November 30, 2023
Tinder desktop

Tinder desktop – How to use Tinder on Desktop?

Tinder desktop: To meet people online with similar interests then Tinder is a great option. We all are aware that Tinder is an online dating platform. But, now you can access this platform online on your PC. New users can create their profiles using their Facebook account or phone number.

Tinder provides both Desktop and Mobile phone experiences for its users, and an individual can access this online dating platform anytime, anywhere. There are two ways to use Tinder, one of them is free, and another is subscription-based. Since the pandemic, people have seemed more interested in online dating. While using Tinder, you get to decide whether to like or dislike someone.

To like a profile appearing on your swiping deck, you need to swipe right, and to show chat you aren’t interested, you can swipe left. If you want to know more about the Tinder Desktop version, keep reading as we will thoroughly discuss it further in this article.

About Tinder

Tinder is the most popularly known online dating application. Currently, it has more than 75 million monthly active users. It was founded in 2012 by Sean Rad. Its headquarters are in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. This online dating app is available worldwide, and you can install it on your mobile phone by hovering over to the Play Store or iOS store. Before using this app, you need to make an account.

After that, you can anonymously swipe “Right” to like a profile and “left” to dislike. Later, when you find a match on Tinder, you can start a conversation. Users can use Tinder for free, but if they think it isn’t working in their favor, they can turn to subscriptions. There are three main plans available that are Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. The prices of each plan are different, and so feature.

What is Tinder Desktop?

Tinder Desktop aims to make this online dating platform accessible to maximum people to use anytime, anywhere. We all know that dating platforms such as BeNaughty or Ashley Madison solely focus on hookups, and other apps like eharmony are best known for finding serious relationships. However, Tinder is an appropriate platform that serves both purposes.

Some two years back, Tinder launched the web version or app that is suitable for computers. That means you can access Tinder not only on Mobile phones but on Desktops or laptops as well. If you want to install or access the Tinder Desktop app, then follow along and keep reading.

How to install and download a Tinder Desktop app?

To access the Tinder Desktop version, you have two options. Once you get Tinder on your PC, you can create your account. If you already have an account on this platform, you can directly login, and you don’t have to create another account. Here are two methods that would help you access Tinder on your Desktop.

Use Android Emulator

Using an Android Emulator can run the full Tinder app on your Desktop. You can use the Bluestack Emulator to run Android Apps on Desktop or Laptop. It is a reliable tool that would help you to use Tinder on your PC.

First, you need to install the Bluestacks on your PC, and once the installation process completes, you need to launch Bluestacks. After that, download the Tinder APK file from the internet. Now, drag and drop the APK file to Bluestacks. Double click on the file to start the installation on Emulator. Finally, launch Tinder and now click on the Tinder icon on the screen to use it.

Use Tinder on the Web

If you don’t want to install the Tinder app on your PC, you have one more option. You can use Tinder on the web browser. Using an app on the browser eliminates the installation process. To access Tinder on the web browser, all you have to do is type in the search bar. If you are new to Tinder, then you must create an online account. To know more about how Tinder Desktop works, stay tuned.

How does Tinder Desktop work?

Using an app on the Desktop has its perks. Similarly, Tinder Desktop enhances a user’s experience by providing all the mobile features on their PC. Go to to use Tinder for Web. This web version of Tinder covers those students who don’t have mobile phones. Now, they can create their online dating profile within minutes on PC. If you are wondering how does this Tinder Desktop version works then, take a look at the following factors –


The chatting window in the Tinder Mobile app covers the whole screen and shows all the messages you have sent and received. So, if you want to see profiles of your prospective matches, you need to shut down the chatting Window. But unlike the mobile app version, the Tinder web version lets you access chats and profiles simultaneously.

You can chat with your match while looking at their profile and photos. It makes it easy to take references from your Matched profile while talking to them. Check out the right side screen, and you will see your Tinder match profile. It will make your chatting easier, faster, and enjoyable.


You will still have the general swipe right and left feature available on the Desktop. However, the Swiping would be a little bit different. You can’t swipe profile as you swipe on mobile because most PCs are not touchscreen. Instead of swiping, a user can click or drag the profiles according to their preference. You can use keyboard shortcuts to swipe and other actions.

  • Rightward Arrow – Like
  • Leftward Arrow – Dislike
  • Upwards Arrow – Open Profile
  • Downwards Arrow – Close Profile
  • Enter bar – Super Like
  • Space bar – Next Photo

You can use these keys to perform specific commands. It will seem difficult at first, but later you will get used to it.


When we open an app or its web version, Layout is the first thing that we notice. The Tinder PC version is slightly different from the mobile. The screen of the Desktop one is larger than the Mobile version. The bigger screen enables users to multitask, but the mobile screen lets you focus on one thing.

You will see the left part of the screen consists of all the Conversations and the right side of the screen has a swiping deck. Tinder mobile app doesn’t provide the chat outlook while swiping through the profile. You can either swipe profiles or visit the inbox.


Tinder took advantage of the large PC screen and drew attention to user photos. Users’ photo appears comparatively larger than it appears on mobile. Users’ photos are more important while using Tinder as it is the first thing that your prospective user notices. Additionally, you will see the photo of the person the whole time during your conversation.

The chatting Window appears right beside the photos. Looking at the profile while talking to the version will give you more ideas to make your conversation interesting. Tinder on the web works just as it works on mobile, but the main difference is the screen. The larger screen and non-touchscreen features turn the way of using it.

How to Sign Up on Tinder Desktop?

You have three options while creating an account on the Tinder Desktop version. To create the account, you can use your Gmail Account, Facebook Account, or Phone Number. You can use either option to sign up and access Tinder on the browser, and sign up. Follow the instructions mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the browser on your PC, and search for

Step 2: You will find the “Create Account” option in the middle of the home screen. Tap on it.

Step 3: A box will pop up with sign-up options. If you want to log in with your Google Account, click on “Login with Google.”

Step 4: To explore more options to sign up, click on “more options”

Step 5: It will show all the options you have to create an account on Tinder.

Step 6: Click on “Login with Facebook” to sign up with your Facebook account.

Step 7: It will navigate you to the new window to enter your Facebook login credentials.

Enter your email address and password in the respective fields. After that, tap on the login button appearing at the bottom. It will navigate you back to Tinder. The benefit of using a Facebook or Gmail Account to create a Tinder account is that it automatically fills in some of your required details.

Additionally, if you want to create an account with your phone number, you need to tap on “Login with Phone Number.” Now, a box asking for your Mobile number will appear on your desktop screen. Enter your mobile number and then hit the Continue button to proceed.

Verify your number and then complete your profile by providing all the required details. You can create your account using any of the given ways. As long as you have a valid account or phone number, you won’t get stuck while creating a Tinder account.

Is Tinder on Mobile Different from Tinder Desktop?

Yes, Tinder on Mobile is slightly different from using. However, the features on both devices are the same. Instead of swiping through profiles, you need to click or type. It might be time-consuming at first, but later you will get used to it. The possibility of using the Keyboard makes the user experience pleasant. You will have a chat window appearing along with the swiping deck to see prospective matches profiles. It helps users to check out the profile and chat at the same time.

What are the perks of using Tinder Desktop?

All the basic features of Tinder are available on its web version. But a couple of things are presented differently. There are a couple of advantages and disadvantages to using Tinder on the Desktop. Swiping through a profile is effortless on the Mobile app, but it will relatively take time to swipe on Desktop.

A user has two options to access Tinder on Desktop: using it on the web and downloading the app with the help of Android Emulator. If you are wondering whether or not to switch from mobile to Desktop version of Tinder, you should know the following points.


A few years back, Tinder released its web version. Not everyone has the phone to download the app. Tinder on the web enables a user to use Tinder on Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet. Nowadays, every other person uses a smartphone, but it isn’t the case in every country.

So, those who don’t have a mobile phone to download the app but still want to use the Tinder online dating app can access it on the browser. Go to the browser and search for to easily use Tinder on your Desktop.


The different layouts and features might trouble you at first. But after that, you will find it easy to use Tinder on the browser. The web version of Tinder is accessible to anyone whether you have a phone or not. You can create your account using your other accounts, such as Gmail or Facebook.

When you use Tinder on your PC, you can answer the Frequently asked questions comparatively faster than mobile. Viewing a profile on the other side of the screen and chatting simultaneously enables you to make your conversation interesting by pulling up the things they are enthusiastic about while talking.

The Big Screen

Would you consider watching a movie on a big screen or a smaller one? The bigger one is your choice, I know. So, while using Tinder on Desktop, you can see the photos or profile of your prospective match bigger. However, these pictures appear smaller on your mobile screen.

Other than that, Tinder took advantage of having a spacious screen and put both chatting Window and swiping deck alongside. It will help you to multitask and make your conversation more impactful. One of the best perks of Tinder Desktop is that you don’t have to switch tabs. You will be able to see the details of the people more closely and chat at the same time.

Meet more People

Tinder is an online dating platform where you meet a lot of people. It doesn’t matter whether you use it on a browser or mobile. The whole purpose of using this platform is to meet people who have the same interests as yours. We have got a lot of options to meet new people on the internet. Tinder has a large family of more than 75 million monthly active users.

How to make a Tinder Desktop Profile better?

Your online profile speaks more about you than any other thing. There are a lot of factors that affect your online profile, whether it’s on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or Tinder. We know that Tinder Desktop offers you a bigger screen as compared to mobile.

A bigger screen draws more attention to the details of the profile. Other than that, the profile is the first thing any other user would notice, and then they will decide whether to swipe left or right. That’s why we recommend you create your profile attentively. Here are some factors you should consider before creating your Tinder profile –

A Good Profile Photo

The first and foremost thing to make a good profile on Tinder is your profile photo. Please don’t mistake using a selfie as your Tinder profile picture—upload one of your best photographs instead. Your profile photo is the gateway to making an impression on your potential matches.

Make sure your first impression doesn’t mess things up for your prospective matches. If you upload a bad or unattractive profile picture, then there are chances that it would ruin the interest of other people in you. So, we recommend you upload your best photo.

Write your Bio amazingly

As mentioned earlier, your profile is the gateway for a person to take a glimpse into your life. So, you should make efforts to create as good as possible. If a person seems interested in you, he will land on your profile and look for more information about you. If you fail to write a good bio on your profile, it can reduce your chances of getting a match. Tinder provides space for users to write more details about themselves. It will appear on their profile.

Spend time swiping

Make sure you are spending enough time on Tinder to get the desired results. Checking your profile after months can impact your performance and like rate as well. There are millions of people on Tinder who are looking for a partner or match. So, you must be active on Tinder to get matches. Before swiping through profiles, you must complete your profile.

Send Super Likes

Tinder has a lot of unique features, and one of them is Super Like. You can purchase the package of super likes, or you can access them from subscription plans. Tinder has three subscription plan options. The prices and features of each plan are different.

Every week, you will get five super likes if you subscribe to the Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum plan. Don’t waste your super likes on someone that is out of your range. When you super like someone, your profile appears in their card stacks with a blue border and star. It highlights that you super liked them.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Q.1) can you use tinder on your computer?

Yes, you can use Tinder on the computer. To access Tinder on your computer, you have two options. One of them is using an Android Emulator, and another is using Tinder on a web browser.

Q.2) Is there a web version of Tinder?

Yes, the web version of Tinder is accessible by typing in the browser’s search bar. You need to create your account first if you are a new user. However, if you have used Tinder before, you can log in to your account using your credentials.

Q.3) Can I use Tinder on my Laptop?

An individual can use the Tinder web version on Laptop, Desktop, and Tablet. You might find the layout of the Tinder Desktop version different, and to use it, you must know the keyboard shortcut keys. Scroll back up and see how the Tinder Desktop version works.

Q.4) Can I use Tinder on the Desktop without installing it?

Yes, you can use Tinder without installing it on your Desktop. For that, you will have to go to the official portal of Tinder by typing in the browser. Login to Tinder using your credentials. If you don’t have a Tinder account, then you can use your Facebook account or mobile number to create an account.

Final Words

That was all about Tinder Desktop and how you can use it. We have thoroughly discussed Tinder Desktop and how you can install it on your PC. If you have any problem creating an account online, then scroll back up and take a close look at the instructions mentioned earlier in this article.

You can create your Tinder account using your phone number, Facebook account, or Gmail account as well. I hope you liked this article and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to share them with us. You can drop your suggestive words in the comment section. We would be delighted to hear from our readers.

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