November 30, 2023
What is Bumble Algorithm

What is Bumble Algorithm?

Bumble AlgorithmToday’s generation is not dependent on the conventional method of dating people. We live in a virtual world where the internet has the answer to all our questions and solutions to all our problems. In this global world, people prefer dating through online dating sites and apps. There are several dating apps like Bumble, tinder, hinge, etc., available for finding a suitable date.

But finding a date through online dating apps is not everyone’s cup of tea. You may think that finding a date with the help of several online dating apps is a kid’s game. If you think so, then dude, you are wrong. Finding a date on dating apps is a next-level game. While you date someone in person, the other person gets a chance to interact with you and then passes a judgment on your personality.

But online dating is full drama. Firstly you have to create an attractive profile by writing a good bio and uploading aesthetic photos. Then, you have to keep updating your profile. And if you are lucky enough to find suitable matches, then only you can get a chance to interact with the other person. But if they swiped left on your profile, then you have to try your luck somewhere else. Like seriously, I have put a lot of hard work into making my bumble profile attractive and finding a date. If I had done even half of it in writing my math exam, I would have become the topper of my class in high school.

We will agree that finding a suitable and compatible date on online dating apps is all by luck. You have to be lucky enough to get suitable matches on your swiping deck because the algorithm of the dating app sucks.

Are you responsible for not getting enough matches, or is it the fault of the bumble algorithm?

Are you also stuck in a situation where you are not getting enough matches on dating sites, especially Bumble? You have an interesting bio, you are very regular with updating new pictures, but still, you don’t see any difference. If you are in the same situation, then your profile might not be the problem. It is the bumble algorithm that is troubling you with finding new matches.

There is nothing wrong with your profile, but you need to learn more about the bumble algorithm because the actual problem is that your profile is not showing to other bumble users.

This article is about the Bumble algorithm, where I will tell you some essential facts about the bumble algorithm. I will discuss the correct way of using Bumble, the pattern of the bumble algorithm, etc., to get new matches. So without wasting further time, let’s jump into the discussion.

What is Bumble Algorithm?

Before getting into the depth of the discussion, let’s understand what the bumble algorithm is. Bumble algorithm is a matching system that decides the profiles popping up in your swiping deck. And similarly, the bumble algorithm determines the bumble users who can see your profile on their swiping deck. It is a kind of mathematical formula that you have to learn by heart if you want to show up more frequently on the swiping deck of other bumble users.

So, only a great profile won’t help you get a lot of matches; if you want to manipulate the bumble algorithm to your advantage, you have to understand how the bumble algorithm works. A great profile will help you get the right swipes, and for getting the right swipes, you have to pop up more frequently on the swiping deck of other bumble users, and for that, you have to understand the bumble algorithm.

How does the bumble algorithm work?

There are no definite criteria for explaining the bumble algorithm, as Bumble has never given any official statement regarding that. There are many theories created after hours of observation regarding the bumble algorithm. And after a lot of browsing and research and analyzing my personal experience, I have concluded that several factors are there that influence the bumble algorithm to your advantage.

Set filters in your profile

If you want to find a suitable date on Bumble, you must apply filters to your bumble profile. Many people don’t apply the filter on their bumble profile, and that’s why Bumble shows very irrelevant matches on their swiping deck. Filters help Bumble in identifying your taste. If you apply filters on your bumble profile, the algorithm will show filtered profiles on your swiping deck. Applying filters on your profile shows that you are clear and specific about your taste and know what you want. So, accurate filters will lead to accurate matches.

Good profile means more matches

If you have a good profile, then your chances of showing into other people’s deck will automatically increase, which will increase your chances of getting suitable matches. By good profile, I mean most interacted profiles. Though this theory does not have any empirical base and is considered a general assumption of people, this theory sounds correct to some extent.

If you have a bad profile, Bumble will automatically show your profile less frequently. Then it becomes evident that if you have a good profile, Bumble will pop your profile to other people’s swiping deck more frequently compared to those who don’t have an attractive profile. Avoid using hazy, low-quality pictures in your profile because you will get punished by the Bumble if you do so.

Right swipes will work

You need to understand that Bumble wants to engage you with the help of different features availed by the app. If you get right swipe on your profile, it will indicate the bumble algorithm that many users liked your profile. Many people use bumbles as other social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, so if you swipe right in your swiping deck, it will show your engagement towards the app.

The ultimate purpose of the bumble app is to satisfy you with its services. And new matches are that satisfaction we are looking for. Right swipes are the best confidence boosters. Bumble first shows you the profile who swiped right on your profile. Right swipes make you feel wanted. If you get matches, you will use the app more often, and your engagement rate on the app will also increase. Bumble rewards you for raising your engagement rate in the app; if you increase your bumble engagement, maybe one day you subscribe to bumble boost or get some bumble coins to get more matches and a satisfying experience.

That’s why Bumble firstly shows you the profiles that already liked your profile and also pops up your profile to the swiping deck of those whose profiles are right-swiped by you. It gets a reasonable engagement rate and helps you in getting suitable matches.

Recency will not show magic

You have to be consistent in using the app. If you are using the app after two or three months, it isn’t very reasonable to expect a lot of matches on your swiping deck. Consistency is the key to success in every field, and dating is no exception. If you use the bumble app once in a while and are not regular with updating your profile, so obviously, Bumble will not pop up your profile on other person’s swiping deck.

It is something like if you right swipe someone’s profile, then Bumble will pop up your profile on their swiping deck. And if they right swipe your profile, Bumble will pop up their profile on your swiping deck. This engagement rate should be consistent. If you are not regular on the app or do not participate in active swiping, then Bumble will automatically show your profile less frequently to other people. Your consistency affects the bumble algorithm.

Bumble Algorithm is smart enough to identify auto liking

If you are thinking of playing smart on Bumble by using a third-party app for auto liking, then let me warn you that Bumble is smart enough to identify your trick. You might be thinking about how Bumble will come to know about your trick. Using a third-party app for right-swiping on your bumble profile will lead to many right swipes, and Bumble will detect that something is wrong with your profile.

If Bumble caught you using a third-party app for auto liking, you would get penalized by Bumble. Many people think that auto swiping is a time-saver, but you forgot that apps based on artificial intelligence cannot think like humans and can swipe very dull, unattractive, and vague profiles. It can damage your bumble algorithm by indicating to Bumble that you are interested in such profiles. And you will get the same matches on your deck.

Too much right swipe by you can be too risky:-

It is absolutely correct that right swipes increase your engagement on the app and improve your bumble algorithm. But excess of anything is bad. Yes, right swipes on your profile do boost your confidence, but if you think that if you do the same and right swipe every other profile, you see, it will ultimately damage your bumble algorithm. Yes, you read it right; too many right swipes by you on your swiping deck can spoil the bumble algorithm.

After reading the first point, you must be thinking that you should do as many right swipes as possible to increase the engagement rate. But if you do too many right swipes on your swiping deck, you are spoiling the bumble algorithm. Too many right swipes can negatively influence your profile because if you focus on right-swiping, you will right-swipe random profiles; many of them can be those you are not interested in. So, if you right swipe every profile, it will indicate to Bumble that you are comfortable with below-average and average profiles. And will show you similar profiles; eventually, it will destroy your bumble algorithm. Remember that too many right swipes can be too risky.

Bumble blocklists passive profiles:-

It means that if you are not active on Bumble, then Bumble will show your profile less frequently. You have to be regular in using the app; inactivity can negatively impact your profile and negatively influence your bumble profile algorithm. If you are not so regular on Bumble, then your profile can be blocklisted by Bumble.

Thin bumble profile is a significant factor behind not getting enough matches:-

Bumble algorithm is a secondary factor in getting you suitable matches; your profile is still the primary factor influencing your bumble algorithm. You must be thinking that what is a thin profile? A thin profile is a profile with almost no bio or a very small bio complemented with some blurry photo or almost one or no photos at all.

Sometimes it’s not the bumble algorithm that ruins your chance of interacting with attractive profiles, but it’s you who ruins their chance by not working on your profile. Bumble avoids a thin profile for two reasons majorly. The first reason is that Bumble marks thin profiles as red flags and considers them fake.

So, if you have a thin profile, Bumble will not show your profile to many, considering it a fake profile. Secondly, bumble filters automatically rule out thin profiles as many people apply filters on their profiles to get suitable matches. Bumble will rule out your profile as you have not described a lot about yourself in your bio.

General attractiveness affects bumble algorithm:-

If you think a high engagement rate, active swiping, and updated profile is enough to get suitable matches, you’re mistaken. High engagement rate, active swiping, and updated profile will not take you anywhere until your profile is not attractive. It would be best if you had an attractive profile for getting suitable matches. For Bumble, your profile’s general attractiveness and popularity are also a priority factor; it defines the profile order while swiping through the profile cards of your preferred gender.

And it sounds pretty much logical because even in offline dating, your personality is something that attracts the other person towards you. Similarly, while dating on Bumble or any other online dating site, your profile is something that makes other people right swipe on your profile. That’s why general attractiveness is one of the most substantial factors influencing the bumble algorithm. Everybody wants to see attractive profiles while swiping on their swiping deck; it makes their experience of using the app satisfying.

New profile advantage for Bumble Algorithm

Being a new profile can help you get the top position on the swiping deck of other bumble users. Though a new profile is not one of the most substantial factors influencing the bumble algorithm but yes, to some extent, it is one of the factors, and remember, every effort counts.

Let’s understand how a new profile will influence a bumble algorithm. Suppose you are a new bumble user; Bumble will show you attractive profiles on your swiping deck for the first few days. On the other hand, Bumble will give a new profile boost to your profile, due to which your profile will pop up on the swiping deck of other bumble users. Eventually, this will get you more boost and will increase your engagement rate on Bumble.

Once you start getting more bumble matches, you will use the app more often and will end up getting addicted to it. The moment you get addicted to the app, you will start getting used to it and may spend some money for getting bumble boost, bumble coins, or other apps. That’s why the bumble algorithm boosts the new profile. But remember that your profile should be attractive because in the end, if you get too many left swipes, Bumble will stop showing your profile to other users.

Tips to boost the Bumble algorithm:-

Till now, we have discussed factors influencing the bumble algorithm. Now, we will discuss some tips to boost your bumble profile. These tips will help you make your bumble profile attractive, resulting in getting suitable matches on your swiping deck.

Work hard on your picture for Bumble Algorithm

For boosting your profile, you should work on your profile picture so that Bumble doesn’t dump your profile into thin profiles. If you want to influence the bumble algorithm to your advantage, you have to increase your profile’s general attractiveness and desirability. If your profile is attractive, it will eventually get you a lot of right swipes because, in the end, the popularity of your profile is a significant factor affecting the bumble algorithm. So if you want favors from the bumble matching system, you have to work on your profile.

It would be best if you never use the low-quality picture on your bumble profile. Always use a high-quality, clear picture on your profile because blur pictures will get you more left swipes.

Be selective and choosy:

Some people right-swipe every profile they see on their swiping deck. They believe that the right swipes will increase their engagement rate and get them more matches on the swiping deck. They choose quantity over quality. This is a mistake that most people make, and that’s why they get very average profiles on their swiping deck.

As I said before, too many right swipes on your deck will indicate a bumble matching system that you are quite okay with average and below-average profiles. Too many right swipes give negative signals to the bumble algorithm and reduce your chances of getting attractive profiles.

Be choosy and selective while swiping right on your deck because the bumble algorithm will show you matches according to your swipes. So being choosy is something that works on Bumble. You should always right swipe only to profile that you genuinely feel attractive. Work on your swiping strategy and think before you swipe.

Make your bio interesting for Bumble Algorithm

Having an ordinary bio or almost no bio makes your profile a thin profile, so if you don’t want Bumble to consider your profile a thin profile, you should work hard to improve your bio. Bumble always avoids a thin profile because of multiple reasons. For making your profile attractive, you should add more photos to your profile.

You have to be very specific about your bio. If you want Bumble to favor your profile, you should improve your bio first. Try to make your bio interesting by adding up more details about your education and your interests. If your interests align with some other bumble users, Bumble will indeed show your profile to them.

On the other hand, if you have only one picture and no bio, other bumble users will swipe left to your profile. Because of too many left swipes on your profile, Bumble will stop showing your profile more often on other bumble users’ decks. So for influencing Bumble to your advantage, you should work on your profile.

Tricks to boost your profile [paid features]

Bumble provides some paid features to its users for boosting their profiles. I will be discussing some of the paid features of Bumble for boosting your profile.

Bumble Travel Mode

Bumble travel mode allows you to change your location for seven days. This feature allows you to switch your location to any location uncountable times for seven days. You can purchase bumble travel mode with five bumble coins, and once you activate bumble travel mode, you can change your location infinite times for seven days. It is a new feature launched by Bumble. And one crucial benefit of this feature is that it gives you a natural boost in the area you changed your location to.

Bumble Super Swipe

Bumble super swipe is a premium feature that lets you know that you like their profile before he\she swipes your profile. This feature will provide you a premium position in swiping deck of a super swiped person. Bumble super swipe gives notification to the other person that you super swiped their profile. One super swipe will cost you one bumble coin it means that you have to spend a lot of bumble coins to get full advantage of this feature. It is because one super swipe will not help you get a better position in many profiles swiping decks. Super swipe is effective on those profiles only who you super swipe.

Bumble Spotlight

Bumble spotlight can influence the bumble algorithm and boost your profile for straight 30 minutes. Bumble Spotlight gives 10x the number of profile impressions than your usual profile impression. It means that once you get bumble spotlight, it gives you comparatively ten times more profile impressions than your regular impressions for thirty minutes.

If you want to manipulate Bumble to your fullest advantage, you should activate your bumble spotlight at the time of active swiping. You can purchase bumble spotlight with two bumble coins. The only problem with bumble spotlight is that it does not come with a bumble boost feature set. One can activate this feature only if you have purchased bumble coins before.

All the above-given features I have informed you about are paid features, but there is also a free hack that is really effective. Paid features will definitely give your profile a temporary boost on swiping deck of other bumble users. But you have to spend money to purchase bumble coins, plus the boost they will provide to your profile is also temporary.

Account reset

By deleting your existing bumble account and creating a new bumble account, you will be able to get the advantage of a further account boost. New account boost will help you get a better position of other bumble users swiping deck, eventually getting you more matches. Plus, account reset will delete all your previous swipes, so if your profile is left swiped too many times or you have right-swiped a lot of profiles, all the data will be deleted. Account reset will get you a lot of matches in the initial weeks of account reset. That’s why most people prefer account reset instead of using paid features.

Closing words

That’s it for today. I hope you find this discussion on the bumble algorithm interesting. I am sure all the tips and tricks I have given in the article will help you reach a better position on swiping the deck of other bumble users. Follow the tricks and pattern of the bumble algorithm, and you will surely get enough matches on your Bumble swiping deck.

In the end, I would say that you need to understand that your profile is the only thing that will get you enough matches on your swiping deck. If you use paid features to boost your profile and your profile is not attractive, they can damage your profile instead of boosting it. So I will advise you to work on improving your profile, and if you have a good profile but still you aren’t able to find suitable matches, then only you should purchase these paid features.

For further improvement, you can drop your suggestions in the comment section. If you have some more hacks that work, you can share them with us in the comments. And yes, don’t forget to share your experience on Bumble in the comments. If you think these tricks worked for you, inform us in the comment section; your comments motivate me to write more. Wish you happy reading and stay safe!

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