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Tinder secret admirer card

Tinder secret admirer card

Tinder secret admirer card – If you are a user of the Tinder application, you must be receiving notifications and weird messages. These messages must have some cards. Sometimes, when you are swiping the user profiles, you get a prompt or notification on your window screen to choose one card among four other cards. If you also get these notifications and do not know how to deal with them or what to do. You can take the help of this article to solve all your queries.

Secret admirer cards

This article will explain everything about the Tinder secret admirer card. It will also explain to you the benefits of having a Tinder secret admirer card. This article will also explain to you getting the Tinder secret admirer card. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the Tinder secret admirer card.

You will know why you need this Tinder secret admirer card and how it is useful for users. I will tell you the bugs and the hurdles you face while running this Tinder secret admirer card. It also has some common issues and the problems you face having a Tinder secret admirer card. This new feature has come up with lots of problems for its users, but we will give solutions for all those problems in the article only.

About Tinder

Tinder is an online dating application. It is a geosocial networking app. The year 2012 is the foundation year of the Tinder company. Match Group is the owner of the Tinder company. Tinder is a software industry, and the founders of the company are Justin Mateen, Jonathan Badeen and Sean Rad. West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States is the headquarters of the company.

The total number of employees in the company is approximately seven hundred fifty. Renate Nyborg is the CEO of the company. The users of Tinder swipe right to like a user profile and swipe left to dislike a user profile. A Tinder profile has a small bio about the person, which includes the interest and choices of the person, a photo that shows the personality of that user and many more things about the user only. In the year 2014, the Tinder team registered one billion swipes daily.

Tinder – history of Tinder

The Tinder team reports that approx 11 times, a single user enters or login at the web portal of the Tinder application. A survey reports that it was the top fifth grossing mobile application. Tinder has a feature called a double opt-in system. In this double opt-in system, both the users have to swipe right at each other to enable themselves for messages and calls.

In the year 2019, surprisingly, the annual spending of Tinder was the highest of all, and it surpasses Netflix also. The year 2020 survey says that Tinder had approx 6.2 million subscribers. It has around seventy-five million active users in a month. In 2021, the team said that the company is currently recording approximately sixty-five billion matches around the world.

Defining Tinder secret admirer feature

Tinder has come up with a new feature known as Tinder secret admirer. This feature provides you with four different cards. You need to choose one of these from these four cards, and you can reveal your user profile using one card. These four different secret admirers are those who already like you. So, when you think you like one of them, you can swipe right to get your match.

The new feature of the Tinder application is an awesome feature that the team provides to its users. An admirer card is displayed to the users randomly. The Tinder secret admirer card shows four different cards which have four different user profiles. It displays blur pictures of the user profiles.

They will ask you to pick one of those profiles to move further. Surprisingly, if you get the right secret admirer, the team will make your match with that user profile. But if you did not get the right choice, it will send you a notification for buying the Tinder gold. This article will tell you the reason for adding this Tinder secret admirer card feature.

About the Tinder secret admirer card

Each user gets a notification of this Tinder admirer card feature. After every ten to twenty swipes, a user gets this notification. The notification for this card appears regularly but once in a long day. It shows to you as a notification prompt on the window screen of every user. This card displays a blurred picture over there. There will be four square boxes that will be either blurred or rainbow print on the card.

When a user gets a prompt for this Tinder secret admirer card, they have to choose one card among the four different cards. And In case if you choose the correct card or user profile. You will then get a chance to talk to that profile user through text or call. After choosing the correct profile, it will match you with the user who likes you, and you will instantly get in touch with that user.

Tinder profile subscription

Now suppose if you chose the wrong user profile. When you choose the wrong user profile, you will prompt notification for choosing the wrong user profile. Also, it will show you how to buy a subscription to get a match. A new screen will be there, saying to unlock them or telling you to try later on. Choose wisely. Suppose you choose the first option for unlocking the cards.

It will take you to a new screen where you have to make the payment to unlock the user profiles. In this payment section, you will be able to unlock all the cards of your choice just by making the payments for Tinder gold.Making the payment is an easy task, but it includes three different stages of purchasing Tinder gold. This payment window will be divided into three parts. If you want to know more about the Tinder gold feature, you can read the article further.

Tinder gold subscription

We will tell you about the Tinder gold and the benefits of having a Tinder gold package. But if you do not want to spend money on this Tinder gold, you can skip this and select the ‘maybe later’ option and move forward. Yes, you can be a free user on Tinder, and for that, you need to select the later option.

But this is sure that you will see this notification once in a whole day and maybe more. Now the question is why they have added it as a new feature. They added this new feature which is making the application more attractive. Also, it will indirectly force users to buy a subscription.

How does Tinder secret admirer work for users?

When a user gets eligible for notification, they get a notification like “Your secret admirer is not so secret anymore” As you all know, you swipe profiles while using the application. You can directly visit the secret admirer window screen by clicking when you are swapping the user profiles. Tinder gives you a chance to reveal one card in one long day. After revealing the user profile, you will swipe that user profile toward the right side of the left-hand side.

You will even get a chance to super like the user profile if you want to. When you like the profile or swipe right that user profile, you will get a notification for the instant match, which will enable the chat section and calling section. You will be able to communicate with that secret admirer from now onwards.

Tinder gold heart

But what will be the difference is that you will see that secret user profile in your match list with a Tinder gold heart there in front of the user name. A Tinder gold heart in front of that user profile indicates that you get a match with the help of the secret admirer feature of the Tinder application. Suppose if you do not want to choose that secret admirer of yours. Then, you can press the skip button and can move forward.

How to pick the right secret admirer card?

This picking game is there in the Tinder application to force users to buy the premium subscription. But at the same time, it becomes a puzzle game for Tinder users. It nudges people to buy Tinder gold subscriptions. Tinder secret admirer is a mini-game for Tinder users. Sometimes for some users, it becomes a golden opportunity when they choose the correct user profile. After choosing the right user profile, the user does not need to pay for the Tinder gold premium subscription.

You should know that if you continuously choose the wrong user profiles, you will take the subscription of the Tinder gold premium. The reason behind launching these features is to make a profit. They are currently making money from this gold pack subscription. This Tinder secret admirer feature is helping the Tinder team for collecting a heavy amount of profit. The secret admirer feature converts their free users to paid users. And this is the only reason why they add more features to their application.

How to use a Tinder secret admirer card for free?

Tinder secret admirer card feature does not cost any charge from the users. The fact is that Tinder shows the profiles to the users for free while Tinder gold pack subscribers can see the profiles using the likes you feature. Suppose you want to see all your secret admirers at once, then you can subscribe to Tinder gold.

After subscribing to Tinder gold, you will be able to see all the profiles of your secret admirers. There is one more feature with the help of which you can see all the profiles, and that is a subscription called Tinder blur. The Tinder blur subscription is for the users who want to see the blur profiles who like them.

Tinder secret admirer card – a scam Or not?

A person can not say that it is a scam. Rather than a scam, it is a smart move if we see it from a business point of view. It spread the ad for Tinder gold automatically. If you ask us about our thoughts, it is a fun way to promote Tinder gold. In a fun way, it fosters Tinder gold among the users and the non-users. You can see the profiles if you guess the direct profile. So it is undoubtedly not a scam.

Why is my Tinder secret admirer card not working?

Because this is a newly added feature in the application, it has too many issues and problems. From the first day of launching the secret admirer feature, many problems arise in the application.

Why am I failing to match?

Suppose you choose the right profile of the secret admirer. But still, you may not be able to view their profile, so there may be issues. It might be possible that the user has deleted the account. Also, the team might ban their account for some reason.

Why is a disliked user profile showing to me again?

Showing a disliked user profile is not an issue, but it is a downer. It may happen continuously to you. It is because the other user swipes right to you again and again. And because she is swapping you towards the right constantly, it is showing to you frequently.

Bugs of the Tinder secret admirer card

This feature has loads of bugs because sometimes the admirer card freezes down and disables you to swipe the profile towards the right. Some of the users report that Tinder shows the same profile too many times. The solution for those bugs is not available. The only way to solve these issues is to log out and log in to the account again.

Final words

The article was about Tinder secret admirer cards. It has all the necessary information about the secret admirer card feature. Also, this article has the reasons why this feature is in the application. I hope you like the article, and if you like it, you may leave the comments below in the comments section. Also, if you have queries or suggestions regarding the article, you may write them down in the comments box.

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