make people confident about your profile.
  • Verification will give a sense of relief to your daters that you are not a catfish.
  • It will help you in getting matched with other verified users on Tinder.

Is it mandatory to verify yourself on blue check mean on Tinder?

For now, Tinder has not made the verification mandatory for tinder users. Tinder allows you to use the app without getting verified. But I would suggest you get the tinder verification done as soon as possible. Verifying your identity on Tinder is a flawless process. It lets other tinder users know that you are a real person, not a catfish who uses the picture of other people for their advantage.

The two-step easy verification will help you in getting more matches with the verified profiles. It means that after verification, Tinder will show verified profile in the majority at your swiping deck. It will ultimately give you a relief that you are talking to a real person and are not getting catfished by anyone.

Verification can also increase the right swipe on your profile because the other person will right swipe you without any second thought of getting catfished once they see a blue tick on your profile.

Is it possible to hide the blue check mean on Tinder?

Unfortunately, Tinder does not support such activity. Once you verify your profile, there is no way of removing that blue checkmark from your tinder profile. It means that you can’t un-verify yourself on Tinder. And in my opinion, nobody would like to cancel their verification.

If you want to remove the blue checkmark from your tinder profile, you need to contact Tinder regarding that; they will see what they can do in this matter. If you are not getting any response from Tinder and want to remove that blue checkmark eagerly, you will have to delete your tinder account. It ultimately means that you will lose all your data, matches, chats, purchases, etc.

I don’t think you will face any problem because of blue ticks on your tinder profile. And if you are thinking of removing it for fun, then you should drop that idea. Because blue checks give authentication to your tinder profile so, in my opinion, it is not a smart choice to remove blue checks from your profile.

Closing words

That was all about “what does blue check mean on tinder?” I hope this article resolved all your queries; if you are still have any, feel free to ask them in the comment section. Kindly provide your feedback and reviews in the comment section for further improvement. If you faced any trouble while verifying your tinder profile, do share it in the comments. I hope you had a good reading experience. Happy reading, and stay safe!

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