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Tinder icons

Tinder icons – How to Use?

Tinder icons – This blog will provide you guidance for using the Tinder application easily. If You want ro make an understanding of Tinder icons, you have come on the right path. Before using the Tinder application, you should know everything about Tinder, and we are going to tell you everything about Tinder in this article. You will learn the meaning and use of each symbol and icon that Tinder has. You will be able to learn all the uses of various icons present there for your use.

About Tinder

Tinder is a very famous dating application. It is a geosocial networking application. It has a swipe feature that attracts the attention of the users towards itself. A user can swipe right to like a profile and can swipe left to dislike a profile.

A Tinder profile consists of a short and small bio, interests, pictures, etc. It has a feature known as common connections, which allows users to see whether they share a common friend on the app or not. The application also makes a list of friends with whom they may have connections.

Features of Tinder

Tinder gold is another feature that Tinder introduced to the world in August 2017. It is a premium gold subscription feature of Tinder. This tinder gold feature allows the people to see who all liked them even before swiping them towards the right side. One more unique feature of Tinder is plus one. Plus, one feature was introduced by Tinder in October 2021 in the United States.

This plus one feature is for the people who want to connect. Through this plus one feature, a user can explore the pages to arrange a date of weddings. With plus, people can signify other users whether they look for or are willing to be a wedding day.

The panic button is another Tinder feature that Tinder introduced to people and the user in January 2020 in the United States. This panic button feature is for emergency assistance, photo verification, and location tracking, etc.

Some more facts about Tinder

Another feature of Tinder is traveler alert which Tinder announced in 2019. The users at the Tinder application have the power to hide or unhide themselves when they travel to a country that does not allow these interactions. The traveler alert feature hides profiles in such countries, which does not permit same-sex relationships. This feature asks the user to choose their preference whether they want to hide or unhide.

The record of the year 2021 says that the Tinder application has approximately seventy-five million people who are using the app currently. The report says that Tinder makes an average of 12 million matches each day. It is found in a survey that approximately one billion swipes take place in one day on Tinder. In December 2020, a survey took place in which approximately 6.6 million are paid users on the Tinder app.

Most used Tinder icons and symbols – Tinder

This blog post has a long list of icons and symbols which are on Tinder. It briefly explains the signs and Tinder icons, and we will tell you about the icons and logos and their uses. The article will explain the usage of these Tinder icons and how to use these Tinder icons. We will try to cover almost every icon and symbol in the article, which will surely help you.

What is Tinder’s top-pick?

Each user on Tinder gets a list of top picks. And every user swipes at least one user in a day. But you should know that only a Tinder gold subscriber can swipe users. So, a user has to have a subscription to Tinder. The top pick is a premium feature that Tinder provides to its users. The operational structure and the pattern of the application are pretty straightforward. Tinder started the top pick feature in May 2019.

The top pick feature is for the Tinder gold subscribers only, which means only Tinder gold subscribers can use the feature. These top picks include small pictures and bio of the user, and it will show to you in 2×2 grid size, and whichever you like, you can click on that. After selecting the user profile, you can see that in zoom format. Also, you will have the power to swipe the feature towards the right-hand side or left-hand side.

How top pick feature works?

Precisely, the top pick scans your bio and outer look image and scans it to find the right match for you. It makes a label for you then, such as creative. It searches for those creative people of your age criterion. However, it is unknown what exactly algorithms do. Tinder says that the algorithm also sees your previous swipe pattern, and according to that, the algorithm suggests that your top matches in the top picks.

How to use the x symbol Tinder icon?

X symbol is an alternative for the left swipe. You can swipe left, or you can tap on this x symbol. If you want to reject a profile, you can use this symbol. This symbol is less because swiping left a profile to reject a profile is more convenient.

How can I use Tinder boost?

A Tinder boost is an icon that a user uses when they want to boost their profile. Tinder will show your profile on the top in your location, but it is a limited-time offer it gives to its user. When you tap this, you will be on a new page where you have to take a subscription to boost your user profile.

How to use the purple bolt Tinder icons?

Tinder has one more unique icon within it, known as the purple bolt. It is an icon of Tinder boost and super boost. Tinder has this premium feature that allows the users to be on top. This purple bolt icon pushes the user’s profile to stand out in the neighborhood for at least thirty minutes and maximum for one hundred eighty minutes. Purple bolt features boost the profile for some time, which helps the user increase the user profile’s view.

This purple bolt will be on your window screen. When you select the icon, you will be directed to a page where you have to take a subscription if you do not have one. You have to purchase the Tinder boost or super boost to increase your profile views. Because of this, the profile goes in the top picks for some time which initially increases the views. Now suppose you got a match with someone while you were using the boost. There will be a pink icon appearing next to the profile of the other user. And this profile will be there in the match list.

How to use the blue star Tinder icons?

The blue Star symbol represents super like on Tinder. It is a premium feature on Tinder. Super like is a feature that tells you that you are the first to like the profile. It is a feature through which you get to know whether the user likes you or not before you swipe to the right side of the other user.

A user can find the blue star symbol on their window screen. You can super like a user profile by pressing the blue Star icon on the screen. For instance, suppose a user super liked you on Tinder. So when you see your profile, you can see who super liked you. You will see a blue star in front of their profile in the match list only.

How to use the Tinder golden heart Tinder icons?

This icon or the symbol is the most used feature in Tinder. When you see a profile, this icon tells you whether the person whose profile likes you or not. It is an icon to know whether the person likes you or not. Every user can use this feature. You can swipe a person after seeing whether he likes you or not.

And if you swipe the person towards the right side, you will make a match. When you swipe right the profile, it will show an icon next to the profile, indicating that the like feature helped them make the match.

How to use the green heart expression Tinder icons?

Tinder green heart is similar to the icon which we usually see in other applications. People use the green heart to like a user profile. It works like a button on Tinder. You have to double-tap on your window screen to like any profile you are viewing. If you notice, then it works similar to the swipe right.

For example, when you swipe a profile towards the right, it likes the profile automatically. So, they both work the same thing but in a different way. A user can see this green heart in their Tinder feed also. But a user can not reply to a feed update, and they can send a reaction to the other user through the Tinder green heart icon.

Final words

The article is all about Tinder icons and symbols. Tinder is a well established and well-known dating application for younger generations. Today’s generation uses it and tries to establish a long term relationship. It has all the icons with explanations and also covers the use of these Tinder icons and symbols. It has approximately 17 million users, and the counting is continuously increasing day by day. If you find some new signs and Tinder icons, you can write them down in the comments box. We will add it up in the article. I hope you like the article, and if you like the article, you can comment below in the comments section. Also, if you have any suggestions or queries regarding the article, you can write them down in the comments box. Hope to hear from you soon.

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