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Funny ways to ask for a number

Funny ways to ask for a number – Dating Guide

It is tricky enough to ask someone our but using some funny ways to ask for a number can help. When we connect with someone through social media, we first want that person’s number. As a result, we start looking for fun ways to ask for a number. Instead of rushing things, we should spend some time getting to know that person. Nowadays, mobile phones have become a go-to solution for literally everything. Moreover, you can start a conversation and get to know a person just by sitting at your home. So, if you are eager to get someone’s number, keep reading as we will discuss the funny ways to ask for a number.

When to ask for a phone number online dating?

The first thing you should consider while stepping into online dating is creating a comfort zone. There is a time to do, say, and ask for things. So, if you are thinking that asking for a number on the first day, then trust me, it’s not a good idea. Without knowing a person, you should not hurry to get the number. When a person is comfortable sharing their genuine thoughts with you, you can ask for anything.

We recommend you to have patience and wait for some time. Meanwhile, you can impress that person by talking about your interests and asking about theirs. When you reach the stage where you both understand each other, you don’t have to force things. You will get a number after asking once from that girl or boy. If you ask for it on the first or second day of talking, then there are high chances of hearing a “No.” Being friendly at first and then using a few funny ways to ask for a number can be a good idea.

Things you should remember before using funny ways to ask for a number

Dating back then was a difficult task, but we are lucky to be born in this era of advanced technology with a unique solution for everything. Unlike ancient times, you can connect with people on various social media platforms. You can go to social media platforms and look for their profile anytime, anywhere. But before and after asking someone for their number, you should keep the following things in your mind.

Do not Rush

Rushing things don’t go well most of the time. In this scenario, nothing is different. Suppose you have connected to a person through social media, and you never knew that person before. You talk to them for a day or two, and then you ask them for their number. Chances are they will come up with an excuse to avoid this question, or they may deny it upfront. Better to hear a “YES” later than hearing a “NO” presently. So, you should wait and talk to that person for a while. Please get to know them by asking for their likes, dislikes, and views on various things. When you see that this person is behaving friendly enough, then it’s time you should ask them for their number.

Don’t ask Again and Again.

Usually, girls are more cautious while sharing their numbers and other details. However, most of the time, guys give their number effortlessly. When you ask for a number, there are 50-50 chances of getting the desired result. If you got the number when you asked the first time, but if you didn’t get the number for any reason, then you shouldn’t ask again and again. It would make you look desperate, and you don’t want to look desperate in front of somebody. Instead, you can wait for a couple of weeks while making an effort to talk regularly. You may think of it as funny ways to ask for a number but becomes irritating at some point. Suppose, if you have asked twice or thrice for their number, then it’s the bottom line. You don’t have to disrespect yourself to get a number.

Know her better enough before asking for a number

The key to getting close to someone is knowing them better. When you have a meaningful conversation with a person, you develop a sharp image of yours in their mind. Talking bluntly and behaving like a fool won’t do any good either. So, you should behave like the real you instead of trying to be cool. When you show your efforts to know someone, they see it. But take a single step at a time because it will help you smoothly get what you want. So, we recommend you to know that person well before asking for their number.

Be consistent: Funny ways to ask for a number

When you connect with someone on a social media platform, then the only thing you can do is talk. You can share memes, GIFs, and exchange texts. But it would be best if you kept the conversation going on. Please share your views and ask for theirs as well. You can talk to them about their plans and tell them yours too. All you need to do is show them you are spending your time because they are important to you. If you are serious about this one person, then you need to build their trust. When a person trusts you, then they will not have any problem while sharing their number.

Try to make Plans: Funny ways to ask for a number

Talking to them and knowing about their Likes and Dislikes will open up many options for you. You can make plans for a movie, lunch, or dinner. Tell them about some amazing places and then ask them to visit with you. You can also get their number when you meet them. Most people are enthusiastic about visiting new places, which can be a great chance for you to make a good impression on this person.

Connect on other social media platforms with them

Normally a person uses more than one social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. If you find a person on Instagram, you can connect with them on other social media platforms before asking for a number. This way, you can talk to them on various platforms. You might find it hectic, but it amazes people. Be genuine and respected while interacting with this person. Because nowadays people are afraid to trust anyone and they like to live in a nutshell. Using funny ways to ask for a number is also a great option. So, before jumping to any decision or conclusion, you should analyze the situation.

What are Some funny ways to ask for a number?

There are plenty of ways you ask a girl/boy for a number. You can adopt either of them to get closer to them. Dating was never easy, and if you like someone, you don’t want to mess things up. Neither do you want to stop talking to them, so you should avoid any cheesy or creepy way to get their number? As mentioned earlier, when you try to get to know someone better, they see it. So, before rushing anything, we advise you to spend some time talking to them. Otherwise, what’s the point of adding a number to your contact list when you won’t be able to use it. Here are some funny ways to ask for a number –

Play a Game

Playing games is a way of getting someone’s number without even looking desperate. You can play a game and bet when you win, and then the other person has to share their number. It is a very funny and creative way of getting their number. However, many games require a contact number while you play with your friends. So, ask them to play those games, and you will ultimately get their number without any trouble.

Slip her yours

Suppose a person doesn’t share their number when you ask them for the first time. Then you can give them your number. Ask them to text on this number whenever they feel they should. It is an elegant way of sharing numbers with someone. You can give your number after asking them about their first. If they denied, then drop yours in the chat. That person will call or text your number whenever they want.

Use Emoji and GIFs for Funny ways to ask for a number.

Another edition to the funny ways to ask for a number is using Funny Emoji and GIFs. We express ourselves using Emojis and GIFs quite often. It is an amazing way of showing your feelings to someone. These emojis and GIFs are creative as well as funny. You can use this medium and ask for someone’s number. Tell them how you feel and why you want their number. We don’t think twice when someone asks for something for a valid reason. But when you don’t have a solid reason for the question, Why? Then the person in front of you finds that senseless. But when you convince someone and earn their trust, then they don’t hesitate. So, express your feelings using emojis and GIFs.

Funny ways to ask for a number to a Friend

Several people feel awkward and hesitate while asking for a number. In such cases, you can approach their friends. Make sure you have strong bonding with that person before pulling off this way to get someone’s number. Otherwise, the reaction of the other person may not be favorable.

This way of getting a number seems easy, but you can face real trouble if they don’t like it. So, it would be best if you avoided it in most cases. But if you know that person well enough to introduce you to their friends as well, you can do this. Ask their friends for the number and once you get it, avoid doing something stupid like pranking.

Present a Challenge

You should throw a challenge on that person to get their number. It’s another funny ways to ask for a number. It would help if you were confident enough to win this challenge, or you might lose the chance to get a number. Ask them that if you win, then they would have to share their number with you. You can ask something or dare them to do something. The thing is, you are supposed to win while doing this challenge. As we discussed earlier, you can also play a game, and if you win, you will get their number.

Lost Phone Syndrome

Getting in touch with someone in your friend circle or whom you meet daily is easy. But asking for their number is another thing. It feels weird to ask for someone’s number in person directly. Most of the time, you get the number from the group’s on whatsapp, Hike, or Telegram. But if you couldn’t find that person added to that group, then what would you do?

Lost Phone Syndrome is an available option for you. You could try this as it works most of the time. You need to pretend like you have lost your phone or you have left it somewhere. After that, go to that person and ask them “if you can use their phone to call on your number.” Now, you have to call on your number and just like that you will get their number.

Tell her you want to know her better.

Well, honesty is the best policy. Instead of saying or doing something inappropriate, you can directly tell why you want someone’s number because you want to know better. If that person is genuinely interested in you, you don’t have to make any unnecessary efforts to get a number. You can say what you expect, and that’s it. The rest is upto to that person, and you can’t do anything about it. It may not be the funny ways to ask for a number but saying what you want clearly can be helpful.

How to ask for a guy’s number?

If you can’t talk to a guy in person, texting or calling is the only way to connect. But what if you don’t have his number? In That case, you should know their name as it will help you connect with them on Instagram or Facebook. Once you connect on these social media platforms, then you can easily talk to them. After that, ask them to share their number. You will get their number if they want to share. Otherwise, scroll back up and see the various funny ways to ask for a number you can adopt to get someone’s number.

Funny ways to ask for a number to the stranger

There is no secret way that will get you the number of a stranger. However, if that stranger is also noticing you, then there are chances. Rather than asking directly for a stranger’s number, you should connect with them on social media platforms. Later you can use funny ways to ask for a number. It will make things less weird. You will connect to that person anyway, and then you can talk to them. Later, you can ask for a number when you think you have developed a comfortable and trustful zone. If you ask a stranger directly for their number, then it may sound odd. So, have patience and connect with them on social media before asking for their number.

Final Words

That was all about the funny ways to ask for a number. Before trying the ways to get a number, you should look at the tips you should remember before asking for a number. I hope this article has helped you. However, if you have more points to add, you can let us know in the comment sections. It would be nice to hear from our fellow readers.

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