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How to get unblocked on Bumble

How to get unblocked on Bumble?

How to get unblocked on Bumble –Suppose the Bumble team blocks you, but you want to get back to Bumble, then there are some ways using which you can unban yourself at the Bumble. If the Bumble team blocks you on Bumble, but you want to get back to Bumble anyhow. Then, you can use the tricks we are going to tell you in the article. You will be able to get back to Bumble and will be able to enjoy the features of the Bumble again.

About Bumble

Bumble is a dating application that runs online, and it is a public type company. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder and CEO of the organization. This application is an internet dating app that has a total revenue of 488.94 million dollars. User login displays multiple profiles of users with their interest, thinking, liking, and disliking matches. The Bumble headquarters are in Austin, Texas, United States.

Like Tinder, Bumble also allows its users with the swiping feature. Swiping feature means if a user likes a match, they can swipe the user towards the right-hand side. If the user dislikes a match, then they can swipe them towards their left-hand side. The total assets of the company are 210.30 million dollars.

Features of the Bumble

According to the survey report of the year 2019, the total equity with the organization was 29.68 million dollars. Approximately six hundred fifty employees are working for the organization, and the number is continuously growing day by day. There is one more feature which attracts the attention of the people towards it.

When it comes to heterosexual matchmaking, the application allows female users to make contact first. For instance, a boy likes a girl and swipes right, but he must wait until the girl contacts instead. Otherwise, he can not make contact himself. But when it comes to homosexual matches, anyone can contact. Whoever wants to get the person can contact first quickly without any hurdle. The official website of the company is This application is a part of Bumble.Inc.

Login details at Bumble and facts

A Bumble user can log in using their mobile number, Facebook account profile, etc. Users can log in and search for romantic matches by going BFF mode at Bumble. Bumble Bizz facilitates business communication as well for people. The founder of the organization Whitney Wolfe Herd says that this Bumble application is a feminist dating application. And so this dating application becomes very different and unique in the market. It has a special place in the market because it is a feminist app.

The recent survey report of the year 2021 says that it has approx forty-two million users. This 2021 report also says that this Bumble application is the second most popular dating application among people in the United States. A report of the year 2016 states that 46.2 percent of the total users are female. If we talk about the organization’s value, then it is valued more than one billion according to Forbes. Also, Bumble has more than fifty-five million users in one hundred fifty countries.

How to get unblocked on Bumble using Bumble ban appeal?

If the Bumble team bans you at the Bumble platform, but you want yourself free, you can take this article’s help to get back to Bumble. However, there are many ways to get back to Bumble. The first way of unlocking yourself is through a Bumble ban appeal. It is effortless, but it works in some cases only.

Other methods work for every different pattern, but it is a little bit complicated. The easiest way is to contact the customer care service. A user can contact the customer care service provider and ask them for any help. You can tell them your problem with either a ban or unban account.

Note: You have to keep in mind before contacting the customer care service that you did not violate any of Bumble’s rules or terms and conditions. Make sure that it is an accident only and you did nothing wrong and does not violate any community guidelines.

You can contact the customer care service in three ways. We will further discuss all three methods with you. But if you ask our best opinion, we would suggest you fill the service form available on the internet for the users.

Unblocking Bumble account

The steps of unblocking your Bumble account are as follows. These steps are

Step 1: In the very first step, you have to select the ‘report a technical issue’

Step 2: After reporting the technical issue, you will have various options to select the other option.

Step 3: Write your issue in the help box then.

Step 4: In the given help box, you have to explain your issue and the problem to the team by writing your issue in the help box.

Step 5: Write that the Bumble team blocked you from the platform. You did not violate any rules and regulations. It was an accident, and blocking your account is an unwanted mistake or accident.

Note: Please note that you have to explain everything in the help box. Please write that you have done nothing against their community guidelines. Also, you have to request them to review and rethink their decision. You have the right to ask them, at least for the reason why they blocked you from the Bumble platform.

Step 6: Generally, getting a reply from the service care team takes at least a week. After one week, they reply.

Step 7: If you did not get a reply from the support team, you have to accept that your account is blocked permanently. You will not be able to get back your account then.

Note: In the case when all these do not work for you. You can try something else, and you can keep reading the article as this contains some other tricks and possibilities.

How to get unblocked on Bumble by resetting your account?

If the trick mentioned above does not work for you, you can try out this one. This resetting the account is a little bit complicated, but there are possibilities that you will get your account back again. The first option does not work for people most of the time. So, you should try this one, and it works for most people. This article will tell you how to get unblocked on Bumble by just resetting your account.

If you ask us, you should read this as it will work. There will be a summary of the whole procedure and highlight the essential things you have to keep in mind. Resetting the account leads you to delete your account. Right after deleting the account, you have to recreate a new account like the previous one. For recreating a new account, you can take the help of videos and articles.

Bumble gives a liberal power about reset accounts. The Bumble team claims that the account does not get banned and does not even shadowban the user account when they try to reset their account. However, once the team blocks you, they do not permit the user to use the same account again.

Resetting Bumble account

When you have thought of resetting your account, you have to have new personal information with you. When you sign up at Bumble for a new account, you should have new personal credentials to write. Why do you need new personal information? You need to have further information so that the team can not find and identify you.

Ensure that you sign up with a unique phone number and a Facebook account. To ensure your safety and security, we will recommend you use a new sim card and use a new device to trace your ip address. Also, take care that you are not using the same credit card or debit card using which you took the subscription or purchased any boost or coins.

How to get unblocked on Bumble – Reasons for blocking?

There can be many reasons for blocking you on the Bumble, and some of these are here.

  • You were running a fake profile.
  • Bumble blocks the user who violates the policies of the Bumble.
  • If a user posts inappropriate pictures or videos using the account handle, they block the user.
  • If you use offensive language at Bumble, they will block you for this offense as it violates the rules of Bumble.
  • They block if they find a spam account.
  • If a user of Bumble is homophobic, then they may block the user.
  • User comments are abusive, or racist then the team bans them.

How to get unblocked on Bumble using a new phone number?

If the Bumble team blocks you and you want to get back to the Bumble platform. Then you have to use a new phone number to create a new account. Use the latest number only.

How to get unblocked on Bumble by making use of new data and pictures?

To make your bio and profile look better than others, you can use pictures and new data. You should not post anonymous data. Please do not use old data as they will identify you.

How to get unblocked on Bumble by creating a new google account?

Suppose you want to get back to the Bumble. You have to create a new account but before starting a new account, create a new google account first. This new google account will help you in creating a new account at Bumble.

Frequently asked questions on how to get unblocked on Bumble.

How can a user unblock their account at Bumble?

Suppose the Bumble team blocks you permanently. You have to create a new account then. First, delete your previous account and then recreate a new one.

Does Bumble boost help to get blocked accounts?

No, there is no special treatment given to the Bumble boost subscribers. The boost subscribers are treated the same way as the free users.

Final words

This article is about how to get unblocked on bumble. It has all the reasons and solutions for getting back your blocked account at Bumble. I hope you like the article, and if you like the article, you may leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments box.

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