November 30, 2023
Ice breakers for Tinder

Ice breakers for Tinder

Ice breakers for Tinder: Wondering what to say on Tinder, initiating a conversation is the most difficult thing for the majority of people. Some people try to be flirty, some try to be simple, and some try to be funny. Different people have different assumptions for initiating conversation on Tinder. But the truth is that nobody knows the perfect method of initiating a conversation after getting matched on Tinder. It is because different people have different ways of responding. For example, some people consider hey a good conversation starter.

On the other hand, some find it boring, so there is nothing like perfect ice breakers. You should try a different approach with different people and see what works for you. We all know that the first impression is the last impression, and your first message will be your first impression.

On Tinder, you have to be very patient about getting a suitable date for yourself, and choosing the wrong ice breaker will ruin the whole thing. In this article, I will be discussing some best possible ice breakers for Tinder. So without wasting further time, let’s dive into the discussion.

Below we are providing you with some best ice breakers for Tinder, complemented with some useful tips that will be a savior for you in initiating conversation on Tinder.

Best Ice breakers for Tinder

1. Start formally

Starting a conversation formally is the best way if you are completely unknown to other people. Formal ice breakers are safe because the person on the other end will never interpret them with double meaning jokes or cliché romance. The majority of people find formal ice breakers decent and gentle.

On the other hand, there are a few who consider the same boring. Even if the other person on the chat finds formal ice breakers boring, they will hint at you, so you need to get the hint and drive the conversation to a crazy end. You can use these ice breakers with an unknown person or with the person you are getting in touch with after a long time.

  • Hey, how are you?
  • Hello, how was your day?
  • Hi, do we know each other?
  • Hello, it’s Kelvin. How are you?
  • Hey, how is your life going?
  • Hello, looks like you are looking here for something, would you mind telling me?
  • Hi, what are you up to right now?
  • Hey, what kept you awake right now?
  • Hey, I guess you are a student, at which university do you go?
  • Hey, your face looks familiar to me. Have we ever met?
  • Hi, is there any chance we know each other?

2. Humour is always at rescue – Ice breakers for Tinder

You started your conversation formally, but now you feel that the other person is getting bored. Humour is the best way to escape such a situation. Everyone loves spending time with people who have a good sense of humor. So if you think the other person is getting bored of telling you about them, take the conversation to a crazy drive. Being funny is something that makes you more attractive and approachable.

For developing an emotional connection with someone, you need to build an emotional continuum that can build through a heart-to-heart conversation with the other person. It is only possible when the other person is interested in continuing the conversation. If you want the other person to continue, the chats then switch to some funny topics.

  • Hi, after visiting your profile, I knew it, it’s going to be a match.
  • Hello, your dad is in the police right. I hope he doesn’t arrest me for sneaking into his daughter’s DM.
  • Ding dong……. Is there anyone at the other end?
  • Hey, you look like the girl I dream of every night.
  • Knock knock, open the door!
  • Hey, howdy?
  • You puked on me last night.
  • Hey, I guess you have a guest in your profile.
  • My vibe matches with you, and so does our tinder profile.
  • Astalavista!
  • Hey, will you go to Howard with me?
  • I think we both like the same person and it’s you.
  • Hey, I am hot; what about you?
  • Hi, I am a nerd looking for others, and then we will build an empire of nerds. What do you think how’s the plan?
  • Hey, I think you get someone more loyal than your dog.

3. Go for a clickbait

Now you must be wondering, what is the hell is clickbait? Clickbait is a way of communication where you initiate a conversation with a question. If you think the other person will not reply to your text or ignore your text, clickbait is the best ice breaker. It would be best to ask them a random question that you know they will definitely answer.

It is like giving someone an itch; they will definitely scratch. So you have to initiate the conversation with topics they will definitely respond to. You can get an idea of their taste, interest, hobbies, etc., from their profile. After visiting their profile, you will get an idea of issues they will respond to.

Ice breakers for Tinder – Ice breackers that really works

  • Hey, are you from Sahara?
  • Hello, tipsy.
  • Hey, can you solve this maths problem?
  • You will make my geography strong.
  • Say hello to Kelvin from my side.
  • Hey, I feel awkward. What about you?
  • Hello, I am ugly. What about you?
  • Hey, can you get me into your college?
  • Hi, wanna sneak into the boy’s hostel?
  • Hey, when will you take your dog from my home?
  • Hi, can you give me your history notes?
  • Hey, have you ever been to Disney?

Random questions

Random questions are good ice breakers for Tinder. Remember that the person on the other end of the conversation will only reply to you if your ice breaker is interesting. If you want a reply back from the other person, you should ask genuine questions from the other person. If the questions you ask are genuine, the other person will reply to you.

Here are some sample questions you can take reference from:-

  • Hi, seeing your profile, I think you love hiking. Can you suggest to me some best hiking places during winter?
  • Hello, do you read books?
  • Hey, your profile tells that you are a research scholar. What is the topic of your research?
  • Hi, you look like a dog lover. I was looking for a dog for adoption. Can you help me out?
  • Hello, which book are you reading right now?
  • Hi, what’s your weekend plan?
  • Hey, would you mind sharing the name of your favorite book?
  • Hi, it looks like you have great taste in music. Can you share your playlist with me?
  • Oh, hello, it’s not fair to steal someone’s heart. Can you ask your dog to return my heart?
  • Important things to keep in your mind while texting someone:-
  • It would be best if you kept a few things in your mind while texting someone for the first time. Here I am listing some of them which I believe are important.

Ice breakers for Tinder: Make a good choice of words

Wrong words can ruin your impression. You have to be very careful while using your words as they define your personality. In the previous articles also I have explained the importance of choosing correct words. If you have a wrong choice of words, it will give a negative impression of yours to the person on the other end of the conversation. Good words can present you as a gentleman, while bad words can present you as creepy and a pervert.

Humour and vulgar are different

Humour and vulgarity are two different things, and you need to demarcate the boundary between the two. You can be funny, but you should take care not to crack lame and vulgar jokes. Lame jokes are still acceptable, but vulgar jokes are not at all acceptable; they can be very offensive. Make sure that you don’t jump the basic line of decency. Vulgar jokes will create a creepy impression of yours on the other person, and nobody likes to bond with a creepy person. So if you don’t want to sound creepy and pervert, avoid vulgar and double-meaning jokes.

Avoid out of context questions and topics

Don’t ask and discuss out-of-context questions and topics. For example, asking for help in maths questions from a B. Tech student is relevant but asking the same from someone who studies politics is completely out of the blue. It would be best always to discuss genuine and relevant questions; asking pointless questions or non-contextual questions will present you as a fool.

Avoid discussing sensitive topics

Never discuss sensitive topics like religion, racism, politics, etc., on dating sites like Tinder. It will ruin the whole conversation. I recommend this because people have different opinions, which may clash, creating an unnecessary fuss. Maybe your opinions can hurt the other person’s sentiments. So I will mandatorily recommend you avoid discussing sensitive topics on Tinder. Tinder is a fun dating app, so use it for fun; you can discuss such topics when you build a strong connection with the other person. Discussing such topics at the initial stage of conversation can ruin the whole spark.

Closing words

In the article, I tried to suggest to you some best ice breakers for Tinder. I hope you find this article exciting and useful. Thank you for coming this far, and if you have come along at the end of the article, don’t forget to share your reading experience in the comment section. You can ask your queries in the comments, and you can also drop your reviews and feedback in the comment section for further improvement. Happy reading!

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