November 30, 2023
how to make a ghoster regret

How to make a ghoster Regret?

How to make a Ghoster regret Are you stuck in a situation where you find it hard to connect with people? And when finally with a lot of courage and effort you connect with someone, you start opening up with him about the way you feel for him, about your past experiences, about your personal life, you go on a few romantic dates with him, share some intimate and emotional moments with him, you feel that he starts ignoring you.

He does not acknowledge your actions anymore, does not reply to your calls, messages, and texts, does not pay attention to your physical and mental well-being, doesn’t have time for you, and gives very vague reasons for not being with you.

If your answer is yes and you are stuck in the same situation, you are in the correct place. This article will help you in tackling that ghoster, and in the article, I will be telling you ‘How to make a ghoster regret?’.

You may find this situation weird because you don’t know why he stopped texting you and broke all the communication without prior notice or closure. You don’t even know why he is treating you this way and always wonder what you did? You always feel angry and disgusted, and all you pray for is closure. You blame yourself for all the wrong happening, and you feel low esteemed and disappointed. So let’s discuss how to make a ghoster regret. Before discussing how to make a ghoster regret, we need to understand what leads to ghosting.

What leads to ghosting? 

Firstly, you need to understand what ghosting is. Ghosting means that when someone stops all the communication with you without giving you any prior notice or explanation. This can happen at any stage of a relationship, no matter if you were planning on marriage or were buying a home for your residence. This will leave you in self-doubt about identifying a person; you will feel heartbroken and disrespected. It can be a very painful experience of your life, and you need to get over it. So here I will discuss some ways of getting out of this excruciating phase of your life and how to make a ghoster regret.

Before discussing the ways of getting out of this difficult phase of your life and telling you ‘how to regret a ghoster, you need to understand why he is doing this?

Relationship experts say that there can be several reasons for doing so; I am listing below some of them.

He is scared of commitment, or he is having Gamophobia:

The first reason can be the fear of commitment or Gamophobia. Gamophobia is the fear of marriage, commitment, or relationship. If the discussion of marriage or future planning gives flop sweats to your partner, then he might be suffering from it. These people prefer casual dating and start ghosting if you think of commitment or anything else like that. This is a medical condition and needs professional attention. If your partner gets blank or sweats while you discuss your future with him, then it’s a hint for you, and you can see it coming.

He allied with his ex: 

The second and most common reason is that he got back with his ex. There is a possibility that the person is stuck with her ex and was using you for getting over his ex or was trying to make his ex jealous by spending quality time with you. This can happen with you at the initial stage of a relationship or in a casual relationship. You need to be very precautious of such guys because if his ex gives him a hard time, he will come back to you. You need to understand that he is using you as his second option, and maybe he will never get serious about you or get back to his ex again.

He lost interest in you:

At the beginning of the dating, he may find you interesting, but after a few dates, maybe he lost interest in you, or maybe he realized that both of you are not compatible. Or there can be a possibility that he had physical chemistry with you and once he gets what he wants from you, he starts ghosting you. This situation can happen with the guys you meet in places like bars, discos or pubs. You need to analyze whether it is genuine chemistry between you and him or just physical chemistry.

He found someone else and ghosting

This is also a very basic reason for ghosting. Some guys do not like to say no or find it hard to confront the truth to you, so instead of confronting you that they find someone else, they start ignoring and stop all sort of communication with you. This type of situation can arise with the person you met online or through dating apps. If you find someone on the dating app, there is a high possibility that he is also communicating with other girls and finds someone else there.

He is married or taken:

There is a possibility that the men you are seeing are already taken or married. When they think their spouse or partner doubt them or find themselves getting caught about their affair, they start ghosting their other partner by blocking number and messages. These types of guys are so skilled in lying that they befool you as well as their wives. If your spouse does not share a lot about his personal life or does not introduce you to his friends, it means surely they are hiding something from you.

He is doing it for attention:

If the person you are dating is an attention-seeker or dominating by nature, then there are high chances he is ignoring to see how you react to it, or probably he wants you to request him for not repeating the same. It is very common among teenagers; they ignore to observe your response or seek your attention. However, if your man is dominating, he is most probably doing this to subjugate you so that you get submissive to him and obey all his instructions. The teenagers stop the communication to record your response and see what you do to get back to them.

He is under peer pressure:

It is quite unusual yet a popular reason for ghosting in some countries. The person you are dating is ghosting you because he is aware of the fact that his family will not accept you. Maybe he still loves you and does not want to hurt you by spilling the beans. He ignores your calls, messages, and every way of communication to avoid you because he is under family pressure and is not ready to face you and your questions. He is defensive about you but, at the same time, cannot go against his family; that’s why he is ignoring you.

He is busy:

It is a very uncommon and vague reason, but yes, there is a big possibility that he is at a huge shifting phase in life. He is having a hard time in his life; possibly he is busy with his office work or having a family problem, due to which it is getting hard for him to connect with you. However, if he is busy, he can drop you a message or surely get back to you once the entire mess is over and everything is back to normal.

He does not see any future with you:

At last one reason could be that the person you are dating does not see any future or a healthy relationship with you. Maybe he feels that you both are toxic for each other and there is no future for you two, or there is no happy ending for both of you. So instead of confronting you and getting a solution to it, he starts ghosting you.

What should be your approach towards ghoster?

If the person ghosted you try to reach back to you, you should first ask for an explanation. If you are fully satisfied with the explanation or found the reason for ghosting genuine, you can think of giving him a second chance.

If the explanation given by the person who ghosted you is logical and you want to give him a second chance, you are scared to get hurt again. In such a situation, you can clearly say that what you did develop trust issues, and now I need some more time to think about it until the time we can be friends.

Lastly, if you are not satisfied with the explanation, you can clearly say that I am upset with what you did, and I don’t even find your reason genuine, so I am ending this here; I don’t want to continue dating you. You should ask him to leave you alone as he did before.

Whatever you choose is your choice but remember that what you do should not allow him to take you for granted. You should never become someone’s second choice and never allow anyone to treat you as an option. Remember that you do not need a man who does not care about how you feel and doesn’t respect your sentiments.

How to make a Ghoster regret?

Everyone has their way of tackling such situations. I have listed below some of the ways to tackle such a situation that I believe is useful and effective. The methods listed below will help you upgrade yourself and update you to a better version of yourself.

Stop reaching him and acting desperate about him:

First of all, stop wasting your time and energy on a person who does not care about your emotions. Please stop trying to reach him and do not behave desperately. I know you want closure, but think this way, the person who ghosted you does not have the guts to confront the truth; that’s why he is ignoring you. He is doing this because he has done something wrong and now does not dare to face you. So instead of wasting your time and energy on him, utilize it for healing yourself. Try to socialize as much as possible, spend time with your friends and families this way you will feel loved and wanted.

Move on to make a ghoster regret:

You need to accept the fact and move on with your life. Don’t behave desperately like a teenager but try to move on with your life and show him that you are a confident – mature woman who has a number of choices when it comes to men. You should start meeting new people though it is hard it is the need of the hour. Time goes on, and you cannot pause your life waiting for that one person who is ghosting you, forgive him and forget him and move on with your life. Don’t carry any grudges about him because any negativity will destroy your mental peace. Start meeting new people, make friends, party hard, meditate, enjoy every single bit of the moment; this way, you can make him regret ghosting you because forgiving someone is the biggest punishment.

Do a makeover to make a ghoster regret:

You can make your ghoster regret ghosting you by doing a makeover, but for that, you need to make a huge habitual shift in your life. You should take care of your body and health. You can join a gym, start meditation and yoga, and attend grooming classes to enhance your personality. For doing a complete personality shift, you need to do a lot of hard work; along with hard work, you need to be consistent and patient because makeover takes time. Make yourself look more astonishing and desirable, and maybe the person who was ignoring you will beg you to take him back.

Move towards Self-love:

Yes, you read it, write instead of craving for another person’s attention, complement, and love, start complimenting yourself, pay attention to your health and mental well-being, and love yourself with all your flaws. This way you will feel more confident. Start reading self-care books, spend some time doing introspection, eat healthily, focus on your career and pay attention to your family and friends. This way, the person who was ghosting you will see a new you and regret his action. Do not blame yourself for all the wrong happening nor feel that you are not beautiful, don’t push yourself towards self-hate.

Make him jealous:

Start going out with your friends, try meeting new people, party with guys, post your pictures and stuff related to your life on social networking sites; by doing this, you can make your ghoster feel jealous. Start appreciating your guy’s best friend or the current guy you are seeing. Show your ghoster how beautiful and happy you look after he left you. Do not beg for his attention by messaging him. Instead, of that jealous him by showcasing the bright side of your life on social media. Do not break communication by blocking him; instead of that ignore him.

Build Your Career to make a ghoster regret

Do not waste your time texting your ghoster for closure. Instead of that, invest your time and energy in building your career. Focus on your studies and future, build your career and make your ghoster jealous of your success and regret ghosting you. When you finally connect with someone, and all you get is ghosting is a very disheartening situation. But blaming yourself for all the mess and separating yourself alone is not a solution. Because the negativity inside you will only take you towards depression and self-destruction, self-hatred will not take you anywhere. Fill your environment with love, compassion, and positivity towards yourself. Focus on your career, physical and mental well-being, upgrade yourself with confidence and healthy habits; this way, your ghoster will automatically regret ghosting you.

Closing Words:

That was all about making ghosters regret ghosting you. In this article, I tried to include all the genuine information about why a person ghosts someone and tackle ghosting. I hope his article provides you with all the information you were looking for. You can provide our feedback and reviews in the comment section for further improvement. You can also put up your questions in the comments. This discussion was about how to make a ghoster regret. Happy Reading! Hope you enjoy reading this article.

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