November 30, 2023
how to get a guy to text you

How to get a guy to text you back?

Not knowing how to get a guy to text you back may end your chances to know him better. There are a few people in our lives whom we want to know and spend time with, except our family. So, we must know what to say or do while planning a fairy tale in our minds. When a person sends you a text from their side first, you don’t have to think twice or thrice but suppose that guy didn’t text you back after your first, second, or third conversation. You will feel devastated. Dating these days isn’t as easy as it seems. You need to keep in mind many things, and sometimes all these things put you into a confusing state. So to deal with this confusion and irritation, we will discuss all the possible ways for “How to get a guy to text you back.” So, please keep reading to know more about it.

Some General Texting Tricks and Tips

We connect to many people on social media, and how we react during a conversation tells a lot about our personalities. If you don’t know how to text or respond to a text, you might drop an excellent chance to be with somebody you like. Some guys don’t care, but others play hard to get. If a guy doesn’t text you back, then there are chances that this guy doesn’t like you enough. However, when a guy likes you back, they don’t hesitate or think twice before starting a new conversation. Here are several tips for texting a girl or a boy to text you back –

  • Don’t sound too desperate in the beginning. If you do, then you might face a lack of interest in yourself from that person.
  • Start with sending a short but meaningful text instead of sending paragraphs after paragraphs.
  • Behave respectfully while talking and try to know them better. How you treat someone interprets much more about your character.
  • See their profile and learn about their interests and disinterest. Later, bring up your mutual interests in between your conversation.
  • Don’t force someone to talk to you because if they are interested, then they will come along.
  • You should know where and when you should stop making efforts. When you make an endless effort to talk to somebody, it gives wrong signals, and the person, on the other hand, starts taking you for granted, and it’s not a good thing.

How to get a guy to text you first without texting him?

If you want a guy to text you first without texting him, you need to make sure that this person is genuinely into you. Otherwise, there is no way you would be able to get them to text you first. This is how it happens, right? And we don’t text somebody unless we have to do it. Similarly, if that guy doesn’t even care, then why would he text you in the first place. However, to get a text from someone else, you can focus on a couple of things. When we find ourselves in such situations, then we end up doing something stupid. So, avoid doing something like that. We will discuss all the basic things you can adopt to get someone to text you first. So, stay tuned and keep reading to know more.

How to get a guy to text you?

There is no secret formula or spell that would help you to know “How to get a guy to text you.” You can get help from some essential tips we will illustrate shortly. If someone, whether a girl or a boy, really likes you, you can use the following ways to get a text from the first. But if that person isn’t interested, then you can’t do anything. Here are different ways you can adopt to start a conversation and get a guy to text you –

You should stop being available all the time.

Being available for someone is a good thing but always being available is not. Texting back right after receiving a text from a guy is a sign that you are always free. It doesn’t matter if you are adjusting your time to talk to him. A person cannot be free all the time. Additionally, if you are texting first every time you both are having a conversation, it will stay this way. So, we recommend you keep an appropriate distance. It doesn’t mean you should ignore or avoid him but maintain a distance to show that you aren’t always free.

Find out whether he likes Texting or not.

Some people don’t prefer or like texting as much as others. In such cases, you need to understand the situation here. Many people don’t like to spend hours and hours on their phones. These guys prefer talking in person or on a phone call rather than spending time on an endless conversation. So, before you expect him to text you, first, you need to understand if this guy is an introvert or a person who avoids texting as much as possible. You can’t do much in such situations, but you will not overthink when you know nothing you can do.

How to get a guy to text you: Don’t Text him

As mentioned earlier, constantly texting first and making endless efforts to start a conversation is a bad idea. If you text first many times before then, stop doing that right away. Being absent and making someone miss you is the ultimate tool to get a guy to text you. It would be best if you gave him a chance to show whether he cares or not about this.

If you constantly be the one to text first, then it isn’t going to end well. The motive is to get this guy to want to talk to you more. So, when you shoot off from an ongoing conversation, you will leave him wanting to talk more. You might find this a cruel way, but it is a fantastic trick to find out whether a person is interested in you or not.

Tell him to text you whenever he gets free.

If someone is not texting you, then it doesn’t mean they are ignoring you. Sometimes a person gets busy, and they are unable to reply or text you at first. Suppose if this is the situation with you, then you need to be an understanding person. You can tell that guy to text you whenever he gets free. I might feel annoyed at first, but you should do it anyway. It will set forth an understanding image of yours in front of that person. But while you say something like that, you need to ensure that you have something important to say or discuss. Unless it may seem funny to you but we cannot guarantee what that person would think.

How to get a guy to text you: Give him a reason to text you.

It would be best if you made him think about you. When a person remembers you in little things, they want to talk to you. Not a single person would communicate with you without reason. There is a reason for everything. Suppose this guy finds a reason to talk to you, then you don’t have to make any unnecessary efforts. So, try to think of a reason that this guy can use to text you. You can share something online he is passionate about, and he will surely text you. Other than that, you never know if that person is looking for a reason to talk to you.

Meet his Friends

Meeting someone’s friends, family, or close ones is a way to know more about that person. Here, you can talk to his friends and know a bit more about this guy. You can also tell him that you would love to meet his friends. Friends are a crucial part of everyone’s life, just like family. So, if you haven’t asked him about his friends or even family, then go for it as this is the only sensitive or helpful talk a person doesn’t ignore. Other than that, you will get a chance to see what types of people he keeps around himself. The more you fit in his friend circle, the more he will like you.

Try to know him better.

The key is to impress a person lay within him only. You can’t impress someone if you don’t even know them properly. So, this is your chance to make your points. Ask about his interests, likes, and dislikes. It will eventually show that you are interested in him. Tell him about yourself as well. You should be yourself and don’t pretend to be cool or fake to impress this person. The more authentic you show yourself, the more chances you have to be this guy. Enjoy every conversation and talk about each other’s plans. Such things lead a person to want to talk more, and if you seem a bit disinterested, it will end itself.

Show an Interest in Him

When you like somebody, you crave to talk to them, but you also face a fear of losing. You need to start a conversation with a subtle mindset, and when things go smooth, you can let this person know how you feel. Telling too soon or too early might affect the decision of the person in front of you. So, you can go for it when you think that you know this person well enough to tell him about your feelings. You might get a straight “YES” or “No,” but either way, it’s good for you. Still, Hanging on a person when he denies being with you is stupidity.

Accept the fact that he isn’t into you.

When someone says “Yes” and agrees to have the same feelings, we accept this decision with open arms. But when you see this thing the other way around, all you see is anger, overthinking, and rejection. That should not be the way of looking at things. You will get a million chances to criticize something, but life seems easy when you refuse to rely on these negative thoughts and start looking from a positive perspective. Just like that, you should accept that this guy or girl isn’t interested in you. Additionally, if that person is already with somebody, you can’t help but let it go. Focus on the good and live your life with utmost joy and positivity.

Bottom Line

So, that was all about how to get a guy to text you. If the person you are chasing is interested in you, you don’t have to go through any difficulty. However, if this person isn’t interested in you, then things aren’t in your hands. What you can do in such a situation is to forget it. There are plenty of people on this planet, and you don’t want to hang on a single one that doesn’t even care if you are hurt. I hope you liked this article. Additionally, if you have something to add, then you can leave it in the comment section. We would appreciate hearing from our readers.

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