November 30, 2023
Bumble bff for guys

Bumble bff for guys and Girls – All you need to Know

Bumble bff for guys and girls is a good option for those who want to make friends. Not everyone is looking for a relationship, but many people look for friends to deal with loneliness. We all know that Bumble is a popular online dating platform. You can make friends online using Bumble BFF mode. Bumble is a female-led dating app; females are supposed to make the first move on this platform. However, there are numerous social media apps available that would help you to make new friends then why would you choose Bumble BFF? We will thoroughly discuss Bumble BFF for guys and girls. If you don’t know how to use Bumble BFF, then this article is for you. Keep reading to know more!

About Bumble

Bumble is an online dating application, and Whitney Wolfe Herd founded it. An individual can sign up on Bumble using their Facebook Account or phone number. There are various modes available in this app that helps you to search for romantic matches or BFFs. Whitney Wolfe Herd founded this app after leaving Tinder. It has a monthly user base of 42 million, and Bumble is the second most popular dating app in the US. Bumble is available for free as well as for paid subscriptions. In 2016 Bumble released its paid services known as Bumble Boost. You can subscribe to Bumble premium plans to get access to more features.

What is Bumble Bff?

Bumble BFF for guys and girls enables a Bumble user to find friends. You get to choose from three exclusive modes available on the Bumble application, and one of them is Bumble BFF. Whether you are using a social networking platform for dating or other purposes, you should fill in all the required information to complete your profile. Because an incomplete profile seems fake, and you don’t think that someone thinks of your profile as a fake one. Making friends online or offline isn’t easy for several people. Therefore, Bumble Bff for guys can be a fantastic tool to let go of your shyness and create a good friend circle for yourself.

We all know that men find it difficult to share their emotions openly because of their toxic masculinity. It should never be like this, but this is what society taught us. Every individual is afraid of being judged if they share their actual perspective or feelings. That’s why we require only selected people that are fully trusted and won’t judge. But what happens to those who don’t have friends? Well, they can make an effort of making new friends online. For that, you can use Bumble BFF for guys and girls as well.

What are the different modes of Bumble?

The Bumble app has three modes that are Bumble Date, Bumble BFF, and Bumble Bizz. You don’t have to download separate apps for each of these modes. You can get access to all three modes by downloading the Bumble app. All three modes serve a different purpose, and you can use either of them as it’s totally up to your preference. If you have no idea how these modes work, then take a look at the illustrated points.

Bumble Date

Bumble date is exclusively for online dating purposes. If an individual is looking for a partner, then they can use the Bumble Date mode. Make sure you have created a Bumble Account before exploring your options. You can use your phone number or Facebook account To make an account. You will see many profiles appearing on your swiping screen. Swipe left to ignore and swipe right to like a profile. Then the girl will approach and make the first move to start a conversation.

Bumble BFF

The second mode is Bumble BFF. It is for those who are looking for friends. Yes, Bumble also allows you to make BFFs. Not every other person is looking to get into a relationship. So, if you want to find a Bff, you can switch your date setting to Bff. You need to open the app and click on the grey icon at the bottom left of your screen. Later, tap on the settings icon, and it will navigate you to a menu, and from there, you can switch modes from dating to BFF.

Bumble Bizz

You swipe profiles in the Bumble Bizz mode, but these profiles contain information about your work experience, education, passions, and professional goals. While swiping through your Bumble Bizz Swiping Deck, you are not looking for a partner or a friend, but you’re networking. You can swipe through the names of professionals in your indicated industries and make connections for potential employers, recruiters, or fellow professionals.

How is Bumble Bff different from other Bumble Modes?

We have discussed the role of different modes of Bumble earlier. Bumble dating is ideal for dating, and Bumble Bizz is good for your professional connections. However, Bumble BFF is the solution for people who find it hard to make friends. When a user switches to the Bumble Bff option, their swiping deck screen shows the users as your friends instead of potential dates. Since Bumble released the Bumble BFF mode, a high percentage of men have joined this platform.

How does Bumble Bff for guys work?

Finding friends in adulthood is quite tricky. Using a dating app for making friends doesn’t seem real. But Bumble made it possible to use a single platform for dating as well as for making friends. You don’t have to download any separate app to access BFF mode. In Bumble, a user gets three different modes. In the BFF mode, users can swipe for friends, and they have 24 hours to start a conversation. Both men and women are using this feature readily. Reports say that Bumble Bff for guys is working amazingly as nearly 1 million men have used the Bff feature since its launch. If you haven’t tried it yet, you should take advantage of this feature to meet new friends.

Does bumble BFF show both genders?

The Bumble Bff mode will show the same gender as yours. It works like this to ensure that no one misuse this platform. Many condemn this factor as most people prefer to make friends of the opposite gender. Don’t confuse Bumble BFF with a dating platform for gay or lesbians. For that, you can use the Bumble Dating mode, and you can change and update filters according to your preferences. Additionally, Bumble BFF for guys will show the other guy users who are also looking for friends. If you are a girl looking for BFF, you will see girls on the swiping deck to make friends.

Is Bumble BFF for same-gender dating?

No, Bumble BFF isn’t for same-gender dating. There are chances of getting reported if you use this for same-gender dating. You can use it for finding friends. So, beware before you make the mistake of using the Bumble Bff mode. You can swipe through the available profile in this mode, and you can instantly start a conversation once you match with someone. It’s a great option for those who find it difficult to make friends.

Can you find friends on Bumble?

As mentioned earlier, Bumble BFF mode is an excellent option to make friends online. If you want to use Bumble to make new friends, you need to switch the dating mode to BFF. Make sure you have completed your profile because an incomplete profile doesn’t seem appropriate. It is nice to have a couple of friends, and there are plenty of social media platforms available that would help you find friends. Along with them, Bumble made its platform ideal even for making friends and connecting with potential partners.

Final Words

That was all about Bumble Bff for guys and girls. You can use this mode to make new friends by swiping through profiles. Other than that, you have the option to connect with the business professionals using the Bumble Bizz mode. These different modes on Bumble stand this platform out of the numerous other online dating platforms. You can use this platform for free, and there are premium subscriptions also available. These premium subscriptions offer you a couple of more features to enhance a user experience. I hope you like his article and if you have anything to add, please let us know. You can drop your views and suggestions in the comment section. We would be delighted to hear from you.

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