November 30, 2023
Tinder Score

Tinder Score | What is it and how does it work?

“What is Tinder score?” this is the first question that hits your mind after reading the words Tinder score. It is stands for Tinder Elo score. The question is still the same, what is the T Score? T Elo score is the algorithm of Tinder through which Tinder rates the profile of its users. It is an important factor affecting the Tinder algorithm. Nowadays, many scholars doubt whether Tinder still uses the Elo score for rating the profile of users.

Many people doubt whether Tinder Score is still relevant or not. According to an official statement released by Tinder, the T Elo score is no longer an influencing factor. Tinder released a statement saying that they don’t rely on Elo score anymore for rating the profiles of their users.

Yes, you get it right our today’s topic of discussion is Tinder Score. Though Tinder denied the influence of Elo score in rating their user’s profile. But it does not change the truth that if not Elo score, Tinder uses the analogous metric for rating profiles of the users. Today, I will discuss the importance of the Elo score, the method of calculating the Elo score, and the reason why Tinder uses the Elo score.

So in this article, we will discuss what is Tinder score, its role in the T algorithm, and how you can manipulate the Tinder Elo score to show up more frequently in the swiping deck of other users.

What is the Tinder score?

It is an attractiveness scale used by the Tinder algorithm for rating the relative attractiveness of the user’s profiles. Tinder uses the Elo score for matching the profiles of users swiftly and constantly.

Elo rating system was invented by Arpad Elo, Hungarian-American physics professor. He was the person who originally developed this system for matching the relative skills of the chess player. He himself was a grandmaster of chess. Today the Elo ranking system is used in other games and sports, not only sports but the method is also used in the dating field for ranking relative attractiveness of profiles.

As Tinder said in the official statement, it no longer relies on the Elo score for calculating the relative attractiveness of the user’s profile. However, somehow they still use a similar method. It’s true that Tinder no longer uses the exact method of Elo score, but it is also true that Elo score influences the T algorithm one way or another.

So, if you doubt whether Tinder uses Elo score or not, let me clear you, no Tinder don’t use the exact Elo score but somehow ranks the profiles of users according to a similar metric. Though Tinder doesn’t acknowledge this fact publically, the ranking pattern indicates the use of a similar metric system.

How does Tinder Elo work?

With the help of Elo score or a similar metric system, Tinder matches the similarly attractive profiles. It’s like analyzing the compatibility of profiles; this is the same as real life. In real life, we analyze our compatibility with our partner the same way Tinder calculates the relative attractiveness of profiles for showing relevant matches to its users. So in this section of the article, I will be telling you how the Elo score method influences the ranking of profiles.

For instance, your Tinder score is above 2500, which is a very high score and indicates that a Tinder user of the opposite gender finds your profile very attractive. Now your profile will be shown frequently on the swiping deck of T users having the same score. It’s like if your profile is attractive, it will be shown on the swiping deck of attractive profiles, but if your profile is not so attractive, there are low chances of you matching with attractive profiles.

Now you see how important the Elo score is for matching attractive profiles. Though it is not the only factor influencing the Tinder algorithm, it is definitely one. So take the hint and work hard on the attractiveness of your profile for showing more often on the swiping deck of attractive profiles.

How to calculate Tinder Elo score?

Calculating Elo score is quite complex if you want to know you can have it from Wikipedia. In this article, I will be providing you with a crux of the method for calculating the Tinder score. Firstly, you need to know that the T Elo score changes with every swipe. It means that every single left or right swipe your profile gets affects your profiles’ Elo score.

Let me explain it to you in a more simplified way, when you get a right swipe, you gain points, whereas if your profile gets a left swipe, you will lose points. It’s like negative marking where you get points for the correct answer and lose points for an incorrect answer. The number of points you lose or gain depends on the profile that swiped you left or right.

Now you might be thinking, what is so complex in this? It is just a simple calculation one can do with common sense. So let’s move to the complicating part. When I say the number of points you lose or gain after a swipe depends on the profile that swiped you, I mean that the general attractiveness of profile swiping at your profile affects your points.

Important points regarding Tinder Elo score

  • The general attractiveness of the profile swiping your profile will affect your score.
  • If you are left swiped by a profile of the same relative attractiveness, you lose many points.
  • If you are left swiped by a profile of high relative attractiveness, you won’t lose too many points.
  • In case you are right-swiped by a profile with high relative attractiveness, you will get many points.

If the profile that swiped you right has a good Tinder score, your profile will get many points. However, if the same profile swipes you left, you will not lose too many points. It is because the attractiveness of that profile is higher than yours, and she\he is simply out of your approach. That’s what makes Elo score more interesting. If you are swiped left by someone having similar attractiveness as yours, you will lose too many points; meanwhile, if a profile attractive than your profile swipes you left, you will not lose that many points.

Is Elo score still relevant for Tinder?

The use of Elo score was always controversial for Tinder. That’s why Tinder neglected the use of the Elo score method in its official statement. If not Elo score, then what method is used by Tinder for matching profile? Is it okay to ignore Elo score?

According to me, there is a possibility that Tinder parted ways with its conventional method of matching profiles. That is because many people believe that the Elo score is too old for today’s generation and this assumption developed trust issues on the profile matching efficiency of Tinder.

I believe that Tinder still uses Elo score (if not Elo score, then a similar metric system) for ranking profiles. So if you take my advice, I will recommend you not to ignore the T Elo score at all. Okay, think this way; why would Tinder stop using the Elo score method while the method has been working correctly for years.

Tinder denied using the Elo score but never mentioned the alternative method they are adopting to match profiles. That’s why I am saying that maybe Tinder doesn’t use the Elo score method but uses a similar method.

Is it possible to trick Tinder score?

There are a lot of people who have attractive profiles but fewer T Scores. So now the question is, is it possible to hack the Tinder score? Is there any way you can boost your profile and show up on the swiping deck of Tinder users?

Tinder is smart, but still, you can play some tricks to manipulate the algorithm to your advantage. All the tricks I will be telling you are a legitimate method for boosting your profile. So you can use them without any threat of getting shadowban if caught by Tinder.

There are certain paid features of Tinder that allows its users to boost their profile. You can use any or all of them for showing more frequently on the swiping deck of other Tinder users. The Tinder provides below-given features for manipulating the algorithm:-

  1. Boost and super boost: – Subscribers of Tinder gold and Tinder plus get a monthly boost, but if you want more, you can purchase it. When you activate Tinder boost, it gives your profile more visibility than other Tinder profiles in your area.
  2. Tinder passport: – Tinder passport allows you to switch your location without being physically present at the place you have switched to. It’s a premium feature available to all Tinder premium users. It gives your profile boost in the selected city.

Things to remember while tricking Tinder

The above mentioned paid features should only be used by those who have an attractive profile.

Those who don’t have a good profile should not use the Elo score for boosting their profile. If your Tinder profile is not attractive, the other person will ultimately left swipe on your profile. According to the Tinder Elo score, you will lose points if you get many left swipes from average and below-average profiles. And your profile will get blacklisted accordingly.

Before activating any of the features, make sure you have an interesting bio and a good profile so that other Tinder users right swipe on your profile. Otherwise these features can trouble you instead of boosting your profile.

Method of boosting Tinder score

If you are getting very few or average and below-average matches, there is a high probability that your T Score is getting down. That’s why Tinder is not showing you on the swiping deck of other users, and you are not getting any matches. In that case, you should focus on increasing your Tinder Score.

As I said above, nothing can boost your profile if you don’t have a good ELO score, and for increasing your TS, you need to work on your profile. It would be best to try improving your profile pictures and bio so that more people right swipe on your profile. More right swipes will ultimately increase your Tinder score.

You can use the following tricks to boost your TS. These are not going to give you overnight results, so you have to be patient and consistent.

Increase desirability of your profile

You can increase the desirability of your profile by changing your profile pictures. Remember that a blur, dull and hazy picture is not going to attract other users. So you should always try to use an HD picture. It will have a positive impact on your Elo score. Apart from adding good pictures to your profile, you should also improve your bio by adding interesting things about yourself.

Prefer right-swiping on selective profiles

Right swiping every single profile you see on your swiping deck can influence your profile negatively. If you right swipe every file, you see it will indicate the Tinder algorithm that you are okay with average and below-average profiles. And will not show your profile on the swiping deck of attractive profiles. That’s why you shouldn’t right swipe a lot of profiles. You should right swipe only those profiles to whom you would like to date.

 Final words

Tinder always neglected the fact that they use the Elo matching system to find the profiles’ attractiveness. Even in the official statement, Tinder said the same: if Tinder is not using the Elo score method for ranking profiles, what are the criteria for ranking users?

Isn’t it fishy?

Maybe Tinder doesn’t use the Elo score method for ranking profiles, but it surely uses a similar metric to Elo for rating the attractiveness of every profile. The general attractiveness of your profile is an influencing factor for the Tinder algorithm; that’s why it is important to calculate the profile’s attractiveness.

That was all about the Tinder score. In case you have any queries, feel free to ask them in the comments. Please share your feedback in the comment section for further improvement. Happy reading!

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