November 30, 2023
how to really impress a girl over text

How to really impress a girl over text?

When you recently connect with a girl, then the first question that arises in your mind is “How to really impress a girl over text.” Connecting on a social media platform is different from talking to somebody over a text or call. Unlike guys, girls notice too much. They absorb the way you talk, handle, and illustrate things. Every person is sensitive about their feelings, whether it’s a boy or a girl. So, you can’t take the risk of saying something stupid that would hurt the person’s feelings sitting in front of you. You must avoid doing anything like that, and in such cases, you can take help by knowing what types of topics you should bring up in an ongoing conversation and what you shouldn’t. This article will discuss many ways to answer your “How to really impress a girl over text” question. So, stay tuned and keep reading!

How to really impress a girl over text?

Impressing someone personally or online takes a lot of effort. When we see someone putting effort into getting to know you better and spending quality time with you, we develop a soft corner in our hearts. Similarly, if you want to impress a girl over text, you need to be creative, attentive, understanding, and supportive. It’s not just about girls, but you need to have the same perspective, even when trying to impress a guy.

The most important thing in life is how you react when you listen to someone else’s decision that affects you ultimately. So, we recommend you read the red flags as well. Because forcing someone to like you back can make things worse. If you think all you need is just tips to impress somebody, we are here for you. Read and understand every point mentioned below to get assistance in impressing a girl.

Be Nice To Her

Being mean and sending a disrespectful text to a girl or a boy will never work in your favor. So, be nice and gentle while you text her. Every person on this planet wants to be heard. If you could do that for her, then you don’t have to worry about anything else. But a person won’t randomly start sharing their bad or good memories unless they trust you. Even while chatting, you can impress a girl over text by being nice to her. If you start being nice to her, you will pass the first stage to get into her good people list. It would be best to talk to the person you like nicely and respectfully to make an elegant impression.

Don’t ask about the same thing again and again.

Nothing irritates me more than asking for the same thing again and again. If you ask the same question, again and again, it won’t change the answer. So, stop repeating your question instead; focus on something good. You can replace this by talking about something you both are passionate about. When you repeat the same thing, it will make that person think that you are a stubborn and boring person, and this is the last thing you want her to think of you. People ask daily about the basic routine, and it sometimes ends up getting too much. Asking for someone’s well-being isn’t bad, but asking the same thing multiple times would make it bad. So, avoid asking the same question again and again.

Make her smile

What could be better than seeing someone smile? Nothing. Having a sense of humor makes you an attractive person. It’s an interesting fact that you should always remember. Seeing a person who makes you laugh daily or seeing the one who sits back and waits for you to say something first, what would you choose? I know the guy with a good sense of humor. Spending time with a person who makes you laugh or even smile is always preferable, whether it’s a girl or a boy. It will increase your chances of impress a girl over text. So, please make an effort to send a text that would make her smile.

Avoid asking any personal questions.

When you start asking questions regarding someone’s personal life right after talking to them just once is not a good idea. Some people don’t want to repeat anything about their past, which should be okay with you. They would try every possible way to avoid the conversation as much as they can, and it may result in ghosting. So, it would help if you didn’t ask anything personal unless they bring it up themselves. You can also ask personal questions, but you must wait until they are comfortable enough with you.

Know about Double Texting

As illustrated earlier, you shouldn’t send repeated text messages to her. Double texting is sending a text, and before getting a response for this text, sending another text. We do this every time we talk to a friend, family, or folks. It sounds fair, right, and you shouldn’t send many messages simultaneously to the person you want to impress. But you should avoid it here. Things may get reverse in this case if you want to impress a girl over text.

There is an unspoken rule for double texting while sometimes it applies and sometimes it doesn’t. If a person is trying hard to get then, you should know it before as it will help you determine in the double texting scenario.

Find About her Likes or Dislikes

Who doesn’t like to talk about their favorite stuff? It would help if you made an effort to know what she prefers talking about or what she avoids. Talking about things that you love feels incredible, and there are chances you find something similar that you both are passionate about. If you are skipping this part, then you will regret it later. So, try to get to know about the likes and dislikes of that girl.

There are endless lists of tips you can try for “How to impress a girl over a text,” but if you couldn’t adapt and properly apply them, they are of no use. Know her better by visiting her profile and other social media handles. When you find something interesting, then bring it during your conversation. Suppose you find out that this girl is interested in reading and writing, then you should ask about her favorite novels or writer.

Use Emojis and GIFs

Social media is an interesting platform that offers you endless features. These features help you to have an enhanced experience. Emojis, Stickers, or GIFs can turn any dull conversation into an interesting one. So, why don’t you try it? Nowadays, every messenger platform consists of emojis or GIFs, and you can take advantage of them. You can also use these features to impress a girl. Send her funny emojis and Stickers to improve your communication experience. Such emojis and stickers also help to break the awkwardness that arises during a conversation.

Be Supportive

Nowadays, people believe in being strong, confident, and independent all the time. But at the end of the day, they seek someone who can understand their situation. I’m sure even you are the same person. Please wait until you get to the phase where a person doesn’t hesitate to tell you about things that bothers them at the end of the day. Don’t rush, and don’t force her to tell you early. Things happen when they are supposed to happen. So, we suggest you have time to listen to her bad day.

Text Her Often

To know someone better and impress someone, you need to give proper attention. Whenever you stop doing that, you will end up having a rough ride, so you should text quite often to keep in touch and leave a good impression. We don’t recommend double texting here, but you should talk whenever you get time. Get to know about the schedule and then find an appropriate time to talk. When you disappear after talking to someone once or twice, you will miss your shot. Make sure this person is free too while you try to talk to her. Otherwise, there would be no point of doing it.

Share About Yourself

When you try to get to know this girl, you should also let her know about you because your decision to start a relationship or dating wouldn’t be enough. You need a yes from her too, and you can’t get it unless she knows what type of person you are. Make sure she knows about you well enough so that she won’t hesitate to say yes. Your reaction to different situations tells a lot about your character. So, be wise and let her know about you too.

Make her Curious

If a person is curious, then they have many questions. They seek answers to these questions, and if you have answers, it’s more than good. So, it would be best to make her curious enough, so she ends up asking questions regarding the same. To get someone’s attention, you have to intrigue them. Sharing your secrets with someone makes them feel special. When you recently step into a relationship, telling secrets helps a lot. The person gets to know that you trust them enough to tell a secret you have never told anyone.

Ask about her views and Opinions.

Every person has their views and opinions regarding everything. While talking to the person you want to impress, you should ask them about their views. Understand why they think like that. Talking to someone opens up the whole book of a person’s life, and you will realize a reason for everything. Having a different perspective isn’t a crime. So, instead of debating about “You’re wrong,” try to understand why they think like that. It will certainly amaze you how little things end up changing your views and decisions in life.

Don’t replace Phone Calls with Texting.

It would be best if you understood that you couldn’t replace a phone call with a text. Neither can you turn this thing the other way around. Suppose you want to discuss something important. The first thing you would consider is calling. However, if you want to have a casual conversation, then you would find texting is an appropriate option. So, you should decide whether you should give her a call or you should text her. Texting for a long time can also lead you to a boring phase. Before it gets too late, ask for her number and try to talk to her over the phone call.

Absorb her Texting Style

Every person has a texting style. Here you need to understand her way of texting. Sometimes, you see people who don’t find texting interesting. In such cases, you need to find other ways to communicate with her. You can ask her to talk over a phone call if she finds the texting boring and time-consuming. You will get to know about it just by talking to her once or twice.

Show a Positive Perspective

It’s easy to find a person who sees bad or negative in every situation, but it’s rare or difficult to find someone who has a positive perspective. Having a positive perspective or approach towards situations you face in your life is an excellent skill. It would help if you showed her that you could handle situations with ease and sincerity. Talking about positive things and finding positives in every situation will increase your chances of impressing her.

Be Real, Be You

Pretending to be cool and someone else is not a good idea. You shouldn’t try to change yourself just to be liked by someone else. Avoid bragging all the time and be genuine about yourself. You shouldn’t brag if you want to impress someone. You say things to make a good impression on someone most of the time. But generally, people won’t even care about that. A person will listen to you only if you are sharing something important and real. That’s why you shouldn’t exaggerate at all.

Don’t stick to texting for a long time.

As mentioned earlier, you can’t hold on to just texting. If you want to get things to the next level, then try to get the number. When you get the number, talk to me over a call. You don’t want to spend all your life just texting her. So, after an appropriate time, shift your texting to calling. As you know, the goal of texting is to get her on a date. Whenever you feel she is interested in you, you should ask her out immediately.

Ask about her Future Plans

Talking about what you want to do in the future is a question that never goes out of style. You can ask this question to anyone, and you can expect a genuine and interesting answer. People are always enthusiastic to talk about their plans. You can contribute to this excitement and let them know what could help them or whatnot. Knowing about their plans isn’t enough. You should share your plans as well.

Don’t Text While She is Busy.

No one is going to text you back if they are busy. You should know about the time when you are busy and free. After that, you can text accordingly. When you are busy, your mind is divided, and it has a lot to process. So, we recommend you text her when both of you are free. I’m sure you will have an uninterrupted and interesting conversation.

End a conversation on a healthy or Positive note

When you start a conversation, you should see whether you start with a positive topic or a negative one. Because if you start something on a negative note, then there are chances that you will end up arguing or fighting about it. It would help if you avoided any of such things. Instead, you can talk about other things such as mutual interests, plans, likes, and Dislikes. Other than that, if a girl or a guy doesn’t want to be in a relationship and denies your proposal, then you shouldn’t freak out. Handle the situation politely and accept the fact.

How to really impress a girl over text examples?

We have discussed the tips or ways “How to really impress a girl over text” so far. Now we will take a glance at the examples of the same. Asking questions that are interesting and can be answered quickly is the key to having a good conversation. If you have run out of questions, then don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Make sure you absorb the way they answer your questions, as it will help you stay connected with this person in the future. Here are some basic questions you can ask someone to impress them.

Here are some questions you could ask to impress a girl

  • If you could travel the world, where would you Go First?

Most people love traveling, and they always think of a place they want to visit once in their lifetime. You can ask her if she could travel the world, where would she go first. Further, you can discuss the facts about this place.

  • What is your Ultimate Goal in Life?

Every person thinks about what they want to achieve in their lives. I’m sure that the girl you want to impress must have something to say regarding this. It will also open up the similarities you have in both of you. However, if you have a common or similar goal in life, you will have a lot to talk about.

  • Your Favourite Movies or TV Shows so Far

We spend a lot of time watching Movies and TV Shows. But some of the content of these shows hits us differently. Every one of us has our imaginary list of favorite things. You can ask her what her favorite movies or TV Shows are.

  • What kind of music do you like listening to?

It is an interesting question to ask someone. Every person has a different taste in music and Movies. If both of you are passionate about the same type of music, you can share your playlist.

  • When was the Last time you got into Trouble?

Life is a mix of getting into trouble and then making efforts to get out of it. Most of the time, we start feeling that my life can’t be peaceful. No one’s life is perfect, and we always end up facing problems one way or the other. You can ask her about her last time of getting into trouble. I’m sure she will have a story to share.

  • Would you consider yourself to be obsessed with anything or Anyone?

We easily get attached to somebody, and then we want to turn ourselves just like they are. Getting influenced by something or someone isn’t bad as long as it changes you for good. But having an obsession is a different thing. You can ask, is there a thing or person you were obsessed with. It may sound cheesy, but people love to talk about things like that.

  • If you could have one superpower, what would you choose to be and why?

We always say if I would have this or that, then I would do that. Ask, if you could have one superpower, then what would that be. You can give options such as being invisible, having strength, flying, and many other things. It is also an interesting question like the others, and you can ask anything interesting and appropriate. Avoid asking something that would bring awkwardness.

Bottom Line

That was all about How to really impress a girl over text. We have illustrated many ways in this article. You can use more than one way to impress someone. When you communicate with a person, you should be nice, polite, and respectful. Don’t hang on to texting for a long time. Find an appropriate time, and then ask her for a number. Later, you can make plans to go out. Suppose you found out that the girl isn’t into you, then you should accept this fact and step back. Otherwise, all you get is a lot of mental chaos. I hope you liked this article. Any individual who has suggestions to add can drop them in the comment section. We will be delighted to hear from you.

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