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Bumble superswipe

How does Bumble superswipe works?

Bumble superswipe – This blog will tell you about superswipe. It will tell you how it works and what it needs? Also, this article will give you basic information about the Bumble superswipe. Bumble has this premium feature for the users, and we will share the tips and tricks of using the superswipe feature of the Bumble. We will tell you how to get the subscription for superswipe. At the end of the article, we will share some commonly asked questions about the topic.

About Bumble

It is an internet dating application and a public type company. Austin, Texas, United States, is the headquarters of the company. It has the same swipe feature as tinder has. A user can swipe the match towards the right side to like a user profile and the left side, unlike a user profile. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the CEO and the founder of the company.

The total revenue of the company is about 488.94 million dollars. Bumble. Inc is the parent organization of the application. In February 2021, the company had about forty million users. In February 2018, approximately twenty-seven million downloads took place. It has a user base of about five million people. It is ranked as the second-highest dating application in the United States.

Bumble – history

A survey report by SurveyMonkey says that forty-nine per cent of users go to the application regularly. Most of these users are female. The company’s total operating income is 93.25 million dollars, and the unique feature of this application is the heterosexual matches.

In heterosexual matches, a male user can not message a female match until the female user can message. It is very safe and secure from a girl’s point of view. The total equity of Bumble is 29.68 million dollars, while the company’s total assets are 210.30 million dollars. Bumble website gives its users a choice while logging in to the account. The users can make their account using their phone number or Facebook I’d.

Bumble facts and figures

It has approximately 650 employees who are currently working with the company. It is also known as a feminist dating application because of its heterosexual feature. The current January 2021 says that it has a monthly user base of about forty-two million.

According to the reports, the net income of the company is 66.15 million dollars. The recent reports say that the company’s value is around a billion dollars. This Bumble is spread in more than one hundred fifty countries with over fifty-five million users worldwide.

What is Bumble superswipe in Bumble?

You first have to know about the Bumble superswipe feature. It is a very popular feature and the most used feature of the application. This Bumble superswipe feature is a paid feature of the application. If you want to use the feature, you need to subscribe to it first. It is a feature that tells you whether you liked the user even before they liked you. Bumble itself introduced it on its official website for the convenience of the other users.

This Bumble superswipe is a digital or virtual way to go to someone whom we like. It is similar to walking to someone and meeting them. The only difference is you are doing and enacting all these things offline. It is a feature through which you can confront your feelings virtually that you liked the person so much that you would like to make a connection with them. If you also want to confess that you like the person, you can say this virtually without any hesitation. It acts as a clone of the super like of the tinder app.

How does Bumble superswipe works?

Suppose you liked someone on the Bumble, and you want to tell the person that you like him. You have to press the yellow heart key button. This yellow heart will be present at the bottom of his profile. Now, suppose you superswipe someone on the Bumble. When you superswipe a user, they get a notification from the Bumble. Bumble notifies the person that some person or user superswiped you or liked you. They also get a small icon of the profile of the user who liked him. You will be able to see the user profile at the bottom left of your window screen.

Working feature of Bumble superswipe

This feature is really enjoyable as it tells you that the person whose profile you are looking at is interested in you and likes you. Suppose you are rolling down your feed, and you find a profile that you like. You will see a yellow notification that lets you know that the person is interested in you even before you liked the person. If you want to superswipe a user, then you have first to open his user profile.

After opening the user profile, you have to click on the yellow button having a white coloured heart in it. Immediately, the user will get a notification that you superswiped his user profile. After this, if you are not a Bumble premium subscriber, you have to wait for a certain period. You have to wait until both parties swipe each other towards the right side. But if you are a Bumble premium subscriber, you do not have to wait till the user swipe you to the right side.

What is the difference between a regular like and a Bumble superswipe?

The main difference is a regular free customer can swipe, but they can not superswipe a profile if they are not paid, subscribers. On this platform, every user can swipe a user profile to like them. However, this is free of cost. It does not charge any amount to swipe somebody to the right. This swiping feature is a freeway for connecting with the people, but superswipe needs you to subscribe to Bumble premium.

A person who does not subscribe to the premium subscription can not superswipe a user. When a user superswipes someone, it means they like the user and wants to make a connection. It is a unique way to attract the attention of the user towards you. If a user superswiped you, you would see a yellow badge on their profile which is a mark that they like you. A yellow badge immediately attracts the eyes and mind of the person towards your profile.

Is getting a Bumble superswipe useful?

According to research, it is found that people who use premium subscriptions have higher chances of acceptance. They get more requests or likes. Superswipe pays you back. The people who take subscriptions top the match list. Swiping and superswiping a profile has a big difference. Swiping a profile to the right is common, and sometimes people do this for no reason. But superwiping someone means you are really into them. You want to pair with the person and would like to get involved in the relationship.

What does Bumble superswipe cost?

They are letting someone know that you like that person is a big deal and especially for girls. We feel so hesitant to say these things to the person whom we like. So, according to that, a Bumble superswipe is a pretty cool feature of the Bumble, which allows you to let someone know your feelings. It is a compliment for the person whom you swipe. And who does not like compliments?

Those who are Bumble superswipe subscribers get five superswipes every week, which automatically boosts their user profile. Every user can purchase these Bumble superswipes from the ala carte which is present in the application. These Bumble superswipes cost 3.99 dollars for two Bumble superswipes. And if a user buys the Bumble superswipe in bulk, then they get a discount. They can purchase these Bumble superswipes in less than one dollar. Suppose you are in some country with no Bumble coins, then you can buy them using the in-app currency.

Here are the prices for buying the Bumble superswipe

  • A user can buy one coin for 1.99 dollars.
  • It serves you five coins for 7.99 dollars.
  • Bumble users can buy ten coins for 14.99 dollars.
  • They can get a discount and can buy twenty coins for 24.99 dollars.

Frequently asked questions about Bumble superswipe

  • Can a user undo a Bumble superswipe?

Suppose you swiped left a user profile mistakenly. You have to click on the arrow which is at the top left corner. It will look like a cross sign. Click on that to go back.

  • How does superswipe works?

Yes, it works properly. But superswipe is unlike the tinder likes. Superswipe needs to get a premium subscription for the user. Bumble superswipes are not free of cost like tinder provides.

  • How much does a single superswipe cost?

Bumble superswipe cost about 1.99 dollars for one swipe.

Final words

Bumble is a well-known dating application. You are using the Bumble platform, and people can find their correct match. And also, this platform is famous for making suitable matches. This Bumble has a unique feature called Bumble superswipe. Bumble superswipe is a fascinating feature using which a person can know the interest toward him. I hope you like the article, and if you have enjoyed the article, you may comment below in the comment section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the Bumble superswipe feature or this article, you may write them down in the comments section. Hope to hear from you soon.

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