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how to send pictures on tinder

How to send pictures on Tinder?

This article will teach you “How to send pictures on Tinder”. However, there is no official trick for sending pictures on tinder. But you can send pictures on tinder. You need to be a little creative, and this will become effortless for you. We will guide you through the process.

You can easily overcome this problem just by following the guidebook which is in the article. This article will tell you the ways of sending pictures at no cost. The article has all the ways to send pictures on tinder. And if you do not know how to send gifs on tinder, we will also tell you this.

About Tinder

Tinder is a geosocial networking application. It is an online dating app where users swipe right to like it and swipe left to dislike it. This application serves globally. It was founded in the year 2012. A Tinder profile has a short bio, a picture and many other things about the user. From August 21, an ID verification service is available for the users of the application.

Tinder has approx 6.2 million subscribers. In the beginning years of tinder, users could send photographs and gifs to their friends and family. But nowadays, users can not send photos on tinder because users have sent too many NSFW photographs on tinder. Having too many NSFW photographs may be the reason for disabling this tinder feature. But then also, you can send pictures using some tricks, which are here in this article.

How to send pictures on tinder using a link?

Sending pictures on tinder using a link is the easiest trick you can apply if you also want to send photos. However, a user can not send web links in the tinder messages because the algorithm quickly detects a web link. Otherwise, they can report you for these links, and they can also ban you. There is a trick available for the users to send pictures on tinder. It is one of the best and quick ways, and it is also the safest way to send photos.

However, there is no guarantee that the tinder team will not ban your account after applying this trick to your account. Here are the steps following which you will send pictures on time using the links only. You have to place the link, and how you do it is here.

Step 1: You have first to upload the pictures from a well-known sharing website as you can use imgur.com, and there are so many other websites.

Step 2: Choose the picture which you want to send.

Step 3: Click that and select the URL to copy.

Step 4: Copy the URL and paste it into the message section.

Step 5: Before sending the URL link of the picture, you have to type space in the web link copied earlier.

Step 6: Ensure you enter the space after the dots.

Step 7: Press the send button, and it will send it to the user.

The mentioned method is the quickest and the easiest way to send pictures on tinder in the messages. This method will work for you, but you need to be cautious and alert while doing this because the tinder team knows that they can ban your tinder account.

How to send pictures on Tinder iPhone?

Snapchat is a very familiar app for most of us. It is an excellent app if you want to share pictures and, most importantly, an embarrassing image of yours. The best part users like about the Snapchat application is that the photographs are available for other users briefly. Tinder is so similar to Snapchat in some factors, but on the other hand, it slightly differs from the Snapchat application. For example, Snapchat has the feature of deleting a picture itself after a specific time.

But on the other hand, tinder does not have this feature. You will understand this concept after following these steps. Follow these steps, and you will have a brief idea of the concept.

Step 1: Go to your profile first.

Step 2: Press the add media option then.

Step 3: Using this add media option, only send the pictures to your user match on the tinder app.

Note: Only your match can see the photographs. Not everybody will be able to see your picture.

Step 4: It is useless to send a picture to a match you do not know properly. If you also do not want to send the picture without knowing him well, you can do so.

Step 5: Ensure that you trust the person you are sending the picture to on the tinder app.

Step 6: Ask him to check the profile and to give him a surprise.

Step 7: Once he sees the photography, you may delete the photo from there.

Where to send gifs on tinder?

It is for the knowledge that a person can not send the pictures on the tinder application as tinder does not have this feature. However, tinder has an option to send gifs to their friends. A user can share any gifs with other users. You do not need to force any tip or trick to send gifs to people on tinder. A regular user may find this very entertaining as it includes too many funny images or gifs. The steps on how to send gifs to people on tinder are as follows.

Step 1: Install the tinder application from the play store.

Step 2: Search for the tinder application by typing tinder in the search box.

Step 3: Choose the user chat with whom you want to share the gifs.

Step 4: Now, look at the bottom screen and just beside the chat area, you will see a blue circle. Click on that blue circle.

Step 5: After tapping on the blue circle. You will have a list of options from which you can choose.

Step 6: Select which gif you would like to send to the user.

Step 7: After selecting the gif. Click on that gif.

Step 8: After that, press the send button. It will send it to the user then.

Note: A Tinder user has millions of gifs to choose from, and tinder is also in a partnership with the giphy gif. If you like, then you can search for the gif database also.

What are the ways to upload a picture to your tinder profile?

This method is not as risky as copying and pasting the web link. But it may look tricky to you. Do not worry, and try this out once. It is an incredible way to send a picture I’m tinder. Sharing an image as your profile is the next way you can send a photo on tinder.

However, sending a picture on the profile is somewhere hectic. You should know that tinder has increased the number of profile pictures. So you can upload as many as you can. Using this method, you get one more place where you can upload a photo of yours. The steps are as follows.

Step 1: Choose a picture you want to upload.

Step 2: Edit before uploading it as your profile.

Step 3: Send it by pressing the sending arrow.

Step 4: Inform the other user to see your profile.

However, it is not a very quick method, but you can surely try this out.

Tinder hacks

All the above methods will work for you, but these are not the smoothest ways to send pictures on the tinder application. You can not send funny fixtures using these ways. However, you can try all these. It may help you out. Because it does not have the features to send pictures, you can apply a hack.

Just take any contact information of the user on tinder, say whatsApp. Contact the user on WhatsApp, and then you can share pictures on the platform using other social media. Using different platforms to send images is a hack that generally works for people. However, tinder does not allow its users to send pictures over the application.

Frequently asked questions about how to send pictures on tinder.

  • Is there any official way to send pictures on tinder?

To your knowledge, there is no official way to send pictures on tinder. However, there are some tips and tricks which you can use for sending pictures. These tricks and the information are above in the article, and a detailed description is here.

  • Can a user send a gif on tinder?

Yes, officially, it is possible to send gifs on tinder. You have to visit the chat conversation area of your match. After opening the chat, you have to see the bottom area of your window screen. You have to click on the gif icon, which will be present just beside the chat area. Using that icon, you can see and search for gifs of your choice. After choosing the gif you want to select, you have to click that and tap on the send option.

  • Can you take a screenshot on the tinder app?

If a user wants to take a screenshot on the tinder application, then the user can easily do this. It has a feature for th screenshots, and tinder allows its users to take screenshots.

Final words

Tinder is a successful- known dating application where million I’d users make their profiles and find their matches. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you may write them down below in the comments section.

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