November 30, 2023
How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Texting a girl on Snapchat is a different experience than in person. Before texting a girl on Snapchat, you need to understand some basic things and rules of conduct. And if you are a guy who becomes quite shy when talking to girls, this simple task becomes a huge challenge for you. If you are looking for conversation starters with a girl on Snapchat, you are at the correct place. In this article, I will be discussing “how to start a conversation with a girl on snapchat.”

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How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Adding you on Snapchat is not a hint

Firstly, get this thing straight into your head that if she adds you on her Snapchat, it does not mean that she is interested in you. So don’t take it as a hint. Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows its users to send short videos or photos called snaps. The specialty of the snap is that they disappear once they are viewed. This is an exciting feature of Snapchat.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Choose your words wisely

Secondly, texting a girl on Snapchat is way different from talking to her in real life. So it can be a nerve-racking task. You need to maintain a primary line of decency while sending messages to her. You have to be very cautious while choosing your words. Words play a significant role in transmitting your feelings to another person. You have to choose your words wisely; choosing wrong words can negatively impact the receiver. So you have to be very thoughtful while opting for words. You have to be very particular about your text and make sure that it does contain any double meaning. Words are the game changer, so if you want to become a pro in texting, then you have to master the art of choosing the right words.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Snapchat is more than text

Snapchat is not just about messages. People share pictures and photos of what they are doing with other people on the snap. So while sending a snap to a girl, make sure that the snaps you are sending to her are genuine. Never cross the basic rules of conduct and maintain a safe boundary between friendly snaps and vulgar snaps. Do not send her nude photos of yours or any other sexual content. You can send her snaps of activities you do to attract her.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Do not use absurd or sexual language

As I told you earlier, words are the game-changer, so whatever you write is who you are. Do not use any sexual language while texting a girl on Snapchat. You need to keep in mind that she has never met you before. So if you will use sexual language in your text, you may scare her unintentionally. Using such language can give a creepy impression of yours. You should always start a conversation on neutral topics. You can find common grounds between you two through her snaps. Initiating conversation with absurd topics will bore her and can be a big turn-off.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Be humorous, not vulgar

Jokes and funny pick-up lines are a savior when it comes to initiating a conversation. Jokes are something that makes you more likable and approachable. But there is a fragile boundary between jokes and vulgarity. Cracking lame jokes are tolerable, but double-meaning jokes or sexual jokes are not at all funny for a random girl on Snapchat. But double-meaning jokes can turn the tables, and you may end up acting like a creep in front of her.

So these were all the essential things you should keep in mind while texting a girl on Snapchat. You are aware of what to say and what not to say while texting a girl on Snapchat. So now let’s begin the discussion on “How to start a conversation with a girl on snapchat.”

You cannot directly text a girl on Snapchat. You should send her snaps so that your text does not come out of the blue to her. If she sees your snaps, it means that at least she knows your name. So remember that you should never text a girl directly. There are different phases of texting a girl. Firstly you should send her your snaps to create a background so that your message does not come out of nowhere.

Phase 1: How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: Prepare a background for conversation

If you do not want your text to get ignored, you should first create a conversation background. There are certain things you should keep in mind, and they are listed below:-

1. Add her to your Snapchat

Firstly, you need to add her to your Snapchat. For adding her on Snapchat, you need to either have her phone no. or Snapchat code. If you don’t have any of them, you can still find her on the friend list of mutual friends. For adding a girl to your Snapchat, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly, open Snapchat on your phone.
  • Now, click on the ghost icon at the top of the screen.
  • Next, select the option of add friends.
  • Lastly, add her to your Snapchat through contact no. or Snapchat code.

If you do not want to look like a despo, don’t follow her on multiple platforms like Snapchat, tinder, facebook, etc. If you do so, it will make you look desperate.

2. Send her casual snaps

Once you add her to your Snapchat, you can start by sending snaps to her. But don’t rush into it; otherwise, you will look like an eager beaver in front of him. After adding her on your Snapchat, wait for a few days, send your first snap after two to three days. Now you can snap her on consecutive days. Always snap casual things like a picture of your dog, snap of jogging in the park, your homework, etc. Once you become regular with sending snaps to her, she will expect to hear from you. You should be consistent with sending snaps to her as this will bring you to her notice.

3. Gradually increase the frequency of your snaps

Casual snapping will let you know about her taste, choice, and habits. Once you feel that she is noticing you through her snaps, increase the frequency of your snaps. Sending her mount of snaps at one time can be a turn-off. So you can snap her frequently when you feel that she is watching your snaps. If she responds to your snap, it means that she is interested in chatting with you. So take the hint and make the deal happen. But remember that don’t make your expectations too high; maybe she is being nice to you.

4. How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat – Try to start a natural conversation

Once she starts responding to your frequent casual snaps, you can level up the conversation. Try to create a natural conversation. Do not start discussing unnecessary topics. You can question about the stuff she sends you a snap. This will create a good impression of yours. It will show that you are listening to her and your interest in chatting with her. This way you can get to know a lot about her. And who knows, maybe she gets the hint and takes over the stage by messaging you first.

5. Avoid getting so formal as well as friendly

If you do not want to get ignored, do not use too much formal language in your message. Messages like how are you? Or what are you doing?; won’t grab her attention and will get ignored. Neither use a formal language nor over-friendly language. If you use overfriendly language, she may find you weird as she doesn’t know anything about you. If you do not want to get ignored, then you should send unique snaps and messages. Howdy with cowboy hat picture will attract her attention immediately. So you have to be creative and unique to grab her attention.

Phase 2: Level up the conversation

As she is aware of your existence and knows about your choices, you are all set to level up the conversation. This is the part of the second phase; follow the below-given method to boost up your conversation:-

1. Look for common things between both of you

You can start a genuine and healthy conversation on the things which both of you like. Find about her hobbies, likes, and dislikes to know about the things you have in common. If you find anything in common, then convey this to her. Try to build a conversation on those topics. There are many things that can be common like you can have the same taste in music, book, TV show or sports, etc

2. Tell about your day

You can tell her about your day through snaps. This is like a picture story where you send her a snap and tell her how your day was. It’s a very effective way of engaging someone in conversation. You can take a snap of the places and activities you are doing and then send it to her. In your snaps, try to show her how your day was, how things changed throughout the day, etc.

3. Don’t forget to comment on her Snapchat stories

You should snap once in a while when you are casually snapping things to her. When you increase the frequency of your snaps, also increase the number of your comments. Don’t throw unnecessary humor while commenting on her Snapchat stories. Your comments should be contextual and related to her story. Never comment on things that are entirely out of context; it will make you look idiot and weird. If she has posted the story of her pet, you can comment, this is the cutest thing I have seen today or ask for the pet’s name.

4. Try to create room for Conversation

You need to create opportunities for conversation. You need to send her a snap of stuff you like so that whenever she sees that thing, it reminds her of you. You can send her the snap of your favorite song. It increases the possibility that when she listens to that song, she will send you a snap. You can send her a snap of your favorite food, book animal, car, etc. You can send her the snaps of things which are common in both of you. All these methods will help you create room for conversation.

5. Do not take snap so seriously

Snapchat is an app that people use for fun. Usually, nobody takes Snapchat so seriously. And because of this reason, several snaps remain unseen. So in case, someone ignores your snap, don’t take this to your heart. If you are busy, then it is not necessarily crucial for you to respond to snap. You can also ignore the snap if you are busy and don’t feel like responding.

Phase 3: Make full use of Platform

As I said earlier, Snapchat is more than messages. Snapchat is known for its camera and filter; you can use all the exciting features of Snapchat to make the conversation going and interesting. You can use the following features for making conversation interesting:-

1. Use filters to look funny

Humor can take the conversation to the next level. You can add humor to the conversation by trying out the funny filters of Snapchat. There are plenty of audio and visual filters you can use to create a humorous snap. You can access the filter by tapping and holding the camera mode. You can experience the new filters released by Snapchat regularly. You can look more entertaining with the help of Snapchat filters.

2. Take advantage of streak

If you snap daily, you will eventually build a streak. It means that if both of you snap each other daily, you will automatically develop a streak. Streak is an automatic feature of Snapchat, and there is a considerable possibility like other Snapchat users; she also wants to keep the streak alive. If she wants to keep the streak alive, this will increase your chances of talking with her. You can easily build a streak by increasing the frequency of the snaps.

3. Maintain some decency

You need to create some boundaries and respect the other persons’ boundaries while sending a text or a video. It would be best if you learned about differentiating between appropriate and inappropriate photos and videos. Try not to overstep the other person’s boundaries. Maybe it is quite comfortable and convenient for you to walk around shirtless, but it can be disrespectful for others. If you send inappropriate pictures or videos to someone on Snapchat, then it will revoke your account. So you should always maintain decency by respecting the boundaries of the other person.

4. Use link feature to impress her

For adding a link in your snap, tap on the paperclip icon on the right side of your screen. It will allow you to add links of memes, videos, blogs, songs, etc. You can add memes, websites, and more with the help of this feature. If you have just snapped her picture of something she wants to buy, you can add the link to the website from where she can buy the product.

5. Shock her with your voice

You can take full advantage of Snapchat voice filters to leave a great impression on her. Snapchat voice filters can change the pitch of your voice. With the help of filters, you can sound high-pitched and cute, low-pitched and robust like a robot, and many more with voice filters. You can access this filter by tapping on the speaker icon at the lower-left side of the screen.

We have done an extensive discussion on different phases of starting a conversation with a girl on Snapchat. Moving on with the topic “How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat,” let’s talk about the best conversation openers for leaving a great impression on the other person.

What do you think can be a good conversation opener? Most people use hey, hi, or hello as conversation openers but is it the correct approach? Words like hi, hey, hello sound more formal and are the worst conversation openers. Now the question arises how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat? What are the best conversation openers?

First of all, keep in mind that you should always choose a different approach for a known and unknown girl. Doing so is entirely logical. Using text like hey, hello can be a good option for chatting with an unknown girl. But if you use the same conversation opener for a known person, you will definitely sound boring. So the way you approach the other person impacts their answer and opinion.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat – who is known to you

Starting a conversation with a girl who knows you in real life is relatively easier as compared to an unknown girl. If you know a girl in real life, the best way to approach the girl is in person. It will make you look more confident. For example, if you see a girl regularly in your workplace or college, school, etc., you can directly approach her. However, doing the same in the case of a girl who does not meet you regularly or has connected with you after a long time is a bad idea. In case of such girl, you should firstly add her on your snap. Once you add her on your snap, firstly introduce yourself.

Tell her about yourself; you can take the idea from the below-given samples:-

  • Hey, John here from chemistry class. Mam always praises you for your lab experiments. How do you manage all this?
  • Hi beautiful, this is Mike. We met in the park today, remember me?
  • Hello, Sam here, we met on Maria’s anniversary.
  • Hi, Shan here, I hope you remember me we met at Ishani’s birthday party.

You can take references from the above-given samples. Remember that it is vital to introduce yourself first if you have a different name in your Snapchat Id.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat – who is unknown to you

It is very tricky to initiate a conversation with an unknown girl. It gets very confusing what to text? You spend hours thinking about that one perfect message but don’t know what to say. If you are facing the same situation, then this article is at your rescue.

For initiating a conversation with an unknown girl clickbait method is the best. You can start the conversation with a question like, hey, howdy?

Starting a conversation with an unknown girl is a tough nut to crack. So, in my opinion, for starting a conversation with an unknown girl on Snapchat, one should use the formal method. You can use the above-given tips to make the conversation more exciting and meaningful.All you have to take care of is your words. Use your words consciously; they can be a game-changer. You have to be very smart while choosing the words as you don’t want to sound absurd or vulgar.

How to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat: who showed interest in you

Initiating conversation with a girl who added you on Snapchat is comparatively easy then-unknown girl. If a girl added you on Snapchat, she is a little bit interested in you, so get the hint and grab your chance. Though it is a good indication, you still have to be wise and take the lead because such girls are too shy to message first.

Enquire about your common friends

You can start a conversation with such girls by asking them about your common connections. You can ask the girl about your familiar friends, for instance:

  • Hey, are you friend with Samantha?
  • Hello, I didn’t know we both are friends of John. How do you know him?
  • Hi, I was wondering that how do you know Ashley?

Ask her how she knows you

Secondly, you can ask her how she knows you. This is something you should definitely ask her. You can use the below-given samples for doing so:

  • Hey, I saw you on my friend list, but I am not sure if we know each other.
  • Hello, do we know each other?
  • Hi, I am James. I don’t think we met.
  • Do you know me?

Chat with her through story

The best way to initiate a conversation with a girl is to comment on her Snapchat story. Remember that your comment should be contextual. Your comment should be practical and long. It should consist of more than one word. You can use the following sample comments:-

  • This looks interesting.
  • This bag is lit; where did you get it from?
  • Aww, your dog is cute; what is his name?
  • Your cat is so pretty; which breed is it?
  • It looks like you are a pro in diving. Can you tell me your favorite places for diving?

In the end, there are a few things you should keep in mind while flirting on Snapchat

Don’t invest so much energy on Snapchat

Plenty of girls use Snapchat just for fun or time pass. Finding a serious relationship on Snapchat is very hard. Snapchat is an app that people prefer just for fun or filters. There are plenty of girls who use Snapchat for filters only. So while chatting with a girl on Snapchat, you should never invest too much energy or emotions in the app.

Don’t expect a reply

There are a number of girls who use Snapchat for filters only. So if you have sent a snap to a girl, you should never expect a reply from her. There is a huge possibility that she is using the app for filters only. There are so many boys who get angry when they don’t get a reply. So don’t spoil your mood for such a small thing.If you are looking for a serious relationship or you want to date a girl. Then, you should use dating apps instead of Snapchat.

Closing words

That was all about “how to start a conversation with a girl on Snapchat?” I expect you will find this article interesting and valuable. For further improvement, you can drop your feedback and reviews in the comment section. In the end, I would say that Snapchat isn’t for serious relationships. If you are looking for a serious relationship on snap chat, then you are at the wrong place. I hope you had a good time reading the article. Wish you happy reading!

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