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how to not be a dry texter

How to not be a dry texter?

How to not be a dry texter – In this article, you can find whether you are a dry texter or not. Additionally, we will tell you all the possible ways to be witty, intelligent, and humorous in front of a girl or a boy. Now, you will think about how to know whether I am a dry texter. Keep yourself calm. We will let you know all the tips and tricks to start good communication with your crush, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend. To be humorous is the most important and common question that comes to our mind whenever we talk with friends or boyfriends, girlfriends.

About dry texting

Sometimes we get nothing to talk about when we are talking to a friend. You know, it generally happens with all of us. When we are talking with a friend, at some point, we think about what to talk about while conversing. There is nothing to talk about and we at the end say bye to the person. In this article, we will tell you the ways and the advice of not being a dry texter. Generally, we all respond by writing, yeah, cool, hmm, okay, but not anymore. We have ways to make the conversation more exciting and humorous if you are boring or a dry texter. And who does not know how to be funny in front of a girl or a boy? Hold our hands. This article will take you to your desired place.

How to not be a dry texter in Text messages?

Texting to your crush is a fascinating thing, and it is like gameplay. Suppose you speak something, then your girlfriend will say something to you in reply, and when you reply to your crush again. And this whole circle goes on and on. But this texting circle can be extended when you have humor in your text messages. If you want to test whether you are a dry texter or a humorous texter, you can find out in the article.

How to not be a dry texter – Pro Tips

After reading the article, you will get all the answers to your questions. Suppose your text messages will not have any humor or excitement, then it becomes tiresome to talk to that person. So, we will tell you several ways to text your crush or your boyfriend, but before that, you should know what is dry texting and how not to be a dry texter? A girl talking to a guy should know if he is replying to you; hmm…, okay, then you are dealing with a dry texter. So, you have to know all the trucks and the tips you need to apply when dealing with a dry texter.

What are dry texting term states?

Texting a person with short messages like hmm…, haan, yes, okay. These short replies break a well-going conversation between two people. Not only it breaks the conversation, but it obstructs the discussion there only. When you are trying to get to know an unknown person, it is essential to have a good conversation. If you met a guy for dating purposes, you should not use these short replies because it breaks down the flow of the conversation.

How to not be a dry texter – ways to write interesting messages?

You should know how to make a conversation more exciting, funny, and adorable to read. Here are the ways and tips of making a conversation juicier, or you can say interesting. If you want to attract your crush through messages, then you can do so. You need to do some things and have to be careful while texting your crush.

It is effortless to attract somebody through messages. There is a saying that a message is a reflection of your personality. So, you should write well and carefully. In this article, you can learn how not to be a dry texter. You can also keep your conversation long like other people. Messaging or texting is most common among people nowadays. It is pervasive but an accessible mode of communicating to people.

How to keep a conversation interesting in a relationship?

You should keep your relationship exciting and exciting, just like when you have met your crush or your boyfriend for the very first time. Meeting your crush for the very first time is a fascinating moment for a person. The crush should know about you properly and should feel excited as you are feeling at the moment. The crush should feel special like you, and you have to do this work. You have to make him feel good and comfortable around you. Make your crush feel special so that they won’t stay away from you for a long period.

How to not be a dry texter to your crush?

You have to be entertaining and humorous if you want to impress your crush. When you make your crush feel special in your text messages, your crush automatically falls in love with you. But if you continue to be a boring texter, your crush will not show interest in you. You may not be a boring person, but you have to show your activeness and attentiveness towards your crush. Both activeness and attentiveness are the two major things you should take care of when talking to a person or your crush.

Ensure that your conversation is showing interest while talking to your crush. It will take you near and close to your crush, and your crush will also show interest in you. Both will take a step forward then, but you have to ensure that your conversation shows activeness. Below are the tips you need to follow while you are talking to your crush or boyfriend.

How to not be a dry texter with your boyfriend or a crush?

Things that you need to be careful about when you are texting your crush or your boyfriend. Here we will discuss all the important and necessary points that you have to take care of while conversing with your crush or boyfriend.

  • Do not use one word between the conversations.

The very first thing you need to take care of while conversing with your crush or boyfriend is to prevent yourself from replying in one word, such as hmm, haan okay, etc. The conversation comes to an end when you reply in one word. One word is the biggest problem in having a constant and continuous conversation. You should send a message which has a reply. Ask a question that has value in it and a question that has a response.

However, it is not bad to end a long-lasting conversation with one word. But when you start a conversation and if you are using one word in it. One-word replies obstruct the conversation in between only. Thinking you like somebody, and giving a one-word reply to that person is an insult. It shows no interest in them. Don’t you think that your crush or boyfriend needs more than a one-word reply from you? You have to initiate from your side to make the conversation interesting and valuable, and you are the only one who can develop interest by initiating.

  • Use of emoticons in the conversation

Emojis adds additional emotions to the lines. An emoji shows your emotion of the time, what you are feeling. So, if you are conversing with your boyfriend or a crush, you can easily show your emotion by using emojis in the conversation. For example, if you feel happy after conversing with your crush, you can send your crush a happy face.

If you feel sad and want to tell your boyfriend, you can send the appropriate emoji to your boyfriend. Emoji makes the work easy for people in showing their emotions to each other. The use of emojis makes the conversation more interesting and makes a simple line more attractive to read. Using emoticons also shows that you are showing interest in the conversation. One should use enough emojis to exchange their emotions easily and efficiently.

  • Showing a lively and humorous personality

Be yourself. It is the most common saying which is used for personality traits. When you are talking to somebody, be yourself and do not lie about anything. The person will automatically like you for being yourself in front of you. Show your cozy and comfortable side to the person you like. The person will automatically feel special and will like to have a long conversation with you.

Cracking jokes is the simplest and most used way to make a conversation more interesting. Other than cracking jokes, you can make your boyfriend feel special. You can show interest in your crush through the conversation. Jokes lighten up the mood and the vibe for both persons. And here only, you can have the realization whether your crush likes you or not.

  • Reply as soon as possible to not be a dry texter

It would be best if you did not take hours to give replies. If you take too long to text back or reply, it shows disinterest in the conversation. It would be best if you initiated the messages to make your crush feel special. If you take too long to reply to your crush, it will make the conversation so boring and dis-interesting. Suppose you are busy in a meeting or dipped in some work, you should give a message informing your crush or boyfriend instead of making your crush wait for you.

  • Begin with an interesting conversation

Most of us do not know how to begin an interesting conversation with our partners. Here you can learn to do so. This part will let you know how not to be a dry texter and add spice to your ongoing conversation. You can start talking about your partner’s passion or likes and dislikes of what we usually do. Ask your partner about the things he likes to do and wants to do in life. Talking about likes and dislikes will develop an interest in the conversation. The chat will not be boring at all now.

  • Make distance from common questions.

You have to be careful that you have to stay away and distance yourself from the typical type of questions. It would be best if you did not ask common or formal questions to your partner, such as how are you? etc. Also, it would be best if you did not ask weird questions. Try to ask something new and interesting questions from the person. Show your funny side to that person in between your conversation.

  • You should have a definite purpose.

You already know that your text has to have value. You are the only one who can add value to the messages you send to your partner. A purpose is a must. It would be best if you had a purpose for the conversation. Conversing because you are free is not appreciable—text or message with a solid reason and a purpose. Do not talk to pass your free time. It would help if you prevented yourself from messaging anyone without any reason or purpose. Find a purpose and then talk with the person.

  • Initiating the conversation with your partner

It would be best to initiate the conversation, for example, If you want to chat with your partner or crush. Do not wait for your crush to message you. Initiate from your side and message. It will make your crush feel good and positive and will create a positive image of you. But do not talk excessively. You should have patience and have to have a balance between you and your partner.

  • Time investment

You should invest some time properly in the conversation. If you like somebody and you want to talk. You have to invest your time and initiative to make the person feel comfortable with you. Invest enough time and energy in the conversation; otherwise, it will instantly become boring for both of you.

  • Send gifs

Try sending out gifs while you type messages. They are animated and moving photos. You can make the conversation more interesting with the use of gifs. It adds up gestures and emotions to the conversation.

Final words

This article is all about how not to be a dry texter. It has all the tips and tricks you should use when talking to your crush or boyfriend. You should answer or reply on time and be present continuously because it makes the conversation boring and messy. Also, use emojis to explain your feelings to your partner best. Choosing an interesting topic is the most important thing you should take care of while conversing. But do not ask your partner a common or typical type of question; ask something new to your partner to make it interesting. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may comment below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may ask and write them down in the comment box.

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