November 30, 2023
How to DM a girl on Instagram

How to DM a girl on instagram?

How to DM a girl on Instagram – Messaging a girl for the first time can be very menacing. Seriously, like you want to start the conversation, but you do not know what to say, and you are scared about how she will react to it. You want her to reply, but at the same time, you don’t want to sound desperate. For some of you, it’s the most difficult task of your life. I know messaging a girl on instagram can be very tricky, but it’s not that difficult; in this article, I will be discussing ‘How to DM a girl on instagram?’.

Different Stages of Initiating chat

Are you one of them who types, deletes, and retypes the message again and again, and you feel like this is the loophole of your love life. Then you are at the correct place, don’t worry, this article is at your rescue. Here, you will find plenty of ideas for messaging a girl on instagram. You have to initiate the conversation slowly, do not flood her instagram with your dm’s. There are different stages of messaging a girl, and at every stage, you can level up the conversation but remember that the conversation should be slow, meaningful, and constant. I am saying you should be constant because girls hate ghosters.

Now let’s discuss the different stages of messaging a girl:-

Stage 1: Research about her

Firstly, get this fact straight in your head that you cannot message a girl all of a sudden from nowhere. You have to do some research before texting her on instagram. First and foremost, you need to follow her but do not expect a follow back from her; it’s up to her she may or may not send you to follow request. Remember that do not keep your expectations so high. So let’s discuss some steps about groundwork-

Step 1: Visit her Instagram profile thoroughly.

Step 2: Read her bio and try to get some basic information about her.

Step 3: Do not miss her stories because you can get a lot of information about her likes, dislikes, and lifestyle through the stories.

Stage 2: Comments and likes:

Once you visit her profile, the second step is to start giving likes to her picture. Again remember that if you do not want to look desperate, then don’t like the very old pictures or more than two pictures at a time. You can also start the small conversation by dropping genuine comments in her pictures.

Let me remind you again do not expect a reply to your comment. If she is ignoring your comments, then there are high chances that she is not interested in you. So make sure you comment in such a genuine way that she replies to you and try not to sound so desperate. And yes, some girls may like it; if you like their age-old photos on Instagram. You can learn about this through her stories; if she is one of them, you can go for it, but in general, it will make you look desperate.

Here are some sample comments (How to DM a girl on Instagram)

  • Hey, where did you get this beautiful bag from? Actually, I want to gift the same to my mom on her birthday.
  • Your cat is really cute. Can you please tell me which breed it is, and from where did you get this cutie?
  • Hey, I like the decoration, can you please tell me from where you got this decoration done.
  • Wow, that’s a beautiful picture; I must say you have great photography skills, are you self trained or have you learned from an institute.
  • You are such a great fashion influencer. Can you make a video on indo-western styling?
  • Hey, if I am not wrong, this beautiful place behind you is Bali. I am going there with some friends, and I want to explore the place to its fullest. Would you mind listing me some top places to visit in Bali?
  • Hey, my sister and I are huge fans of you, and we love your content. I want to gift her a gown for her graduation ceremony. Would you please make a video on gowns?
  • I must say your dog looks so photogenic in every picture; what is his name?
  • Hey, do you study at Miami Dade College? Can you tell me something about the faculty and staff because my sister wants to take admission to that college?
  • Hey, I like this v-log of your Brazil trip, can you tell me a little about the expenses and must know things about the place? I am planning to go there.
  • Aww, your puppy is so adorable; which breed is it? I am planning to get a puppy, and I like yours, so I plan to get the same.
  • I must your eyes are really beautiful. They remind me of Taylor swift.
  • Wow, you post such amazing comedy videos. You are such a great comedian. All the best to you.

After reading the above sample comments, you must have understood the meaning of genuine comments. So if you want her to reply to your comments, then your comments should be decent and genuine. Because your comments are your first impression on her and remember that the First impression is the last impression, so try to sound as genuine as you can.

Stage 3: Make your Instagram profile look attractive (How to DM a girl on Instagram)

Before messaging a girl on Instagram, make sure that your Instagram profile looks decent and genuine. You have already interacted a little with her in the comments. So now, there are high chances that she can visit your Instagram profile. So make sure that your profile does not give the impression of a pervert or playboy. Firstly, make your bio attractive; you can make your bio look attractive by adding some personal information like about your job, University, education, or you can also add about your hobbies, etc. After updating your bio, you can work a little on your pictures. It would be best if you had some of your pictures on your Instagram profile so that it does not look like a fake id.

Stage 4: Start a small conversation by replying to her stories

You have studied her profile and have very small conversations with her in comments; you are finally ready to start a small conversation with her. The idea is to make her notice you. That’s why you did everything, so it doesn’t come out of the blue when you DM her. The best and early way of messaging a girl is replying to her stories. You can initiate small talk by responding to her stories. Make sure that your reply sounds decent and consistent; by consistent, I do not mean daily, but yes, twice a week is acceptable. You can sound a little flirty, but yes, remember that you should not sound vulgar or disrespectful.

You have to keep some of the things in your mind while messaging her; they are as follows:

  1. It would be best to be very precautious while choosing your words because wrong words can lead to a negative impression. Remember that your words should neither be vulgar nor disrespectful.
  2. The message you are dropping should be according to the story, it should not be out of context, and if it is out of context, then at least it should be meaningful.
  3. Don’t flood messages into her DM’s. Drop one message, have some patience and wait for a reply. If she has seen your message, but she didn’t reply. Then you can drop another message, but it should be mature and meaningful.
  4. If she does not reply to any of your messages, it clearly means that she is not interested in you.

Here I am providing you with some sample messages you can use to start a conversation with your crush on Instagram:

  • Hey, are you Camilla Cabello’s fan, I am also a big fan of her, and you know what, she is having a concert. Do you want tickets for the concert and I am going there too so if you don’t mind you can join me?
  • Oh my god, are you a Canadian?
  • I love your poems; they are so deep; from where did you get the inspiration of writing them.
  • Oh god, you are so hilarious. Would you please tell me how I can get the tickets for your next show?
  • Hey, I am John. I like your content, and I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate you for your efforts and introduce myself to you. I am a huge fan of yours. Hope to see something new very soon.
  • I like this dress of yours, where did you get it from? I want to gift the same to my mom.
  • Hey, I never know we study in the same college, what a coincidence.
  • I like your surfing videos, and it looks like you are a great surfer. Can you tell me some of your favourite surfing spots? I am getting my legs into it.
  • I like the colour of your hair. Is it your natural colour?
  • Your dressing sense impresses me, where do you go shopping?
  • You have awesome photography skills. Where do you go to get these extraordinary beautiful shots?
  • This dress looks so adorable on you, and I think it’s you who made the dress look beautiful.
  • Your pigs are really cute; I have the same, but I wanted to ask you should I mud feed them or not. I am not sure if it’s safe to mud-feed them.
  • Hey, your beach pictures are breathtaking. Which beach is this?
  • I think you had a great time at the amusement park, can you name the amusement park?
  • Wow, your Instagram story looks so aesthetic. How do you do this?
  • Oh, girl, you have so pretty puppies. What’s their name?
  • Hey, I saw your Eiffel Tower pictures; I want to visit Paris can you give me some idea about expenses, so that I don’t go short on money.
  • Hey, how are you doing? It’s been a time you have posted something. Are you okay?
  • Oh wow, you have such a talented and graceful event managing company. Do you mind if I ask you for your assistance regarding my friend’s pre-wedding photoshoot?
  • You are so kind-hearted and humble. You are working for a great cause. Do you mind if I join your team, I also want to contribute to this great cause?
  • If you don’t mind me asking, can you please tell me something about your Nationality?
  • Your smile is really beautiful; please keep smiling. My heart flutters with joy when I see your smiling pictures.
  • I am obsessed with your videos; you have so much positivity and energy in them.
  • What a coincidence we are going to the same place. Is there any chance we can meet?
  • I love your IGTV videos and reels. Are you from New York, by any chance?
  • You look really beautiful, and I wanted to say this for a very long time, finally got the courage.
  • You are always energetic. How can you be so energetic?
  • You look very adventurous and fond of nature. I was looking for a Hiking partner. Is there any chance we can go together for hiking?
  • Well, I have wanted to ask you this for a very long time we are in the same college can we catch up sometime at the cafeteria?
  • You look familiar to me. Is there any we have met before?
  • You are so entertaining and beautiful; I admire your skills.
  • Your pets are so cute. What is their name? Shower love on these cuties from my side.

Things you should keep in mind before DM a girl on Instagram:-

There are certain things you should keep in your mind before texting a girl on Instagram. It would be best to be very cautious like you must ensure that while texting, you sound creative and thoughtful. The words you choose is a reflection of your personality, so you should ensure that your first impression is the best one. You should also be very thoughtful about grammar, maybe for it is not a big deal, but it can be important for her. If you do not want to take a risk, use proper sentences and grammar while messaging.

Make full use of the medium; you are messaging her on Instagram, and Instagram is much more than words. There are a number of emojis and gifs on Instagram; you can use them for expressing your feelings to her. You should never superficially message a girl, so while messaging a girl, avoid such an approach. If the girl does not respond to your message, don’t exhaust your energy and time to flood her DMs. By doing this, you are also making her uncomfortable. So if you want to sound like a gentleman, then have patience and if you don’t get any reply, then take the rejection with grace.

Following are the important tips you should keep in mind while texting a girl:

Show her your funny side in your message:

If you have any humor in your message, there are high chances of getting a reply, maybe you will get a late reply, but still, you will get a reply. You should be very specific about pick up lines. Pick up lines can be a game-changer; as I said earlier, words can play a huge role, so choose your words wisely.

Use Instagramgram to its fullest; you can get a lot of information about her personality through Instagramgram stories. If you think she is a humor loving girl then, go for it and grab your chance. But be precautious while choosing words, as you do not want to sound creepy.

Especially if she is a young girl or a fun-loving person and you do not want your conversation to sound like a job interview, you should start with a humorous line. Because even if she replies to you but doesn’t find the conversation interesting, she will not respond to your messages in future. If your crush is an old soul, then you should approach her differently.

Don’t comment on looks only

If you think that girls like it when you comment about their bodies or are thinking of comparing them with other girls, then drop this idea; it’s a big no because no girl likes being compared with someone. You want to make her feel special, and too many comments on her body or looks is not a good idea. By doing this, you are getting on the creepy side of the conversation, and that is surely a bad idea.

You can appreciate her dressing sense, hair, eyes but avoid using sentences like, ‘I like your figure, or I like this summer beach dress on you, etc. these sentences give a creepy impression apart from this it will show that you are interested in her body and looks only.

Complementing too much to her body and looks is not going to get you a reply.

If you want to sound decent and gentle, compliment her eyes, hair, skills, hobbies, personality traits, etc. People who look good already know they are good, so focusing too much on their bodies can disappoint them and ruin the whole thing.

Do not try to act over smart

All of us research is about the people we like. But you do not need to show them. You can not behave like you already know a lot of things about her because, honestly, this can be scary. It would be best if you always communicated in a basic way and, yes, do not generalize. Avoid answering like all girls like pink because no one wants to get generalized. Everybody wants to feel special, unique.

Everyone wants validation, admiration but nobody wants such sort of admiration which gets scary. So if you think you can behave over smart, then you are wrong. Try to start a conversation with genuine messages like ‘I saw your profile and I like it a lot, it’s amazing, can you share some tips with me for doing the same.’

Take the hint and move on (How to DM a girl on Instagram)

If she does not reply to you, then you may try one more time in a very mature and decent way, but if you still do not get any reply, then take the hint and move on. No reply means that she is not interested in you, so you. So like a gentleman, you should not message her anymore.

If the message is unseen and she is interested in you, she will message you back maybe late, but yes, there is still a possibility. But if the message is seen and there is no reply, it means that she is simply ignoring you. So you better not try your luck there. Get the hint, except the fate and move on.

Never DM while you are drunk (How to DM a girl on instagram)

If you are tipsy, never DM a girl because you are simply out of your senses while you are drunk. Or I should say you are not even aware of what you are doing. So make it a rule of your life, ‘Never Drink and DM.’ Alcohol is a recipe for disaster, and when you are drunk, you may DM messages that sound creepy. After the hangover, you will regret your actions. You can message when you are back to your full senses.

Search for common grounds

Trust me; this is a master blaster tip. Before messaging your, make sure you find to find common grounds between both of you. Analyze what are the things common in both of you. It can be your hobby, favorite icon, celebrity, game, music, animal, it could be anything. This is the best way to approach an old soul because if you try to approach an old soul girl with humour, she may find you childish. This is a way effective for every girl. So while going through her Instagram ID, try to find the things common in both of you; this way, she will be able to connect with you.

Focus on your language to DM on Instagram

While messaging, always make sure that the message you have typed should always be grammatically correct. Maybe this is a small thing for you or not at all important for you but for safe play, always proofread your message before sending it. Always ensure that the message you have written should be grammatically correct for you, and this is not only for messaging girls; this is a suggestion you should consider for everyone while texting them the first time. You can choose any language for messaging the girl, but the grammar of that language should be grammatically correct. It gives a good impression when your message is grammatically correct.

Direct confession (How to DM a girl on Instagram)

If you know your crush personally but don’t have the courage to confront your feelings about her, then Instagram can be helpful for you. You can directly confess your feeling to her on instagram, but this is not an ideal situation for everyone. If you have an Instagram crush and she does not know about your existence, direct confession is the worst method of confronting your feelings. It will make you sound desperate, vague and childish.

Don’t have any high hopes (How to DM a girl on Instagram)

There are certain things which you should in mind after sending the message; they are as follows:

  • Do not expect a reply because expectations hurt more than anything.
  • Please have patience, don’t get disappointed you didn’t get an instagram reply, give her some time and space.
  • Even if you get a reply, don’t get over the moon. This is just the beginning of the conversation.
  • Do not ask for a follow back it sounds vague. If she likes you, she will automatically give you a follow-back.
  • The girl with many followers gets plenty of DMs every day, so her reply is very difficult.

If you do not get any reply, do not get disheartened, this is life, and life has its plans for us. So move on and hope for the best.

Summary – How to DM a Girl on Instagram

That was all about ‘How to DM a girl on instagram?’. I hope you find this article informative and interesting. Your recommendations are heartily invited in the comments section for further improvement. I hope you had a good time reading the article. In the end, I will say that life goes on. If life doesn’t go according to your plans, then go with the flow and change your plans according to life. Do not stop waiting for that one person; keep working on yourself, focus on small changes, take small steps, and be a better version of yourself. I hope you had a good time reading this article. Happy Reading!

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