November 30, 2023
how to respond to hey on tinder

How to respond to Hey on Tinder?

How to respond Hey on TinderThe most common, casual, and traditional way of starting a conversation is saying ‘Hey.’ But what next? Are you confused about what to reply? You are not sure what to say to make the conversation interesting. Sometimes this word hey, can leave you in a battle of how to respond? Should I reply sarcastically, formally, friendly, or in a humorous way? Are you also searching for a correct reply? This article will bring your search to an end. After reading this article, you will answer, hey, like a pro. In this article, we will have a discussion about “How to reply hey on Tinder?”

You must agree that you should be very cautious while replying to hey because a wrong reply can give a wrong message to the receiver. There are a number of things that should be kept in mind while replying to someone’s hey on tinder. Your relation with that person will decide your reply to that person.

For example, if the sender is your known friend, you can reply in an informal way. But if the sender is an unknown person, then responding to that person can be tricky. You have to be very precautious as you don’t want him to get any wrong indications from your reply. So let’s begin the discussion on “How to respond hey on Tinder?”

Methods of replying to hey:-

For finding a promising person on tinder, you swipe a bunch of singles, and when you finally match with a few of them, all you get is ‘hey.’ That is the point from where the disappointment starts. Now, you are thinking of a reply to this boring hey. So the first option is that you can reply with how are you?

Reply formally:

You can reply formally by using different methods; some of them which I believe is good are listed below:

Tit for Tat:-

Suppose the person messaging you is an unknown person, so the best way to approach is to reply formally. It would be best to start the conversation with hello, as it sounds more formal than hi. Now the burden of continuing the conversation relies on their shoulder. It’s like giving them the taste of their own medicine. It’s also a good way of checking whether they are interested in you or not.

Hey is not an intelligent way of initiating a conversation because it can be a big turn-off for some people. But simultaneously it depends on the person who sent you hey. If your crush has sent you hey on tinder, then it can take you over the moon, but at the same time, if some random stranger has sent you the same, you can get annoyed.

You don’t need to reply hey or hello to them. If you find the other person’s profile interesting and you are interested in continuing the conversation. In that case, you can also take the balls of continuing the conversation in your court.

Go for sarcastic reply:-

You can reply to them in sarcastic ways like ‘that’s the best message I have ever got, or this message made my day.’ Sarcastic replies can hint to start the conversation more excitingly. Do not get so witty because this can scare the other person. The motive here is to push the other person to initiate some interesting conversation.

Keep it low key

If you don’t want to sound desperate, then you can keep it low-key. This will make the person comfortable. You can reply with low-key answers like, hello, how are you? Or you can say hello, how are you doing? Questions like this will encourage them to be more articulate about what they want to say. It will increase the probability that the next reply will be a bit longer and interesting. It always works in rolling up the conversation.

Reply informally

If the person is known, you can reply with informal answers. Even if the person is unknown and you want to initiate a small conversation, you can reply informally but remember that you should not go below the belt.

If you are attracted to the person and want to continue the conversation, then you can use the following methods:

Enthuse them

If someone sends you hey on tinder, you can enthuse them by asking questions that give the reader an itch; they must scratch. You can reply to them in many ways like, “Hello, do you know what makes your profile look more graceful?” or “Hey, do you know what makes you more interesting?” This way, you can heat the conversation.

But remember that these questions can sound flirty. So preferably, you should communicate like this with some known person because an unknown person can get some wrong indications from such messages. So you have to be very precautious while sending these types of messages. This is the best way to encourage conversation with some known person, especially your crush.

Ask questions

If you want to continue the conversation, you can reply with a question like, hey, how are you? Or what’s new? Etc. By doing this, you can prolong the conversation. Below are some examples of what type of questions you should ask:-

  • How are you?(How to respond to hey on tinder)

This is the simplest way of answering. At least it will increase the likeliness of getting a lengthy reply from the sender.

  • Hey, what’s up?

This is another way of opening up the way for a long conversation. This question will encourage the reader to tell you the reason which brings you here.

  • What’s popping up?

If the sender is known, you can send this instead of sending the same reply every time. This is an alternative to questions like what are you doing or what’s up? Though this is an alternate, still it’s the best and creative way of replying to a known person.

  • How is everything going?(How to respond to hey on tinder)

If the person is known, you can ask about their life and well-being. You should ask this type of question from a known person because this is a question that sounds friendly.

  • Hey, what are you doing nowadays?

This is a question through which you can gain some information about the sender. It’s a question that you can ask from anyone.

  • What brought you here?(How to respond to Hey on Tinder)

This is a very straightforward question and can sound rude to a stranger. If the sender is your close friend or some known person, you can ask this question to them. But avoid using it while communicating with a stranger.

  • Hello, who’s this?

If ‘hey’ from an unknown person pop’s up, this is the best method to reply. Though it sounds a little formal, this will extend the chat. You can get a little idea about the person from his reply.

  • Do we know each other?(How to respond to hey on Tinder)

This is a direct question asking for the introduction from the sender. Through this question, you can know whether you are already familiar with the person or not.

  • What took you so long? I missed you.

This is the perfect way of messaging a close friend. It will make them feel special. It will tell them how much you love them and how important they are to you.

Explore their profile:-

When a person messages you hey, it becomes pretty much predictable that they are boring. Do not assume that the sender is a boring person. Some people do not know the appropriate way of initiating a chat with someone. So by considering the person boring because he texted you, hey, you are losing a golden opportunity to know that person. It is your ultimate loss because that person can be an exception. Not every person sending hey needs to be boring, so you should at least give them a chance.

So the question is, how will you know whether the person is boring or not?

You can visit the profile of the sender to know whether the other person is boring or not. While you are in between the dilemma of whether you should respond to the other person’s message or not, you can spare some time visiting their profile. Their profile can give a brief idea of their personality. Maybe their profile will change your viewpoint about them. If you find something familiar between you two, then grab your chance and tell them. You can reply to them, hey, I noticed that we both are a foodie.

If you are looking for something serious, then maybe you are at the wrong place. Tinder is a casual dating app, and finding a serious relationship on tinder is all by luck.

Ask about their day:-

Extending a conversation is an art, and not everybody can master that. You should know what to say and when to say it. It would help if you always chose genuine topics for discussion. You can ask about their day. It will help you know their personality and lifestyle. ‘How was your day?’ is a question that is neither too formal nor informal.

There are several ways of saying so; some of them are listed below:

  • How is our day going?
  • Did anything interesting today?
  • How was your day?
  • How are you feeling today?
  • What did you do today?
  • You look upset today?
  • What did you learn today?
  • How was your office today?

Reply with humor (How to Respond to Hey on Tinder)

If you like someone and they messaged you, hey, you can reply to them humorously. Humor can make any conversation interesting. Jokes are the best ice breakers. If you are funny, there is a considerable probability that the person will become comfortable with you in no time and will open up to you. Cracking jokes will also help you in analyzing the compatibility between you two. You will become more likable and approachable if you crack jokes.

You should be very cautious while cracking jokes. Before responding to hey, you should consider that what sort of jokes you should crack. It would be best to be very thoughtful before cracking jokes, as some jokes can be regarded as offensive. If the other person finds your jokes offensive or lame, they will lose interest in you. So it would help if you took care of what you are sending to the other person. Never crack jokes on serious issues like religion, racism, nationality, etc. These are sensitive topics and can hurt anyone. So avoid discussing or cracking jokes on such issues.

If you feel that conversation is boring, you can drive it fun by funny pick-up lines. You are already turned off by the message, hey, but jokes can take the conversation to a crazy end. Remember that your jokes should be decent and below the belt.

Method of Ending Conversation:-

If you feel that you want to end the conversation, you can use the responses listed below:


The most conventional, best, and convenient method of avoiding a conversation is to ignore the message. If the other person is smart, they will get the hint. Ignorance is better than hurting.

Block the person:-

If the person is not picking up the hint and keeps you bothering, you can block that person. This is the best method of ignoring a person. If the person keeps messaging you again and again, then you need to take action. The other persons’ obsession can hurt you and give you mental stress, so it’s better to block the other person. If the person is stalking you or sending you vulgar messages, you should take action against the other person. Ignoring such incidences can create big trouble in the future.

Make an excuse:-

If you do not feel like talking to anyone, you can ignore the message, but you can make excuses if you want to avoid conversation with a particular person. You can make excuses to avoid a conversation. This is a situation that generally happens with a known person or friend.

To avoid communication, you can make several excuses; some of them are as follows:-

  • I am out with friends, will chat later:

This is an excuse you can make if you do not want to hurt other person’s feelings.

  • Late replies:

Late replies are the best method to finish the conversation. You can reply after several hours or even one day; this will automatically hint at them.

  • It’s late:

If you feel that it’s late and is not an appropriate time for messaging you. You can directly tell them. If you think it’s inappropriate for the other person to text you late and you are uncomfortable with it, you can simply tell them it’s pretty late.

  • Going to bed will talk later:

If you feel sleepy and don’t feel like chatting, you can message the person, ‘will talk tomorrow, right now going to sleep.’

  • We will talk later, right now at work:

Nobody wants to ruin your office day by interrupting you in between your work. So if you are at your office, you can reply this.

  • Right now, I don’t feel like talking; talk to you later:

Suppose you are disturbed by some problem or not in a state of mind to get into a conversation, you can send this response to another person.

Cut to the chase:-

If you do not want to waste your time in an unnecessary exchange of messages. You can directly ask the other person about the reason for texting you. Though this sounds rude, it is still a good way of coping up with unwanted messages. It is a very rude way of texting a person, so; you should use this with only close friends. So instead of unnecessary mess, cut to the chase and ask for the reason.

You can ask the reason for contacting you in many ways; some of them are written below:

  • What brought you here?
  • What do you want?
  • What are you looking here for?
  • How can I help you?
  • Is there anything you want from me?

Closing words: –

That was all about “How to respond to hey on tinder.” I hope you find his article useful. At the end of the article, I suggest that maybe hey is a big turn-off for you. But you should never ignore the message. If you ignore the message, you will lose the golden opportunity of finding a genuine relationship. So instead of ignoring the message, reply to them.

You can use any of the above method you are comfortable with and suits best to your situation. Remember that you should send a response according to your relation with the sender. You can drop your suggestions and reviews in the comment section. Kindly drop your feedback for further improvement. Happy Reading!

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