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Tinder Super Like Mean

What does Tinder Super Like Mean?

Tinder is a dating platform that consists of plenty of interesting features as it is one of the top dating platforms. One of them is Tinder Super Like. When you like someone, it becomes difficult to put it into words. Tinder Super Likes is just the right way to help you in such situations. Earlier, people used to think that it was a weird and creepy feature. But now, many users of Tinder use this feature. You can create your profile using a phone number or a google account. This article will thoroughly discuss the meaning, use, and requirement of Tinder Super Like. If you are also curious to know, then keep reading!

About Tinder

Tinder is among the top online dating and geosocial networking apps. As of 2020, it has 6.2 million subscribers along with 75 million monthly active users. A user anonymously swipes “Right” to like and “Left” to dislike on the other user’s profile. Tinder has a double opt-in feature where both users must have swiped right; they can only exchange messages. An individual can use Tinder for free, and they can also subscribe to its premium plans. Its premium plans consist of three options that are Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum. Before subscribing to any of these plans, you should read the features they offer. While creating a Tinder profile, you can use your Google Account or your Phone number. Fill all the required areas attentively and avoid putting anything fake.

What is Tinder Super Like?

Tinder Super Like is one of the unique features of Tinder. If you want a potential match, know that they are special and stand out, then Super Like is appropriate. You need to tap on the blue star icon to send a Super Like. Later, your profile will appear on their cardstock with a bright blue border and star. It will highlight that you have super liked them, and if they liked you back, it’s a Match. Additionally, Tinder claims that this feature can increase your chances of matching. Stay tuned to know more about Tinder Super Like.

Is Tinder Super Like free to use?

A Tinder user used to get one Super Like each day for free even without subscribing to a premium plan. But, Tinder has changed this Availability. Now, you can use Tinder Super likes only if you have Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum Plans. So, we can say that Tinder Super Like isn’t free to use anymore. However, you can subscribe to either of these plans to get Tinder Super Likes along with many other benefits.

How many super likes do you get on Tinder?

As mentioned earlier, you will get Tinder Super Likes only if you have subscribed to Tinder Gold and Tinder Platinum. Otherwise, you can’t enjoy this feature of Tinder. All the subscription plans of Tinder are available at different price ranges. You can get whatever suits you best. Using these plans, you can get a boost, and when your profile boosts, you are likely to get more matches. If you have no idea about the premium plans of Tinder and the Super Likes it contains, then it is mentioned below –

Tinder Plus

Tinder Plus is the first premium plan after the Tinder free version. It has a couple of features more than the free version. You can subscribe to this plan if you find that its features are more than enough for you. If we consider the Super likes, then it doesn’t contain any free Super Likes. However, you will have Unlimited likes, unlimited rewinds, a Passport to any location, and you can hide advertisements too.

Tinder Gold

The second premium plan offered by Tinder is Tinder Gold. It has more features for users as compared to Tinder Plus. You will also receive the Tinder Super Like feature along with others. Additional features of Tinder Gold include: New top picks every day, see who likes you, one free boost a month, 5 Super Likes every week, and all the basic features of Tinder Plus. It is a second plan option, and after this, you still have a choice of Tinder Platinum.

Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum is the last premium subscription option for a user. It has a maximum number of additional features. Users will get Unlimited likes, Unlimited Rewinds, Hide Advertisement, a passport to any location, and five super likes every week, one free boost a month, see who likes you, New top picks every day, Message before matching, Prioritized likes, and see all the likes you have sent in the last week. You can subscribe to any of the plans right away. All you need is a Tinder account and a valid method to pay.

How much do I need to pay if I want to purchase Tinder super like?

You can purchase Tinder Super like whenever you want. If you have purchased Super Likes earlier, then you can use them whenever you want. Not using Tinder for a while will not affect your Super Likes. The prices for buying Tinder Super Likes keeps changing. But you can get extra 5 Super Likes for around 5 USD. A user can purchase super likes in 5, 25, and 60 pairs. You can’t buy a single super like, instead you can buy 5, 25, or 60 by paying their respective price.

Why would you use Tinder Super Like?

As mentioned earlier, Super Likes helps users let the other users know how special they are. We can say that it is a way of showing someone that they stand out. You can give super like any individual who is on Tinder. But we recommend you not waste your super likes on the people who don’t share the same feeling as yours. You will find tonnes of people on Tinder. Some are supermodels, some fit in your interested category, and some play. So, if you are looking for a genuine relationship, avoid wasting your Tinder Super likes on such people who wouldn’t even consider you. Here are a few other reasons you would use Tinder Super Like.

If you think you are not attractive at all

A person would use Tinder Super like if they think they aren’t attractive at all. In such cases, you shouldn’t use your Super likes. If you think that this person wouldn’t find you attractive, what’s the point of sending them your Super Like. An individual won’t change his mind just because they received a Super Like from you.

When it is a 50% call

Things seem pretty interesting when it is a very close call by swiping point of view. If you have been using Tinder for a while now, you should know that there are 50% chances of getting a like or dislike. Even in this scenario, an individual thinks of using a Super Like, and it seems reasonable. However, it will depend on your prospective match, whether it’s a good call or not. Nevertheless, if this person you have sent the Tinder super like thinks it’s too needy, the chances of getting a match may decrease. So, you don’t have a choice here unless you try giving a super like.

If you think you are very attractive.

Sometimes, your potential match finds you attractive, and it’s an incredible thing. However, using a Super like in such a situation is stupidity. When you are sure that you can start without a Super Like, then don’t use it. Such situations aren’t worthy of this effort. However, if you want to show them that they are special, you can go for it.

Does Tinder Super Like feature help to get you more matches?

We have discussed earlier why you would use a Tinder Super Like, and as it turns out, you need to test it for yourself. This question can’t be answered by a simple “YES” or “NO.” Now, if you are wondering whether or not Tinder Super Likes helps you to get more matches? Well, this depends on the user. You can try it out yourself and check if it works or not. As mentioned earlier, Tinder claims that using Tinder Super likes to increase your chances of getting matches. So, if you want to connect with your prospective matches and start a conversation, you should try this.

How to use Tinder Super Like effectively to get more matches?

If you don’t want to waste your Tinder Super Likes, you should stop spending it on everyone. You get Tinder super like when you subscribe to the premium plans or buy it separately. So, spending it without thinking twice isn’t advisable. If you have purchased a super like package, you can use it to get more prospective matches. But you should remember the factors we have discussed earlier.

Super like your Type of Person instead of Super Models

Giving a super like to a person who is your type is worth spending, or it’s for nothing. Some people think that Super Likes are too much or needy; if you are chasing this type of person, then avoid giving them a Super Like. On the other hand, if you Super like a person who might like you back, it is worth trying. If you are a person who thinks of themselves as not attractive but still sends a Super like to a Super Model or a person out of their reach, then you won’t get anything out of it. So, try to match with the people who are more alike to you.

Should you buy Tinder Super Likes?

There could be endless reasons to buy Tinder Super Like. It depends from person to person. Being insecure about your looks and thinking you are not attractive enough is the most common. People use Super Likes just because they don’t think they are attractive enough, but still, they send super likes to someone who wouldn’t be interested in sharing the same feelings. It solely depends on you whether you want to buy Tinder Super Likes or not. However, you should know that Super Likes won’t increase the possibility of getting more and more matches.

What are the things I should consider before using Tinder Super Like?

Considering several things before throwing away your Tinder Super Likes is necessary. An individual expects a super like or like when they give someone else a Super Like, and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you give away your Super Like without considering the chances of getting something in return, then what’s the point of spending money on buying it. So, before doing so, you should keep the following points in your mind.

Have a Good and Genuine Profile

Using a fake profile on Tinder can lead you to get banned, and you don’t want that, do you? You need to use your own and correct information while creating a Tinder Account. Make sure your profile is completed before you buy or use Super Likes. Not having a good or complete profile may lead you to get no results. There is no guarantee that Super Like would work in your favour while using Tinder. So, you need to keep your Tinder profile updated. If you Super Like someone, then they would see your profile to see if they should consider you or not. That’s why we recommend you to have a complete profile.

Don’t Super Like Everyone.

Super Liking everyone wouldn’t change anything. When you super like someone, then you won’t get any notification unless they like you back. As a matter of fact, the person you have super liked doesn’t have to like your super back as if they even like it. It will be a match. The Tinder Platinum and Tinder Gold users get 5 Super likes every week. But if you have purchased Super Likes separately, then you don’t have to spend it aimlessly. Calculate your chances of getting in touch with that person and then decide whether or not they are worthy of sending Super Like.

Follow Through by interacting with your Match.

Suppose things worked out your way, and you get a like back. Now, you should throw away your chance by not making a move. Instead, you should make an effort and try to talk to this Match. Avoid your shyness and attitude. Follow through with your Match by interacting with them. You can try to know them better and let them know about you as well. It’s a good opportunity, and you shouldn’t throw it away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Why did my extra Super Likes Disappear?

The Tinder super likes don’t have any expiration date. So, you don’t have to worry about your extra Super Likes. If you cannot access the rest of Super Likes, you should contact Tinder Customer Support. You can let them know your query, and you will get assistance regarding the same.

Q.2) How many people can I Super Like?

You can Super Like one person at a time. However, if you have a Premium subscription of Tinder-like Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, you get 5 Super Likes every week. That means you can use these super likes on five people. Additionally, you can super like as many people as you want, but you shouldn’t waste it like that.

Q.3) Can I get a refund for Super Likes?

The answer to this question is “No.” You can’t get a refund for Super Likes. If you have purchased super like and now you want a refund, then it isn’t possible. However, you can always connect with Tinder Support. Tell them you want a refund of Tinder Super Likes; I’m sure they will develop a solution for you.

Q.4) How much do I have to pay for Tinder Super Likes?

The Super Likes on Tinder are available in packages. A user has to pay a certain amount to buy the Tinder Super Like. You can’t buy a single Super Like, and you can buy a package of 5, 25, or 60. To buy 5 of them, you might need to pay around 5 USD. If you already have Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum, you don’t have to pay anything because these premium users get 5 Super Likes every week.

Final Words

That was all about Tinder Super Likes. Many factors affect the profile of an individual. So, relying on the Tinder Super Likes to get enough matches isn’t a good idea. Along with that, make efforts to improve your profile visibility. It will help your prospective matches to get more insights into you as a person. I hope you liked his article. If you have any suggestive words regarding this article, please drop them in the comment section. We would appreciate hearing from our fellow readers.

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