February 15, 2024
date female bodybuilders

Date Female BodyBuilders – Pro-Tips Guide

Date female bodybuilders –Dating a bodybuilder girl is a tough nut to crack. Imagine you meet a girl in the gym, and you like her, but you don’t feel confident enough to approach her. This is not your fault; it’s human behavior. A number of guys are attracted to female fitness models and bodybuilders but don’t feel confident enough to approach them. Naturally, we get attracted to a person’s body first; personality and heart are secondary things. And when it comes to body, who can be more fit than bodybuilders?

The majority of boys find dating a female bodybuilder or fitness model difficult because they feel inferior. Especially if she can lift more weight than them or have a more muscular body than them. Many boys are genuinely attracted to such girls, but they don’t have the courage to ask them out. Imagine you saw a girl in the gym you liked her. She has a body of Grecian God, and you are not able to get her off your head. You are mesmerized by her looks and body. All you want to do is initiate a conversation with her that would eventually help you get her contact number.

Why is it difficult to date female bodybuilders? 

Female bodybuilders and fitness models are not like other girls; that’s why you need to use a different method for approaching them. There is a very popular saying that “beautiful girls are single because people feel hard to approach them.” In the case of female bodybuilders or fitness models, I must say this saying is true. Boys are scared to ask them out, and they forget that everyone wants a partner. Instead of trying their luck and asking them out, boys assume that they are already committed.

You can use this assumption of other people to your advantage and try your luck. Guys are afraid to ask them out and consider them as unapproachable. For dating female fitness models and bodybuilders, you need to remember that you have to use a different approach. Female bodybuilders and fitness models are not like other girls. They don’t like the typical cliche romance portrayed in Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Female fitness models and bodybuilders are very disciplined and particular about their lifestyles. In this article, we will have a detailed discussion about “how to date female bodybuilders?”

Why you should date female bodybuilders?

  • They live a super healthy lifestyle

For maintaining a muscular body, they work out a lot and have a healthy lifestyle. They eat clean and have a balanced diet. Female bodybuilders do extensive strength training and have an active lifestyle and a very magnificent body. Because they live a very healthy and active lifestyle, they will also force you to work out once in a while. Once you start dating them, you will also start eating clean and living a healthy lifestyle. They will make you disciplined and organized.

  • They have an attractive physique

Female bodybuilders work so hard on their bodies that it is evident from their bodies; their physique is stunning. They have very little fat in their body and have very muscular bodies. Female fitness models and bodybuilders work hard on their strength training. If you want to date female bodybuilders, you need to live a disciplined life.

  • Female bodybuilders are dominating

Female bodybuilders are dominating in nature. Though people consider it as a problem but according to me, they are sophisticated. They are much sorted and know what they want in their life. Female bodybuilders are bossy and do not mess around unnecessarily. They are not afraid of anything in their life and are ready to face any situation with courage and grace. Female fitness models and bodybuilders are mature and robust enough to tackle any situation. Their dominating nature makes them more gracious and attractive. They can intimidate any man with their strong personality.

  • They are not afraid of commitment

Female bodybuilders have a strong sense of commitment. They are committed to their profession and work out rigorously. Like other girls, they aren’t the slave of their wishes. Female fitness models and bodybuilders follow a strict diet and stick to their rigorous workout routines. They follow a disciplined life and are committed to their rigorous lifestyle. One thing which is fascinating about female bodybuilders is that they love to live a harsh lifestyle. If a female bodybuilder has decided something, she will stick to it and will achieve her goal.

  • Female bodybuilders are competitive and confident

They have a very carefree nature. Female bodybuilders and fitness models get a lot of judgment from the public. They are so confident and competitive that they don’t care about public opinion. They face every problem with glory and clear every situation with flying colors. Due to all the judgment from the public, female bodybuilders have developed an entirely new level of confidence.

Qualities you need to date female bodybuilders

  • Discipline is the route to their heart

If you want to date a female bodybuilder, there is one thing you need to be very particular about, and that is discipline. Most women have the soft corner for organized men, and female fitness models are no exception. They are very particular about order and organization. Even personalities wise also they are very sophisticated and don’t like to mess around people.

Female bodybuilders have a very packed schedule; that’s why they have excellent time management skills. They are proficient in juggling their workout routines and daily activities. So if you are interested in dating bodybuilder women, you should get used to a disciplined lifestyle. For dating a bodybuilder woman, you have to adapt discipline and learn time management skills. They are pretty much impressed with the guys who live an organized lifestyle.

  • Active lifestyle is the key

Female bodybuilders themselves prefer an active lifestyle, so it becomes obvious that you need to move your ass to the gym for dating them. Mostly they prefer to date a person of a similar profession. But it doesn’t mean that you have no chance as I said earlier you should try your luck. Don’t lose hope; maybe you still have a chance with them.

It is not mandatory to be a bodybuilder if you want to date a female bodybuilder. But at least for impressing them, you need to go to the gym. You need to understand that being active is not only their hobby, but it is also their way of living. For them, their physical fitness is a priority, and you have to share their priority.

They love to face tremendous situations. Female bodybuilders set goals for themselves, and they always give their hundred percent in every activity. They love being active and energetic and are very conscious about their body and workout.

  • You have to understand their situation

Bodybuilding is their life; it is their passion. And great things need great sacrifices, and female bodybuilders are ready to give everything that it takes for fulfilling their passion. You need to understand that their training is their priority, especially during the time of competitions.

They will not be able to catch up with you during competitions, and you should be open-minded about that. You can’t force her to go on dates with you during competitions. If you are serious about female bodybuilders and want to share a meaningful relationship, you must understand her priorities and respect them. You cannot force her to make you her topmost priority. So, for coping up with the lifestyle of bodybuilders, you have to be very understanding.

  • You need to support her

Dating female bodybuilders is an extraordinary experience; I would say the entire relationship is unique. They are very dominating by nature, but at the same time, there will be days when they will feel low, and you have to boost them. As I mentioned earlier, female bodybuilders have a competitive spirit, they set goals for themselves, and if they cannot accomplish their goals, they feel demotivated and low. For dating them, you have to be the guy who pushes his girl towards her dreams. You have to be her motivating force, especially during competition days. You need to be her strength, not her weakness.

Female bodybuilders are dominating by nature, and sometimes they will position their priorities above yours, and you should respect that. Once you understand their passion and commitment towards their passion, you will love her personality. Slowly you will be able to develop a strong bond and long-lasting relationship with her.

  • You have to be a cut above

Some female bodybuilders have a masculine body, and if they are consuming steroids, there is a high possibility that they may even look like a man. People have a different opinion about such sort of bodybuilder women. You need to have the guts to stare up from the rest of the people. Will you be able to cope with the stares of people? You have a taste in female bodybuilders, but do you have the balls to tolerate the judgment of other people?

Apart from this, she will be having more muscular body than yours, or maybe she is stronger than you. Will you be able to take this to your man’s ego? For dating a female bodybuilder, you need to ask all these questions to yourself. You need to ask yourself will I be able to face this, or do I really want this?

Every coin has two sides; we have done enough discussion on “How to date female bodybuilders?” now, it’s time to look at the other side. We already discussed one aspect of dating a bodybuilder woman. Now, we should look at the other aspect of the discussion. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of dating a female bodybuilder.

Advantages of dating a female bodybuilder

There are many advantages of dating a female bodybuilder; here, I will be discussing some of the best and popular ones. So let’s get into the discussion.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

Female bodybuilders’ prefer a healthy lifestyle, and they are very conscious about their health. Developing muscles is not the hobby of female bodybuilders; it is their lifestyle. And bodybuilding is not only about lifting weights, hitting the gym, etc. They keenly observe their food habits and keep a strict watch on what they are consuming. For them, their health is their top priority, and they are very particular about their diet. And not only diet, but they are also very particular about their sleeping schedule. If you date a female bodybuilder, she will undoubtedly influence your lifestyle. Maybe you will also start hitting the gym once and for all.

  • Hardworking and dedicated

Building body and developing muscles is not an overnight success game. It takes years of hard work, dedication and consistent strength training. Female bodybuilders are so much into bodybuilding that they always carry a pair of workout clothes with them. For them, the gym is their second home, or I would say they have a mini gym at their home. They are so dedicated to their passion that their life revolves around gym, workout, diet, etc. Female bodybuilders value hard work a lot; they never let go of anything waste that is gained from hard work. So if you date a female bodybuilder, you will feel that somehow you are also adapting her qualities, you will see a better yourself.

  • Time management skills

Managing time is difficult for every bodybuilder, but it gets more challenging if you are a female bodybuilder. I said so because they have different roles to play. And that’s why they have excellent time management skills. Female bodybuilders live an organized life. Female bodybuilders aren’t just bodybuilders; they are more than that. Unlike other girls, they have schedules and timetables for themselves. They don’t have time to waste neither they like to waste time.

  • Healthy dishes

It is a general assumption that you would have to eat boiled food only if you are dating or living with a female bodybuilder. Let me tell you that this assumption is entirely wrong. Female bodybuilders are the best cooks. They provide you with healthy and tasty meals. Who says that healthy meals cannot be tasty or you have to eat boiled food only for a good body? Female bodybuilders have smashed this myth. So if you are worried about giving up on tasty meals if you date a female bodybuilder, leave the worry.

  • Helps you become a better version of yourself

There is a famous saying that your company tells a lot about your personality. You change your habits and lifestyle according to your company. In a nutshell, your company decides what kind of person you will become. Female bodybuilders are very disciplined, focused, consistent and hardworking, and if you start dating them, you will become like her. She will change your lifestyle and will make you more conscious of your body.

Disadvantages of dating a female bodybuilder

There are certain disadvantages of dating a female bodybuilder; they are listed below:

  • They become narcissistic

Female bodybuilders love developing muscles and building the body. It is not their hobby; it’s their way of life. With time they get so obsessed with their body that if they lose a few muscles or get some fat, they start freaking about it. Even worse, you will see that they will weigh themselves after every meal. Bodybuilders are so possessive about their muscles that it impacts their mental health too. Some of the bodybuilders have eating disorders and body dysmorphia. It is a condition where a person thinks that his\her body is getting slimmer, and they need to work out more and start consuming more protein.

  • Mood swings can be a pain in ass

Bodybuilders are energetic and cheerful, but sometimes they can be moody. They suffer from mood swings a lot. There is a reason behind their mood swings. They are moody because they are going through a lot of hormonal changes. Small changes in their routine or workout schedules can lead to significant mood swings.

Best places to meet female bodybuilders

Some of the best places to meet female bodybuilders are mentioned below:

Fitness clubs and gyms

Many guys believe that the gym is the best place to meet a female bodybuilder, and no doubt it is probably the best place to find a female bodybuilder. But considering the gym as the only best place to meet a female bodybuilder is completely unfair. According to me, the gym is not a good place to approach a female bodybuilder. In the gym, many girls wear a headphone which makes approaching them more difficult.

If you want to date a female bodybuilder, then you have to start getting regular to the gym and build a rapport in front of them. You can also find female bodybuilders and fitness models at fitness clubs. Dating a female bodybuilder is time taking.

Bodybuilding Competitions

The other places you can find female bodybuilders are bodybuilding competitions and fitness conventions. At these places, they are a little approachable. You have to build a rapport in front of them. You can start the conversation by asking about their workout routine, schedule, hobbies and lifestyle. Make sure that while talking to them, you have to choose your words wisely. Ensure that you don’t sound or act desperate.

Date Female Bodybuilders on Dating sites

Guys are afraid to ask female bodybuilders in public. This is because either they fear rejection or they feel inferior in front of them. In such cases, online dating sites are the best way to approach them. Bodybuilding females can be easily found on dating sites. They are very busy with their lifestyle and schedule that they don’t get the time for clubs and bars. That’s why single female bodybuilders create a profile on dating sites to meet guys.

If you approach female bodybuilders in gym or competitions or through Instagram, you have to build a rapport there. While on dating sites, you can directly ask for her contact number after a small conversation. As it is obvious that she is looking for someone to date. You can find female bodybuilders on bodybuilding dating sites because finding a female bodybuilder on casual dating apps is all by luck.

Social networking sites like Instagram

Nine out of ten bodybuilders use social networking sites and have an Instagram account. Firstly, you should follow your favourite female bodybuilder on Instagram. After a few days, start liking and commenting on her pictures. Initiate a small conversation with her in the comment section, and if she responds to your comments, you can message her. After messaging her for a few days, you can ask for her number.

Closing words

That was all about “how to date female bodybuilders?” I hope you find this article interesting and valuable. In the end, I would say that if you want to date female bodybuilders, then you need to respect and get used to their lifestyle. For further improvements, you can drop your reviews and feedback in the comment section. Wish you happy reading!

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